The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Couples

Romance can be beguiling. Surprisingly enough, our readers feel the same. Gone are the days when you could sell BLs based on sex or sensuality; the fans are more choosy these days. They prefer quality over quantity and it shows in their intelligent choices. “The Top Ten BL Couples” have rightfully earned their spot on our list because of their incomparable chemistry and flawless performances. Thank you to one and all for taking the time to vote. Check out the results below.

10. First Kanaphan & Khaotung Thanawat, The Eclipse (Akk/Ayan)

One of the most anticipated thrillers in 2022, The Eclipse failed to deliver on the premise. The show’s saving grace was the fresh chemistry between the main leads, First Kanaphan & Khaotung Thanawat. Hinging on the “Enemies to Lovers” trope, First and Khaotung deliver a romance that is angsty, messy and yet believable. Akk’s somber understated attitude balances Ayan’s rebellious nature; something that beautifully offsets their impossible romance. The emotionalism was riveting, the tragic arc was compelling and their chemistry was topnotch.

9. Zee Pruk & NuNew Chawarin, Cutie Pie (Lian/Kuea)

Another adaptation that managed to drudge it’s rankings because of the fiery chemistry between the main actors- Zee Pruk & NuNew Chawarin. This was definitely one of the most anticipated dramas in 2022 because of its novel premise. Since same-sex marriages are still under consideration in the Thai parliament, Cutie Pie was supposed to highlight the importance of this legislation. Unfortunately, they failed at this task; despite the abysmal script, the show garnered positive ratings solely based on the refreshing pairing of Zee & NuNew. Their chemistry was much appreciated and they are currently one of the most popular BL couples in the Thai BL industry!

8. Bible Wichipas & Build Jakapan, KinnPorsche (Vegas/Pete)

A mafia romance with a BDSM twist requires actors that deliver a believable performance. Bible Wichipas & Build Jakapan embody the finer nuances of their characters while betraying the intricacies of their difficult relationship. Apart from the BDSM elements that evoke hurt and suffering; the fact remains that despite their overtly complicated feelings for each other, Vegas & Pete process trauma differently. While Vegas gets off on delivering pain, Pete balances the act with his kindness and patience. Bible and Build have a sizzling hot chemistry and we enjoyed the ride!

7. Park Seo Ham & Park Jae Chan, Semantic Error (Jang Jae Young/Chu Sang Woo)

Semantic Error drives the narrative by acting on the flippant personalities of the show’s main leads. They are both intrinsically opposite and eternally annoyed. So when nerdy Sang Woo crosses paths with his uber popular frenemy/future love interest, sparks fly. Transversing beyond the normal “Enemies to Lover’s” trope, Park Seo Ham & Park Jae Chan deliver a powerful and emotional love story that hinges on insecurities and hurt, but ultimately boils down to becoming one of the most undeniable romances in the Korean television industry. Semantic Error was brilliant but even more praiseworthy was the “Seo Ham & Jae Chan” dynamics, which has turned this show into a global phenomenon.

6. Mile Phakphum & Apo Nattawin, KinnPorsche The Series (KinnPorsche)

We could keep talking about the mafia themed storyline, and it never gets boring. But the reason this show won accolades was due to the breathtaking chemistry between the main leads, Mile Phakphum & Apo Nattawin. Mile and Apo literally embody KinnPorsche; Mile’s sophisticated style matches Kinn’s elan, while Apo’s understated style compliments Porsche’s humble upbringing. Both belong to different worlds that converge in a moment of undulating risk and abhor. Mile & Apo have a uniquely natural chemistry; their interactions are heartwarming (as evident from the thousands of BTS videos) and they are easy on the eyes. The best part about this pairing is that they don’t shy away from the physicality of their character roles; the intimacy and sensuality delivered is on par with the textbook characters. Their chemistry is definitely potent and addictive.

5. Boun Noppanut & Prem Warut, Between Us (Win/Prem)

One of the most anticipated dramas in recent times, BounPrem stuck gold when they were introduced as a secondary couple in the reincarnation classic “Until We Meet Again”. Though the premise was hugely focused on the lead couple (DeanPharm), Win & Team’s subtle romance was much appreciated. Based on the novel “Hemp Rope”, Between Us delivers the complicated amour between two characters who are high-strung on emotions and vulnerability. While Team faces post traumatic stress because of a childhood accident, Win is a lonely soul looking for companionship. Their paths intervene and, as their relationship blossoms, both heal each other in ways unknown. Boun & Prem have a comfortable camaraderie and are adept at enacting the finer nuances of their characters. A chemistry worth exploring!

