The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Actors

The ability to move hearts inarguably depends on the artistic skills of an actor; more so, if you are a BL actor, specifically because the genre is often misjudged on the basis of its sensual content. Most actors put in a lot of efforts- to emote, express and deliver the feelings evoked by their character roles. “The Top Ten Actors” on this list have earned their right because their tenacity and dedication have left a deep impression on our body and soul. Join us, in this final feature, as we bid adieu to 2022.

Thank you to one and all for taking the time to vote. Check out the results below.

10. Takeda Kouhei, Old Fashion Cupcake

Portraying the titular lead in an age gap romance isn’t an easy feat, but Takeda Kouhei stepped into this character role with an ease that was commendable. Takeda’s Nozue is a middle-aged man facing an existential crisis as he begins to question his monotonous lifestyle. Set in an office environment, Old Fashion Cupcake is like a vivid reflection of the mid-life crisis faced by most individuals in their late 40s. Nozue is riddled with the added adage of his questionable sexuality as he slowly grows closer to Togawa (Kimura Tatsunari), his much younger subordinate. Takeda was brilliant in his portrayal, as he effortlessly renders the confusion and resulting heartbreak experienced by Nozue. The romance was phenomenal, but so was Takeda’s niche performance.

9. Apo Nattawin, KinnPorsche

Porsche is inarguably one of the toughest characters in the history of Thai BLs. He is risque, an absolute charmer, and yet quite vulnerable. Portraying his difficult emotions is an insurmountable task, because Porsche is fearless and unpredictable. And yet, Apo portrays this character with an honesty and dedication that is praiseworthy. It is flawless, memorable and impressionable. Apo has an excellent control over his expressions and he is extremely passionate about his work. Unlike most actors who consider acting as a mere means to the end, Apo is persistent in his pursuit of perfection. His comfortable approach to enacting NC scenes has elevated his status to one of the most bankable actors in the current lot.

8. Pond Ponlawit, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

To step into a character role that is unconventional and brutally honest, you need the mental fortitude of a veteran actor with years of experience. And yet, despite his rookie status, Pond Ponlawit delivers a power packed performance that is both awe-inspiring and laudable.180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is essentially a metaphorical experience for the main lead Wang as he fights homophobia and social stigmas. It is one man’s journey as he plows his way through age-old prejudices while holding onto his own beliefs. In the midst of this turmoil, he falls in love and experiences the grief of being torn away from his loved one. Despite being the youngest member in this three person cast, Pond’s portrayal is vivid and introspective. It leaves you with a deep impression as Pond meets the challenge of depicting this diffident character with an altruistic ease.

7. Film Thanapat, To Sir With Love

The most attractive trait about an actor is the ability to connect with his audiences. As the main lead of one of the most popular Thai BLs in 2022 (To Sir With Love), Film was tasked with the job of portraying an emotionally restrained character. Facing years of rampant homophobia and disgust, Tian is forced to lead a double life- he poses as the entitled heir to his Father’s business empire while living an isolated existence hiding his sexuality. Film is one of those few actors who easily embody the finer nuances of their characters; he emotes well, his expressions vividly echo Tian’s pain and struggles. Film portrays Tian’s sensitivity and quiet strength with a vulnerability that is believable and realistic. Truly one of the best performances in 2022!

6. Santa Pongsapak, My Only 12%

The youngest actor on this list, Santa Pongsapak, has creditable talents that are on par with the veteran actors in the BL industry. The recently concluded Thai BL My Only 12% chronicles his character Cake’s journey from a self-obsessed individual to an understanding adult. Cake is majorly depicted as a reckless teenager; popular but uncaring. His close friendship with Seeiw (Earth Katsamonnat) is the only important thing in his life. Though oblivious to Seeiw’s emotions, Cake is insanely protective of him. The second half of the show focuses on their budding romance as Cake slowly processes his own feelings and comes to terms with his newfound affection for Seeiw. Santa makes you empathize with his character. Though initially selfish, Cake grows into a mature and likeable person. One of the better performances of 2022, Santa’s understated style is truly admirable.

