#TeamBLXpress Top Ten BL Actors (2022 Edition)

“The best acting is instinctive. It’s not intellectual, it’s not mechanical, it’s instinctive”- Craig MacDonald

This quote holds true for most actors belonging to the BL world; they might be from different diaspora and cultures, but their acting talents place them on a pedestal and elevate their status in an industry that is hugely competitive. In today’s feature, our authors will be talking about their favorite BL actors; the ones that are impressionable and talented beyond your wildest dreams!

Drama_Llama’s Choices

As a writer who has spent a fair amount of time on movie/television sets in the U.S., I’ve developed much respect for the actors and actresses who step into the roles that entertain us. Whether they make us laugh or cry, they have the difficult job of accurately portraying a character that makes us feel. In a field full of hundreds of thousands of people hoping to leave an impression on the industry, they have the even more difficult task of standing out. When taking a role in a niche industry, one geared toward a specific audience, it’s even harder to get global recognition. Although this is a 2022 list that includes actors who have appeared on screen in projects this year, I’ve focused on the actors rather than the couples they are known for being a part of. Each actor below left an impression on me. Each actor below has the tremendous potential to shine in whatever project or role they choose, whether they remain in the genre they stepped into this year or decide to take on something else. As a bisexual fan of all genres, I am grateful they chose the parts they have. Each one has moved me.

Please note that this particular list is limited to actors who have appeared in 2022 roles and is based on my own personal preferences.

Pond Ponlawit

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us – Thailand

It takes talent to step into a character-driven role with monologue-length dialogue, especially when the person in question is the youngest member of a three-person cast. Actor Pond Ponlawit not only excels in his role as Wang in the Thai drama 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us, he leaves a deep impression on every viewer who tunes in. From his wide, hopeful grins to his mischievous smirks and tearful on-screen moments, he tackles a philosophically nuanced role that deals with grief, politics, and the generational divide. And at only twenty-three years old, he meets the challenge, shining as brightly as the veteran actors with which he shares the screen. While 180 Degree the series is the first drama I’ve had the pleasure of watching Pond in, it won’t be the last. I look forward to any future project he chooses to take on, regardless of genre.

Nike Nitidon

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us – Thailand

Like the co-stars he shares the screen with in 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us, Nike Nitidon impresses in an impactful narrative role dealing with guilt, grief, and repression. Tackling challenging, symbolic dialogue, he steps into the shoes of a multi-faceted character trapped by guilt. Most of Inthawut’s story is told through his eyes. Like the abstract paintings in his home, Inthawut conveys a controlled outward demeanor to those around him while inspiring a profound need to see beyond the facade he presents. Through meaningful, burdened expressions, provoked tears, and emotional outbursts, Nike delivers a powerful performance that broke my heart. Although a veteran actor in the Thai industry, I admit that 180 Degree the series is the first project I’ve seen Nike in. But thoroughly wowed by his performance, I am inspired to check out more.

Son Woo Hyun

To My Star/To My Star 2 – South Korea

Son Woo Hyun has a way of dominating a screen. Familiar with his previous works, I anticipated the charisma and energy he would bring to the South Korean BL To My Star. Still, he far exceeded my expectations, especially in the second season. As Kang Seo Joon, he captures hearts with his bubbly, optimistic personality while simultaneously breaking hearts using that same positivity to mask the trauma Seo Joon keeps from the world. It’s a precarious balance that Son Woo Hyun pulled off so powerfully, he lit up the internet with viewer sympathy and love.

Kim Kang Min

To My Star/To My Star 2 – South Korea

In contrast to his To My Star co-star’s bubbly optimism, Kim Kang Min steps into a somber, quiet role, a vivid change from the happier parts I’ve seen him take on in his career. He blew me away. As Han Ji Woo, he spends two seasons carefully controlling his expressions and feelings, only allowing the gloomy mask he wears to slip around the man he falls in love with, Kang Seo Joon. While many found it hard to relate to Ji Woo’s abrupt and direct attitude, I cried over what it hid. As a result, Kim Kang Min’s Han Ji Woo will forever remain one of my top favorite BL characters. He made me feel a tremendous amount while his character tried not to feel anything at all. And that takes talent.