4. Boss Chaikamon & Noeul Nuttarat, LITA (Phayu/Rain)

Love in the Air was indeed a fresh breath of air as compared to author Mame’s earlier adaptations which heavily bank on unadulterated NC scenes. One of the most intriguing facets of this endearing affair was the healthy relationship between the main leads, Phayu & Rain. Rain often displays childish tendencies and acts naively, but he loves deeply and is vulnerable. Their relationship works because Phayu handles each situation maturely and never fails to indulge his grumpy better half. Rain-Phayu are sweet, talkative and adorable; they are precociously loud and have no qualms about flaunting their closeness publicly. Boss-Noeul’s on-screen chemistry is alluring and their offscreen camaraderie is a riot. They indeed make a handsome couple and we will be definitely checking out their future projects.

3. Takeda Kouhei & Kimura Tatsunari, Old Fashion Cupcake (Nozue/Togawa)

Time and tide wait for no one; especially when you are in your 40s, wondering about the purpose of your life. Old Fashion Cupcake purposefully couples this adage with the age gap trope and serves a delightful love story which is equal parts mature and thoughtful. Portraying the main leads, Takeda Kouhei & Kimura Tatsunari tackle the insecurities and confusion faced by their characters. While Nozue is trying to step out of the box and try something new; Togawa is on the lookout for an opportunity to gain Nozue’s affections. Takeda and Kimura have a refreshing chemistry; their rendition is believable as they deliver the subtle yet undulating liaison between their on-screen characters. A classic pairing indeed!

2. Son Woo Hyun & Kim Kang Min, To My Star 2 (Kang Seo Joon/Han Ji Woo)

One of the most popular couples in the Korean BL industry, Son Woo Hyun & Kim Kang Min, are kinda iconic. To My Star serves a suspenseful yet emotional entanglement between two polar opposite characters. Son Woo Hyun’s Seo Joon is a popular mainstream actor, cheerful and sensitive; Kang Min’s Ji Woo is a gourmet chef, reserved and vulnerable. While the prequel was centered around their budding romance; the sequel was a heart-wrenching transition focusing on their separation and reconciliation. Despite their different personalities and Ji Woo’s diffident nature, they make it work. Relationships are never easy, it requires lots of patience and understanding. The “Seo Joon-Ji Woo” romance is epic and we want more!

1. Earth Katsamonnat & Santa Pongsapak, My Only 12%

Evidently the most popular couple on this list, and rightly so, Santa and Earth stepped into roles that were vastly different. Playing the lead couple in a “Coming-of-age” drama might seem easy, only it isn’t. My Only 12% is a sage of lifelong promises- friendship, love, separation and reconciliation. Santa and Earth have an interesting chemistry; quite viable if you have seen their TikTok videos. Despite their considerable age difference, they make a formidable pairing. Their close bonding is enviable and they make a beautiful couple, understated yet stylish. As such, the transition from “Real to Reel” is unbelievably realistic. Santa and Earth’s mature interpretation of their character roles was praiseworthy and awe-inspiring. Truly magical!

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7 thoughts on “The BL Xpress Awards-2022 (Popular Vote)- Top Ten BL Couples”

  1. Had no idea that polls were being conducted. Didn’t see any articles on this site asking viewers of this site to go vote. What a missed opportunity, would’ve loved to have voted and made my voice heard. Any polls left to vote on or are we done with all of them?


      1. Yes, I am a regular reader and I visit this site every day. I missed this. What a missed opportunity! What a shame!


      2. Didn’t see this although I do visit this site regularly. People are busy so would’ve helped if there were subsequent reminder posts and not just one time and done post. Can you provide some supporting stats around how many people participated in these polls and how many people voted for each of these? Any supporting information would help. Hope my reply is posted and not moderated out and blocked.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion about “subsequent reminder posts”. We will do that for the next time when we conduct polls. As for statistics, 306 people voted for BL Dramas, 321 people for BL Couple, and 278 voted for BL Actor polls. The voting wasn’t overwhelming as we are testing things for this first time!

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  2. I voted and your article today took me all over the Internet. Posh Magazine oh how lovely. I mean every word as a compliment to you. I loved watching The Eclipse because I’ve been following Khao since his early years in film. As to Love in the Air I wanted more from the first couple. They have great chemistry while the second couple were rather boring. The constant smile reminded me of a guppy in a fish bowl.

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