5. Jam Rachata, To Sir With Love

Although new to the BL genre, Jam’s strong portrayal of main lead Jiu won appreciation & applause. Jiu is a very complicated character; he has his own strengths and weaknesses. Having lost both his parents, he has to shoulder the burden of raising his siblings. Forced to work as an assassin for the antagonist, Mr. Ma, Jiu is often engaged in irredeemable acts. That is until Jiu meets Tian; it’s love at first sight. Unfortunately, they are both born in an era where homosexuality is considered taboo and they are unable to express their affections. Jam delivers a believable act, while exercising a tight control on his expressions. Jiu is quite restrained and reserved, he never conveys his feelings overtly. Rather, he demonstrates them through his actions; Jiu’s untethered efforts to save his ailing sister or his repeated attempts to safeguard Tian depict his protective nature. He loves deeply and wholeheartedly. His affectionate gaze says it all, and Jam’s subtle rendition was nearly perfect.

4. Son Woo Hyun, To My Star Series

Much might believe that playing a goofy character is an easy job. While it might be true for most characters, the intricacies that define Kang Seo Joon’s personality are difficult to pursue. Seo Joon uses his optimistic nature as a shield to mask his inner turmoil and struggles. On the surface, it might seem that he is leading a perfect life. But underneath, Seo Joon has a lonely existence; someone who yearns love, affection, and companionship. Son Woo Hyun’s depictions are always powerful. He exudes charisma as a topnotch actor but also tones down his deposition when faced with Ji Woo’s complex emotions. No one else is capable of capturing the essence of this diffident yet endearing character!

3. Bible Wichipas, KinnPorsche

Bible Wichipas’s presence on this list isn’t surprising. Perfectly his rookie act, Bible portrays a character who is akin to agony. Vegas embraces pain in the same way as he inflicts it on others. Despite playing the antagonist, Bible’s power packed performance impressed the audiences. Fans empathized with Vegas, as they connected with his vulnerability. Vegas carries deep wounds because of the physical and emotional torture that he has experienced at the hands of his abusive father. Pete becomes his savior and redemption. Despite it being his debut performance, Bible was able to embody the pain and suffering experienced by his character; that’s truly reckoning and impeccable. We are expecting to see this phenomenal actor again in the upcoming sequel whenever it premieres.

2. Earth Katsamonnat, My Only 12%

A versatile actor, Earth became a household name with his tactile depiction of In (Until We Meet Again). Prior to that, fans also appreciated his emotional portrayal of Tar in Love by Chance Series. With each new show, Earth’s performance keeps improving. He has a strong on-screen presence, a charming personality and above all, he is quite open about his sexuality- a trait that gels well with the BL industry. His most noteworthy performance is obviously Cake, from the recently concluded drama My Only 12%. Taking a cue from his previous emotionally subservient characters, Santa delivers a nuanced act that is charged with resonating emotions and despondency. Earth definitely deserves the second spot on this list!

1. Fluke Natouch, Love at 9

Though the drama didn’t make it to the “Top Ten List”, Fluke’s compelling performance has cemented his position as the most bankable actor in the Thai BL industry. It has also catapulted his status as the numero uno star of this genre. Fluke’s acting repertoire is filled with diverse films/dramas. And it isn’t a hidden fact that he is adept at delivering emotionally charged performances. It could be his violent act in “Red Wine in the Dark Night” or his sweet demeanor in “Until We Meet Again”; Fluke always manages to surprise the audiences with his acting talents. His irrefutable natural chemistry with co-star Ohm Thitiwat is an icing on the cake and they make a handsome couple. Currently starring together in “609 Bedtime Story” and “Between Us The Series”, OhmFluke are charting new territories, amassing fame and success. Fluke definitely deserves the crown, he is indisputably the King!

This brings us to the end of our news features on the most popular BL dramas/couples/actors in 2022!

2 thoughts on “The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Actors”

  1. how exciting as I haven’t seen most of these series- looking forward to 609 for Plustor, 180 degrees, KP…..

    No War is a bit of a shocker—- and Title shows his potential again in Remember Me


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