“Oh! My Assistant” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

There’s a fine line between fiction and reality. At least for x-rated webtoon artist Seon Ho, there is.

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Mila and Angrymonster, the Korean BL Oh! My Assistant follows Seon Ho (Song Seung Hyun) in a hilarious quest to break through the failing libido drawing sex has brought him.

I’m rarely drawn to hardcore comedy, not because I don’t like to laugh, but because it’s harder for me to become emotionally invested in series focused solely on laughter. Comedic timing is hard to get right and depends as heavily on finding actors who can pull that off as it does on the dialogue and actions the actors must convey to do it.

Oh! My Assistant succeeds, delivering a fun, sexy story that feels as delightfully engaging as it does humorous.

The sex-centered plot makes it even more appealing. Sex is fun, but that often gets lost in the emotional overtones many films and dramas are trying to convey. Sex speaks, and that’s useful in melodramatic genres where the body needs to say as much as the mouth. Sex is intimate, and being naked with someone is a vulnerable place to be, which is why it works so well in emotionally riveting stories. But it’s also nice to see it as the fun, “I want to do this person” way without the deeper undertones. Sex rarely begins deep, but generally leads to deeper moments. Pun intended.

Artist Seon Ho is too ‘sexed,’ his daily exposure to it in his work dulling his libido rather than arousing it. To turn this around, he hires a handsome, rich assistant named Gu Mu Yeong (Ko Chan Bin), only to find himself unexpectedly attracted and aroused by his new employee. In a not-so-subtle, trope-filled reveal, it’s quickly apparent the gay Mu Yeong is a secret fan of Seon Ho’s work who hides his crush on his boss behind a cold, domineering demeanor.

Cue the antics.

From the awkward, amusing misunderstandings to the lighthearted confusions, the first two episodes of Oh! My Assistant takes sex and turns it into a meaningfully fun way to explore sexuality.

I needed a good laugh-out-loud comedy, and Oh! My Assistant offers it. The chemistry and endearing way Song Seung Hyun and Ko Chan Bin embrace their characters make them that much more appealing. There’s a deeper story here, despite the comedy, that intrigues, making the humor that much more intense. It’s tropey and typical, and yet refreshingly so. The panic I felt when I first realized I was as attracted to women as I am to men makes Seon Ho’s reactions to Mu Yeong much more hilarious. I feel the bi panic in my soul.

Oh! My Assistant is off to a good start, and I am much more invested in Seon Ho and Mu Yeong than I expected.

Bring on the laughs. I’m certainly ready for more.

For an amusing drama that promises undeniable chemistry, secondhand embarrassment, and lots of giggles, check out Oh! My Assistant on Viki and Gagaoolala.

Rating- 4 out of 5

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