#TeamBLXpress Top Ten BL Dramas (2022 Edition)- Part II

The reckoning number of BL dramas released in 2022 was overwhelmingly varietal.

We could actually choose between different tropes (although some shows stuck to the age-old concepts of school/university romances) and genres. This year saw a rise in qualitative storytelling- shows that were well researched with a poignant narrative and excellent directorial. Let’s wind down the slope with the final edition of this feature on the “Top Ten BL Dramas- 2022”. Let’s reminisce and rejoice!

Krishna Naidu’s Choices

10. To Sir, With Love

To Sir, With Love is definitely one of the finest lakorns to premiere in 2022. I normally don’t watch Thai dramas unless they belong to the BL genre. So, a Thai Lakorn with a gay twist was a fairly new concept for me; I was excited but also cautious. Since it’s a show airing on national television, I was doubtful about the loopholes in the romance (will the main leads ever get a chance to even look at each other or will their love story be glossed over?). Oh, this show proved me wrong and I’m glad they broke out of the outdated moulds. To Sir, With Love’s storyline dates back to 1930s and focuses on the Five Dragon Guild which is under the leadership of Jao Sua Song. Though a fair leader, Mr. Song is hugely homophobic and his callous decision causes the death of one of the guild members, Mr. Zhang (when Song throws Zhang out of the guild for being homosexual). Ironically, Mr. Song’s eldest son and heir, Tian (Film Thanapat), turns out to be a homosexual as well. The story is a family melodrama with loads of plotting & scheming. Mr. Song’s wives Li & Chan are forever locked in a battle; since Chan fervently desires that her son, Yang (Tongtong Kitsakorn), would take over the leadership. Despite the recognizable friction between their mothers, Tian & Yang love each other. Their brotherhood is one of the strongest points in this show. It is heartwarming to watch Yang support his brother as he goes through the suffering of hiding his sexuality from his family & close ones. The drama intricately displays the issues faced by homosexuals in a non-accepting society. Family pressure and the underlying stress, as well as depression, are realistically portrayed. Another beautiful arc is the undeniable chemistry between Tian & his love interest, Jiu (Jam Rachata). Both Film & Jam look good together and their romantic scenes make up for some of the best moments in this drama. I’m enjoying the family drama (because Chan is annoyingly amusing, she slowly grows on you); the subtle forbidden love between Tian & Jiu is enchanting, it leaves you begging for more!

9. My Tooth Your Love

One of those dramas which slowly grabs your attention with its sublime storytelling and intriguing characters. Must admit, I wasn’t expecting much from this drama; the trailer failed to rouse any sort of interest and I was unsure about the chemistry between the main leads. But, obviously I love being proved wrong, and this show is a clear testament to that fact. What happens when a promising dentist is entrusted with an extremely anxious patient? Hilarious antics ensue as Dr. Jin Xun An (Snoopy Yu) meets Bai Lang (Andy Wu), one of his senior’s brother. Like a enthusiastic BL shipper, Bai Ling forces Jin Xun An and her brother Bai Lang into an inevitable romance before making a hasty exit (love the girl). The favorable selling point of this show is the intricacies depicted by the characters. While Jin Xun is majorly portrayed as a coldhearted and reserved individual, he is drawn to Bai Lang’s childlike innocence and vulnerability. They both face past traumas and have been hurt; the pain brings them closer and binds them together. Snoopy Yu is handsome and his portrayal is spot on; the way he gazes adoringly at Andy Wu will make you swoon. The remaining two side couples are interesting as well, so there is never a dull moment. Join the ride, if you are looking for a light, fluffy romance!

8. Eternal Yesterday

Was I waiting for a Japanese BL with a supernatural twist? Yes, I was, and this show delivers; Eternal Yesterday fulfills that thirst & yearning. Adapted from the novel “Eien no Kinou” by Eda Yuuri, this high school drama is a tearjerker romance with supernatural elements. The premise dwells on the “Eternal Love” that main lead Yamada Koichi (Komiya Rio) has for his classmate, Oumi Mitsuru (Inoue Sora). Both are contrasting characters; Koichi is a happy-go-lucky guy while Mitsuru is quite reserved. Despite the differences in their personality, they strike a chord when Koichi decides to befriend Mitsuru. As they grow closer, Koichi helps Mitsuru to gain new friendships at school. For most parts, this show seems centered on their friendship but tragedy strikes when Koichi suddenly dies in a accident; only to come back alive the very next moment. The shock factor lies in his resurrection; Koichi’s body is cold, and he doesn’t have a heartbeat, but he still behaves normally. As Mitsuru tries to figure out the reason behind Koichi’s resurrection, we get glimpses of their budding romance in the past. It’s obvious from their interactions that Koichi is insanely protective of Mitsuru; is that the reason behind his sudden rebirth? Did he come back alive because he was worried that Mitsuru would be left alone with no one to protect or care about him? Komiya and Inoue have a formidable chemistry and I’m enjoying the subtle romance as much as the mystique!