Aoki Yuzu

More Than Words – Japan

The Japanese drama More Than Words chronicles the ‘unspoken’ relationship between best friends, Makio and Mieko. Actor Aoki Yuzu portrays Makio, a young gay man who comes of age in a raw, realistic drama that tackles being gay in a traditional, conservative country while also bringing up the topic of surrogacy. While the romance in More than Words is more heartbreaking than heartwarming, it speaks to those who live their truth in an ‘unspoken’ way. It speaks to those whose words aren’t as loud as their actions or gestures. Aoki Yuzu’s performance left me speechless. His ability to carry this expression-centered acting on his shoulders is remarkable.

Gun Atthaphan

Not Me – Thailand

Playing a dual role isn’t simple, but Gun Atthaphan does just that in the Thai series Not Me. Portraying twins Black and White, he steps into the shoes of two brothers with very different personalities and ideas about justice while maintaining the special twin bond connecting them. As a twin myself, I had low expectations going into this drama simply because I am always apprehensive about a single actor being able to pull off multiple sibling roles. Not only did Gun Atthaphan deliver, he made me believe in Black and White’s relationship. Every scene Black and White shared on screen together made me cry. Their love felt too real and raw to belong only to one man. Hence, Gun’s emotional and varied portrayal left a deep impression on me.

War Wanarat

Love Mechanics – Thailand

For those who know me, it is no secret that I think War Wanarat is one of the most natural talents in the Thai industry. He effortlessly draws viewers into his characters, whether he plays BL or otherwise. There’s an emotional depth to the way he steps into a role. From his earlier projects to The Best Story to 2022’s Love Mechanics, War Wanarat truly dominates a screen when he steps onto it. From his expressive eyes to the easy way he emotionally carries a performance, he leaves everything behind on camera. He has massive mainstream potential, and I look forward to the day he’s offered the chance to step into an incredibly challenging role that puts his name on people’s lips worldwide.

Bible Wichipas

KinnPorsche – Thailand

There is nothing more difficult than facing pain, real or otherwise. For an actor to step into a role that has to embrace both physical and emotional pain requires dedication. In his debut role as Vegas in the Thai drama KinnPorsche, Bible Wichipas offers viewers a nuanced look at a man who has known only pain. His entire life has been built around the emotional and physical abuse he receives and gives to others. When I first went into KinnPorsche, I didn’t expect to connect as deeply to Vegas as I did. Bible’s performance duly impressed, pulling me into Vegas’s pain-filled eyes and his desperate need to be seen and loved. I’m not sure what Bible’s future plans are, but I hope it includes more acting, in whatever genre he chooses to pursue. For a debut performance to be that strong, he can only get better with time. And that spells greatness.

Omar Rudberg

Young Royals 2 – Sweden

Every single actor in the Swedish drama Young Royals 2 deserves attention for their roles, each delivering raw, unforgettable performances that left me reeling. I am focusing on one, in particular, to keep my top 2022 actors list at ten. In the first and second seasons of Young Royals, I was drawn to Simon’s character. Much of this is due to my poor upbringing and the scholarships needed to receive the education I wanted despite the lack of finances to pay for it. It also has to do with how much I connect with Simon’s sincere love for Wilhelm and his desire for that love to be seen rather than hidden, despite knowing that Wilhelm is in a difficult position. I wanted to be angry with Simon in the second season, and much of that has to do with realizing that what he wants and needs is as valid as what Wilhelm wants and needs. But because of their positions, it’s challenging to make them both happy. Omar truly succeeds in bringing Simon’s love and the complex choices he makes because of that love to life, leaving me hoping for more from Omar. Not just more from him in Young Royals, but much more for him in the entertainment industry.

First Kanaphan

Not Me/The Eclipse – Thailand

Early in First Kanaphan’s career, I was drawn to his acting. Like the other actors on this list, he has a natural ability that stands out. Each year, the potential I first saw in him grows stronger, which is duly noted in the characters he portrays. Nowhere is this more evident than in two of his 2022 performances. In both Not Me and The Eclipse, he steps into two very different roles that appeal to the justice-seeker in all of us. In Not Me, he’s the confident, warm-hearted rebel, Yok. In The Eclipse, he’s the confused rule follower, Akk. In both, he faces heartbreak and betrayal, whether from himself or those he encounters. And in both, he delivers a powerful performance. It isn’t often an actor can make me cry just by tearing up, but First can. He has the potential to step into even more challenging roles with any production company and in any genre and deliver. And I hope he gets the opportunity to do so.

