Upcoming Korean BL Dramas- Part VII

While South Korean BL can be considered a late bloomer (compared to Japan and Thailand), let’s talk about its production values. If you’re into K-Drama, you know how particular the Koreans are when producing well-polished shows. Their BL series follows the same formula. In this latest compilation, you will notice the diverse BL genre that Korean content producers are promoting. Korean BL producers are proud to note that they added new dimensions to their shows – thrillers, fantasy (like time travel), and historical notions. Head on over to our latest list below!

Oh My Assistant

Oh My Assistant (오! 나의 어시님) is a BL series from South Korea. It’s all about the tale of a cartoonist and his interaction with his handsome assistant. It’s both comedy and drama and stars Song Seung Hyun and Ko Chan Bin.

Korean entertainment portals describe this upcoming series as comedy-romance and that it features both rookie and experienced actors.

Where to watch Oh My Assistant?

Oh My Assistant premieres on the 1st of December 2022 and will have 2 episodes per week upon release.

You need to upgrade your GagaOOLala account to watch. Viki is also streaming the series.

Teaser | Trailer


Seon Ho (Song Seung Hyun), a clumsy cartoonist who draws adult material, selects Mu-young (Ko Chan Bin), a youngster with excellent skills and quite handsome, to work with. However, Moo-young has a rough personality and tends to take everything with a confrontational tone. Then one day, he asks Moo-young to pose for an adult-themed scene. But when he sees Moo-young in an erotic pose, Seon-ho feels strange… Yet, little did he know Moo-young is his numero uno fanatic!

[Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Cast of Characters

Playing the main character in this series are Song Seung Hyun and Ko Chan Bin.

Song Seung Hyun is a South Korean actor and previous rock band member of F.T. Island. In 2019, he decided to concentrate on acting and quit his rock band. As of Apr 7, 2020, he signed with Wooridle Company. Oh My Assistant is his first BL series. He plays Seon Ho, a nerdy-clumsy cartoonist who draws adult material stuff.

Represented by South Korean agency Namoo Actors, Ko Chan Bin is a rookie actor, and Oh My Assistant is his first BL series. While still a young child, he made an appearance in the short film “Worst Friends” (2009). More recently, he has starred in the drama series “Love Revolution” (2020). Cha Bin plays the assistant to a cartoonist, and he’s secretly an admirer.

The Director who Buys me Dinner

The Director who Buys me Dinner is about reincarnation, and boys love in a fantasy world. What we have are handsome Korean actors, so how can a Boys Love fan desire more? The Director who Buys me Dinner has great dramatic-romantic appeal, another KBL to watch out for.

The web drama is an adaption of the webtoon of the same name written by Toesa and Yang EunJi. Premieres on 15th December, 2022.


Several hundred years ago, Min Yu-dam named a child Seol Dong-Baek (Park Jeong Woo). Then he heard God’s voice, saying that Dong-Baek is “a child of God,” and naming such a child indicated Yu-dam’s desire to challenge God. As a punishment, Yu-dam (Park Young Woon) is forced to love Dong-Baek in each of his lives. He had three previous lives in which he failed to love Dong-Baek, and he is now in his fourth. Yu-dam discovers that Dong-Baek in his current life is one of his company’s newest employees, as well as that he is… a guy!

Dong-Baek has no idea what is going on with Yu-dam. But Yu-dam is direct and asks him out on a date. Yu-dam tries to explain to Dong-Baek his situation during dinner, and Dong-Baek believes his director has gone insane. Will Yu-dam be able to have a relationship with him in this life?

[Source: TapComics]

Park Jeong Woo, playing the new employee, Dong Baek, is a rookie actor. This Korean BL series is his first acting venture. Co-star Park Young Woon is known as a character actor, with a notorious role in The King in Love.

Eccentric Romance

Eccentric (Bizarre) Romance, is an up-and-coming Boys’ Love series from South Korea, with a Thai BL actor in the cast – Save Saisawat. It also features Geonu of JustB fame.


Seong Hoon (Yoon Jun-won) and J (Save Saisawat) have been friends for almost a decade. They are both hiding their feelings from each other – which is to say, they both feel ‘more than friends’ and currently ‘less than lovers’. They enter the same university and take standard art classes together. However, the two heard about the recent murder in the city. On that day, a man named Jin Wook (Go Byung Wan) appeared. Is he related to the crime?

Eccentric Romance on Social Media

Reporter Jiyoon Choi (plain@newsis.com)/ Naver News [interpretation by the author]

Eccentric Romance, which has recently been filmed, is about to be released on overseas platforms.

The story is the most significant difference between Korean BL dramas (vis a vis Thai BL). Rather than simply focusing on the love between men, KBL adds fun by introducing various materials such as ghosts, murder cases, and dogs. Bizarre Romance is a youth romance between serious ‘Seong-hoon’ (Yoon Jun-won) and a bubbly and charming ‘J’ (Save Saisawat). Facing a mysterious murder case, the process of finding the culprit will level up their relationship.

Save Saisawat’s Interview portion

It’s been like 4 to 5 years since BL dramas started gaining popularity in Thailand. BL actors are more popular than actors who appear in regular dramas, and they shoot a lot gaining plenty of publicity and adoration from fans. There are actors who specialize in BL due to the lucrative BL market in Thailand. If newcomers want to become famous, they shoot BL dramas. There is almost no objection to the BL genre – frequently called Y-Drama and there’s a strong female fanbase who likes this genre.

Saisawat continues:

Thai BL dramas focus a lot on the relationship between the two main characters. Eccentric Romance is a mixture of a thriller genre and there are very few BL stories like this in Thailand. It was a new experience for me.

Individual Circumstances

Individual Circumstances, the series is a South Korean BL about two individuals in the entertainment industry. The main character is a promising filmmaker. The other lead is a scriptwriter and author. Their individual ‘circumstances’ pave the way for them to meet and start a love-hate interaction.

Currently, the above is a working title at the moment.

The production company 1012 Studio boasts:

We are expecting the romance between Kang Jun-Gyu (who is recognized for his acting skills), and Han Jeong-Wan (who is popular throughout Asia), will open a new horizon for BL dramas.



Individual Circumstances, the series tells the story of a filmmaker and a writer. Ha Yeon Woo (Han Jeong-Wan) is a promising director with a problem. Seong Woo Jae (Kang Jun-Gyu) is a scriptwriter and author who suffers from a past love. Their lives intersect and what follows is a hate-love relationship that requires some ‘resolution’.

[Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Cast of Characters

Kang Jun-Gyu plays the scriptwriter Seong Woo Jae.

Kang Jun-Gyu (29) better known by his stage name Jun.Q (준Q), is a South Korean musical artist. He’s a rapper, singer, actor, and model. He made his debut with the idol quintet Myname in 2011 while his acting debut happened two years later. He is cast in the film Shinokubo Story along with the members of Myname, his band. He appeared on the web series beautiology101 in South Korea and starred in the film Saihate Restaurant in Japan.

Han Jeong-Wan plays Ha Yeon Woo, a promising director, and is one of the lead characters. This is Jeong Wan’s debut in acting and BL.

Han Jeong-Wan won the Mr. International Korea 2021. He aims to become a model and do acting. I’ll let his video do the talking below!

Exclusive Update-

This article is adapted from Psycho Weird which aims at providing reviews, news & analysis!


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