“Vice Versa” Series Review (Ep. 3 to 12)

My first impression of Vice Versa was that it’s weird in a good way, and now that the series is over, I have to say that I pretty much stand by my initial review.

It’s by no means a bad show, but it’s not really the best.

Vice Versa had a lot going for it, right from the outset. A BL that invents a whole alternate universe? Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating setups I’ve seen in a series in a while, especially from GMMTV.

In terms of the way it looks too, Vice Versa really stands out. The names of episodes and the overall mood of them are based on Pantone colours, because they’re from the point of view of colourist Talay, which I found a brilliant bit of creativity. This kind of colouring and creative use of filters also makes it a visually impressive series, the camera work and cinematography are commendable, as are the stunning locations they’ve chosen to film in (there are at least 3 different threads of Vice Versa locations on twitter alone, because they look that good).

The little hints about how the alternate universe works are also interesting, though I do wish they had the time (or, perhaps, the budget) to explore them further so that they weren’t all just cosmetic differences. The setup also allows for several cameos from other GMMTV actors and references to series, which definitely adds to the charm but little else, because ultimately what fails the series is its plot.

In fact, the plot is so disjointed and nearly non-existent that it can be frustrating to a viewer. For the longest time, nothing really happens. The characters do things, certainly. The majority of the time that should be used to explore the story is spent on the PuenTalay and their friends writing not one but two scripts, which is not only excessive but ultimately feels like it doesn’t really lead up to anything.

The casting is, however, spot on. The Friend Credits script writing team feels like a real group of friends; Neo and Aou excel at both physical and verbal comedy. Aou also gets his own side couple in the series, although it really only manifests at the end, with his once rival ‘Enchante’ Boom. Jimmy and Sea do their best in their roles as Puen and Talay, their chemistry is good and they are cute in their scenes together. The love story itself leaps forward at such a pace that we as an audience don’t feel any real tension about their getting together – Puen flirts and pursues Talay from the very outset, but despite a whole year’s worth of a time skip, doesn’t tell Talay his real name (although this is clearly so that a ‘twist’ can happen later). It’s also kind of weird that the fact that they’re in the bodies of completely different people is only addressed occasionally and overall the series seems to wish that we ignore that part of the plot. In fact, the less I say about the ultimate resolution of Tess and Tun (or, well, lack thereof) the better.

I’m also choosing not to talk about the product placement because it’s almost absurd, how much there is, and 90% of it completely unwarranted and sometimes you just come out of an episode wondering what happened besides that one discussion about KFC.

Ultimtely, I think Vice Versa might have succeeded as a story about university students trying to write a successful script and falling in love in the process… with no reference to alternate universes or body switching… and a lot of product placement.

If you’re looking for a relaxing watch that you can switch your brain off for and enjoy for the sweet characters and stunning visuals, I recommend giving it a try.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Streaming on- GMMTV YouTube

Krishna’s Sidenote-

☆ Vice Versa stars Sea Tawinan & Jimmy Jitaraphol were featured in Posh Thailand Magazine!

☆ Sea Tawinan & Jimmy Jitaraphol were also featured in Elle Thailand!


One thought on ““Vice Versa” Series Review (Ep. 3 to 12)”

  1. thanks for sharing your thoughts- mine were on a similar path- concerned about Jimmy being wooden after his Bad Buddy showing ( he improved in my books from a D to a C-).
    the first two episodes were exciting as a transmigration to a (slightly- we still need those sponsor plugs) different universe.
    The color themes were gorgeous- but this was based on an unfinished work of JiitiRain- and uses the same lame idea of an attractive successful person chasing an unlikable person who rejects them again and again. Why? Who knows- but it fills screen time- Pi from FUTS….meet Sea from Vice Versa!
    The scriptwriting was boring and frustrating- and I haven’t even seen TOL .
    I dropped this after 5 episodes. 2/5 for what I saw. Some cute but repetitive moments between the leads, some beautiful sets and shots at times…..


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