Jam Rachata

To Sir, With Love – Thailand

I am adding an extra name to this list because even though Jam Rachata is in a currently-airing production and is new to me as an actor, I’m already enamored with his work. I am drawn to strong portrayals. No matter how small or big a production is or how much funding is behind it, if an actor captures my attention, I walk away from the project feeling like watching it meant something. Jam’s portrayal of Jiu in the Thai Lakorn To Sir, With Love has stolen my heart for many reasons. Not only does he vividly embrace this role, but I relate heavily to the character he plays. As someone who grew up poor, lost both parents earlier than expected, and relied heavily on my relationship with my twin sister, I understand Jiu and his motivations. I also appreciate his love for Tian. From the heavy burdens he carries to the small smiles he lets slip free to the tears he sheds, Jam delivers a stunning performance, placing him on my ‘actors that people should keep an eye on’ list. I, for one, am certainly keeping my eyes on all of his future projects.

Stayloki94’s Choices

Hello everybody! Let me share with you my own choices from the pool of actors this year, for today’s feature piece! You know how thrilled I am to have this one highlighted because, once again, I am torn between who to put first and second. But allow me to share with you the actors that I think have the most potential and who really struck my eye.

10. Yoo Young Jae

He is a South Korean singer and actor. We all know that this man is a part of the well-known K-pop group B.A.P., therefore it really amazes me that he is a cast member of “Love in Spring,” one of my favorite KBL shows. I was ecstatic when I first saw the trailer, and the show did not disappoint me. I saw the behind-the-scenes footage for this series, and you can tell that Young Jae is highly committed to portraying the proper emotions. If I’m not mistaken, this is his sole BL series to yet. You can see how Young Jae grows the character with each episode of Love in Spring. I’m confident that you’ll adore him. Consider watching this series!

9. Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok

If I claim that I do not have feelings for him, I would be lying. During the OhmNanon era of the Bad Buddy series, this young actor’s potential drew my attention. In that particular series, he played the role of a watchful friend who always looked out for his buddies. I was drawn to him by his active and sincere approach. I had high hopes for him to have his own show; then Vice Versa happened. This series represents a real turning point for Jimmy. He was able to demonstrate both his potential as a promising actor and his ability to do intense dramas. Since he is new to the industry, I previously felt that he would never play the lead in a boys-love drama. However, because he accepted the challenge and gave Vice Versa his all, he is now unquestionably on my list of favorite actors of 2022. (Actually, MY TOP 2 CRUSH, haha)

8. Son Woo Hyun

This man is one of the key protagonists in the popular Korean BL Series “To My Star 2”. He was the group’s leader and an idol in the K-Pop group X-5. Along with Kim Bum and Lee Dong Wook, he also appeared in Tale of the Nine-Tailed, one of the most watched Korean dramas of 2020. He performed flawlessly in “To My Star” thanks to his solid acting and singing credentials. When I first saw him, I was captivated by his physical features as well as his distinctive acting style, which sets him apart from other actors. He is skilled at establishing the character’s atmosphere, and you won’t realize how well he uses acting to draw you into the story.

7. Jeon Chang Ha

The next person in line is Jeon Chang Ha, a model right out of South Korea who also happens to be our charming and gorgeous Tiktok Content Creator. One of my favorite tiktok content creators is Chang Ha. Before he appeared in a series, I already admired his appearance and the way he portrayed emotions in his actions. His Tiktok videos appeal to me the most because of his strong visual presence, which is palpable while watching all of his stuff. His debut series, First Love Again, is a Korean Boys Love. When I first saw his performances in the first few episodes of the show, I thought there was something missing; perhaps I was just noticing more of his acting abilities. However, as the episodes went on, I could see how much he had improved and how well he could perform various acting styles. He is one of the KBL Stars that I would like to see play the lead in another series; who knows, he could be able to go above and beyond what he did in First Love Again. Jeon Chang Ha is one of those talented performers, and the more actors are receptive to the idea of performing in the Boys Love genre, the more the public will progressively come to accept this kind of genre.

