Favorite Setting/Location- Part II

There is something enchanting about locales that simply hold stories of their own. Although storytelling and casting are integral to a drama/movie, the resonant location/setting is also of utmost importance. Magnificent sets are built to recreate the old age magic, especially if the dramas/movie belong to a different era or time period. In today’s feature, our authors will be talking about such memorable “Locations/Settings”, which were breathtakingly riveting!

PotatoBLChild’s Favorites

The Cloud Recesses in The Untamed (2019)

One of the main things that attracted me to The Untamed (adapted from Mo Xiao Tong Xu’s Mo Dao Zu Shi or The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)—in its novel, manhua, donghua, or live-action form—is the location where many of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s encounters are set: the Cloud Recesses. There’s something about those pale blue, almost white buildings found deep in the mountains that bewitches you. More than anything else, it highlights how Lan Wangji is in harmony with his surroundings while Wei Wuxian stands in stark contrast to them, much like how the story plays out.

The Mountains in Wuliang (2020)

I’ve mentioned this a million times in my reviews of Guo Jing Ming’s 2020 works, but I cannot even stress how exquisite the cinematography is of his short films. Wuliang is definitely a favourite, with its lush forests and picturesque mountains through which our protagonists make their way to escape the forces that threaten to destroy their lives in one way or another, especially because one is an assassin and the other a beautiful blind boy who is suspected of having one of the most potent sutras in hand. The boys themselves are as beautiful as the roads they traverse, making the short film so aesthetically pleasing that you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

Pha Pun Dao in A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021)


The name of the series boasts of its own beauty; Pha Pun Dao’s majestic mountains are quite the sight to behold. Added to this is the possibility of counting a thousand stars (or more) from atop a mountain or just watching the sun slowly set from there, making it so beautiful that one could never forget them. The scenes filmed with EarthMix on Pha Pun Dao were ones we always looked forward to. They’re romantic, magical, and ever so breathtaking. It’s been almost two years, but I still go back to those moments in the series just because I can’t get enough of them.

Dee’s Favorites

Location or setting in any movie, drama, or book makes a scene, a moment more beautiful and touching. Even a normal scene can feel amazing with a beautiful location and a very touching and important moment can feel ordinary if there is no good setting or emotions in it. So, here are a few of my favorite locations, that made me fall in love with the characters and the scenes more and more.


One of the most beautiful moments in this series is when Kinn and Porsche spend time together under the sky, in a truck when they are being chased. The forest location, the night under the sky. That’s where the change in feelings happens. It’s a soft moment in the series when they are bathing together or catching fish together without any worry. It was a bonding moment for them and the beautiful forest, river, and stars gave the moment a different and beautiful feel.


There is something very mesmerizing about kissing near the ocean or sea, with a beautiful sunset on the horizon. The scene in Blueming when they kiss each other next to sea and Da Un asks Si Won if they could spend the night was entirely enchanting, and heart-touching. The way they look at each other there feels so romantic and the alluring sunset added to the feels.

Cherry Magic

A light-hearted, comic BL series from Japan, Cherry Magic, has a very simplistic yet appealing setting. Starting from the scene where Adaichi tells Kurosawa that it was ok if he kissed him to the scene where when Adaichi finally confesses to Kurosawa about his feelings and Kurosawa hugs him; every scene and every location is simple yet realistic and very much fits the story.

Sotus and Sotus S

This series had so many artistic locations where quite a few romantic moments happened- the kiss on the bridge, to the rooftop scene where Arthit performs a song for Kongpob. In both the first and second parts, lots of romantic moments were filmed at these locations, like the kissing scene, and that cute nose bump scene!

We will be back next week with the third edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you.

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