“Oh! My Assistant” Series Review (Ep.3 to 8)

What do an x-rated webtoon artist and his new assistant have in common?

Lots and lots of sexual frustration.

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Mila and Angrymonster, the Korean BL Oh! My Assistant follows webtoon artist Seon Ho (Song Seung Hyun) in a humorous quest to break through his failing libido to revive his x-rated stories. To do so, he hires a rich assistant, Gu Mu Yeong (Ko Chan Bin), who also happens to be Seon Ho’s biggest fan.

Thus begins a series of lighthearted fun, romantic misunderstandings, and a curious love triangle.

To be frank, I’m not as drawn to comedic storylines as I am to serious plots or melodramas. There’s often a disconnect for me with comedies, especially if the timing isn’t right. For Oh! My Assistant, the timing was initially right. It starts strong, the sexual tension between Seon Ho and Mu Yeong fun to watch. The series also lightly explores Seon Ho’s emerging sexual realization, which I found refreshing.

There aren’t a lot of dramas/films that delve into the bi awakening, into the confusion and internal questioning that happens when we realize the complex attractions we feel. While Oh! My Assistant doesn’t dwell on Seon Ho’s realization for long, it still touches on it. Too often, bisexual characters are glossed over or assumed, and I am grateful Oh! My Assistant doesn’t do this. It not only offers a glimpse into Seon Ho’s internal struggle, it openly and positively mentions bisexuality.

That said, while the comedy and tension in Oh! My Assistant started strong, the series lost me in the final episodes. There isn’t enough time in the drama to maintain the tension between the leads while fully exploring the misunderstandings that happen, which means something gets sacrificed. In Oh! My Assistant, what gets sacrificed is the beautiful burgeoning sexual frustration focused on in the first two episodes. I became less involved with the main couple and more engaged with the supporting character, Han Joon Seok (Lee Do Ha).

Like Seon Ho, Han Joon Seok also experiences a bi-awakening. Realizing his attraction to Mu Yeong is much more complex, intense, and at times, disconcerting. But also incredibly realistic and raw. So much so that I found myself drawn to his story, his feelings, and to the past that brought him and Mu Yeong to this point.

And I wanted more. I didn’t necessarily want romance from them, I just wanted more of Mu Yeong’s story, the life of expectation he feels forced to live, and how he turned into the cold, almost manipulative man he is now.

I have yet to read the webtoon Oh! My Assistant is adapted from, but I plan to dive into it soon. While there are things about the series that drew me in and things about the series that pushed me away, how Oh! My Assistant presents two different bisexual characters coming to terms with their feelings shouldn’t be overlooked. For that alone, it’s worth the watch.

For a mostly amusing drama with a surprisingly serious side, check out Oh! My Assistant now on Viki and Gagaoolala.

Rating- 4 out of 5

2 thoughts on ““Oh! My Assistant” Series Review (Ep.3 to 8)”

  1. I was really excited for this show after the first two episodes but was really disappointed by the end. The problem for me is the removal of the intense sexual attraction and connection between the male leads, that is quite present in the webtoon. and plays a huge role in at the start of their intense relationship. The show removed that but kept everything else which made the conflict at the end seem forced as I don’t think they established the main relationship properly. For this to work the actors would need to have way more chemistry than they did. I know that the actor playing Mu Yeong was a last minute addition with re-shoots, perhaps there wasn’t enough time to work on the chemistry. Loved the webtoon!


  2. per ryan comment- I am glad it was even made after recasting and reshooting whole series after first “Secretary” had serious scandal.
    I would give this 3/5- the new actor simply didn’t seem able to convey much- unfortunate.
    Main reason to watch for me was the supporting actress- her performance was comedy done so well for me in limited screen time. I was also fascinated by the performance/role of Han Joon Seok,


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