6. Job Thuchapon Koowongbundit

Given that Job has experience in the acting industry from appearing in numerous Thai BL series and being cast as one of the main characters in the film Black Full Moon, I had no doubt that he will achieve great things. In fact, the moment I saw Job in The Miracle of Teddy Bear, I gave him full marks for his outstanding performance. One of the few Thai actors, who can do justice to the roles given to him, is Job. He is sincere and professional, which is what I appreciate most about him. You can nearly always see Job crying in The Miracle of the Teddy Bear, and I imagine that it must have been incredibly challenging to pull off, especially since you have to let the emotions seep into your body and adopt the precise persona. I also found the way he managed his tears while reading the script to be positive; I can see what he is trying to convey and can relate to his character in the show. Being a genuine person, Job naturally takes care of his fans as well. I hope this actor receives the highest praise, and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

5. Kim Ji Woong

Kim Ji Woong, actor and lifelong boyfriend material Ji Woong was also a dancer and joined several kpop groups, but when he decided to pursue acting, his first role in the drama “The Sweet Blood” marked the beginning of a wonderful career.

After the drama’s popularity, he cast in another one. He then co-starred with Yeon Seo Bin in the Korean BL series “Kissable Lips.” What I admire best about Kim Ji Woong is that he is utterly alluring; no matter what he does, I can never help but notice his good looks and even the smallest hint of his charm. His versatility as an actor is something else I like about him. In Kissable Lips, he played a cold, tight-lipped vampire who expressed love through actions, but in the most recent KBL episode of “Roommate of Poongduck 304”, I was able to see a different Ji Woong—the Ji Woong I really want in my life! He has excellent acting skills, which I find to be advantageous because he not only provides us with stunning visuals but also a promising performance. I hope to see more of him in the next seasons of the show; since the more I watch it, the more I can see how much he has improved.

4. NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong

Nunew, our Kuea Keerati from the Cutie Pie series, currently holds the top four spots. I had no idea that the NuNew possessed such a vast amount of talent. The way he performs his roles in the Cutie Pie series leads me to believe that this man has the greatest chance of becoming a legend in the acting world. This year, his connection with Zee Pruk is a major hit, so it is obvious that they received alot of support from their followers. He frequently cries in the Cutie Pie series, demonstrating his ability to accurately convey a wide range of emotions. In addition to his incredible acting talent, NuNew is a talented singer. I love hearing him sing both original songs and versions of other music.

3. Apo Nattawin Watttanagitiphat

I love KinnPorsche the series, therefore Apo’s fantastic performance in this series has me completely in awe. Although he appeared in many previous series, KinnPorsche was the one that gave him the largest break in his acting career. Because of the way he portrays emotion, he is one of my top three favorite actors. He is one of the few BL actors I’ve seen who can make me feel as though I’m part of the situation. He has excellent control over his emotions, and he pays close attention to the character that was given to him. Apo not only performs admirably, but he was a role model as well. I instantly started watching a ton of interviews and guest appearances after realizing how fantastic he was, and I discovered that he truly had a passion for acting. He is not merely acting for the sake of doing it; rather, he is acting because he is passionate about it and determined to have a significant impact on his audience. His drive to make history in each series he participated in is reflected in his creative output.

2. Bible Wichapas Sumettikul

YES! None other than our boyfriend material, sexy love, Bible! Because of his superb portrayal as Vegas in Kinnporsche, he won my favor. He is the most attractive antagonist I have seen in the BL series so far. Bible possesses a personality that allows you to recognize his individuality. His acting versatility adds to the list of his positive qualities. You can see how he improves as an actor as each episode of Kinnporsche goes on. Speaking about other talents, his English accent is the sexiest! I have no idea why, but whenever he speaks in English, I find his voice to be seductive. This is especially true when I have joined twitter spaces where he is present because when he speaks, GOD! This is an angel from heaven, is all I can say! A true deal! a charismatic actor whose personality radiates.

1. War Wanarat Ratsameerat

Say welcome to War Wanarat, my greatest bias and longtime crush in the Boys’ Love industry, who currently holds the top rank.

I’ve told enough stories about how talented this actor is. As part of my Top 10 BL Series and Top 10 BL Couple, Love Mechanics and YinWar were previously featured on our site. Certainly, War’s acting has improved the greatest. He is now capable of more intense situations, particularly those in Love Mechanics. I’m also taken aback by how distinctive his acting is in all of his music videos. As a die-hard fan of the War series, I watched him develop professionally, and this strongly suggests to me that his acting abilities are improving as a result of his experiences. I really admire how he treats fan service, and he attained his current status with the assistance and support of those close to him (which includes his fans). War’s talent for adjusting the tone of a scene is one of the best aspects of his acting skills. I suppose it is difficult to absorb another person’s feelings as a viewer, and I believe War had the edge over the other actors in this regard.

I believe I’ve finished listing my favorite actors here; tell me, who are yours?

Keep watching this space for the next update!


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