7. Roommates of Poongduck 304

With their recent outing, “Roommates of Poongduck 304” gaining mass appreciation, Kim Ji Woong & Yoon Seo Bin are currently A-Listers in the Korean BL industry. I barely noticed them in “Kissable Lips”. It’s not that they don’t have chemistry, but I guess the script didn’t do justice to their pairing. So, Roommates of Poongduck 304 was an unexpected surprise. An office romance isn’t something new and yet Roommates of Poongduck 304 dabbles with the “Housemate & Co-Workers” relationship. It’s interesting and far too entertaining (kind of reminds me of the Thai BL Rak Diao, although our Korean couple is less snarky than their Thai counterparts). Ji Ho Joon (Kim Ji Woong) and Seo Jae Yoon (Yoon Seo Bin) end up becoming roommates because of a measly reason like water pressure (Yes, it’s unbelievably amusing). Jae Yoon bites off more than he can chew without realising that Ho Joon is his immediate senior at work. Hilarious situations ensue when this pair is at work & home; with them slowly growing closer. Ho Joon is majorly portrayed as a playboy, but he settles down as he starts falling for Jae Yoon’s innocence. Although the show is very clear about Jae Yoon’s sexuality from the onset, it’s obvious that he prefers concealing it. Ho Joon finds comfort & solace in Jae Yoon while Jae Yoon grows more confident while working with Ho Joon. They both complete each other in ways unknown. Kim Ji Woong & Yoon Seo Bin have an undeniably hot chemistry (even offscreen) which translates into a beautiful romance onscreen. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama, simply because Kim Ji Woong & Yoon Seo Bin are endearing together!

6. Old Fashion Cupcake

Age gap romances are noticeably few and far between. They are the kind of trope that are majorly left unexplored. So, when Old Fashion Cupcake was announced, I was quite excited about the premise. And the show did not disappoint. Set in the backdrop of an office environment, the drama explores the sublime romance between 39-year old Nozue (Takeda Kouhei) and his direct subordinate, Togawa (Kimura Tatsunari). Togawa has always respected and adored Nozue from afar while keeping his feelings hidden. Things start changing when Nozue gets bored with his daily routine and yearns for a change. Togawa takes this opportunity to create new memories with Nozue while trying to make his love apparent. Old Fashion Cupcake dwells on the mid-life crisis that most people face in their 30s or 40s. Nozue represents these people, who realise that their lifestyle has become stale and reductant. Some turn moody and cranky, while others explore alternative choices. Nozue does the same when Togawa takes him to a pancake shop bustling with girls for a change. He longs for the carefree life the girls enjoy and Togawa takes up the challenge. The drama slowly develops their relationship as Togawa acknowledges his feelings and Nozue is left teetering on the edge. The show ends on a positive note though, since Nozue makes some profound discoveries about himself & love!

5. My Only 12%

There is only a 12% possibility of having a successful first love. Would that 12% be enough?

This tagline surmises the entirety of this show. How many are fortunate enough to find true love? And how many of them get to be with their loved ones for a lifetime? Realistically very few. Although the “Friends to Lovers” trope is nothing new, author Afterday’s has penned this love story in a surprisingly new angle. The show revolves around Cake (Santa Pongsapak) and Seeiw’s (Earth Katsamonnat) childhood friendship which later blossoms into love. The drama starts off slowly, so you need loads of patience to stick to this one. There might be instances when you question the intricacies of their relationship; Seeiw tries hard to hide his emotions while Cake is plain oblivious to his best friend’s feelings. Their dynamics change after Cake returns from his stay abroad. Santa & Earth have a comfortable chemistry; they look beautiful together and their romance is enviable. I spend a lot of time cursing Cake about his obnoxious nature in the first half of the show; though he hurts Seeiw unintentionally, his actions cannot be justified. But he redeems himself after his return and once they become a couple, Cake does repent for his past mistakes. Frankly, watching a jealous and over protective Cake is one of the highlights of this drama. Both Santa & Earth embody the finer nuances of their characters. It’s truly enjoyable watching them romance (their age gap is barely recognizable). This show makes it to the “Top Five” simply because I love the character’s and their realistic depiction!

4. To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories

One of the most anticipated sequels of 2022, To My Star S2, was met with mixed reviews & reactions. While the prequel was steeped in romance; the sequel addresses the glaring schism, as our main couple, Seo Joon (Son Woo Hyun) & Ji Woon (Kim Kang Min) try to resolve their differences. The show was majorly focused on Ji Woon’s insecurities and guilt. There was a vapid uproar about the character’s rude demeanor and his arrogant behavior, but the director lead the narrative in an intriguing manner. So, while fans were cursing at Ji Woo for breaking Seo Joon’s heart, the director was busy building this universe where Seo Joon & Ji Woo’s worlds ultimately collide. The portrayal was poignant, their problems were handled in a realistic manner and the romance was heartwarming. Son Woo Hyun & Kim Kang Min are obviously one of the most popular Korean BL couple for a reason; their chemistry is lit and their pairing is enigmatic. There are already catcalls for the renewal of a third season (that’s the range of their popularity). If we do get a third season, To My Star will inarguably develop into a brand beyond recognition. I’m hoping Hwang Da Seul gets behind this idea and delivers on the promise; because we still have to dig deeper into Seo Joon’s past and his reclining traumas.

3. Under the Skin

One of the best Bromances in 2022, Under the Skin, is compelling and understated. Coupled with Tan Jian Ci’s inexplicable presence and Jin Shi Jia’s daredevil attitude, this crime thriller guarantees mystique and suspense. The storyline digs the “Enemies to Friends to more” trope as frenemies Shen Yi and Du Cheng are unwittingly paired together for an investigation. Initially, Du Cheng hates Shen Yi’s guts and his unwavering attitude; their dynamics start changing when Shen Yi proves his worth through his accurate predictions. Forensic artists are mostly unheard of or their skills are unappreciated. Beyond Shen Yi’s investigative skills & Du Cheng’s acumen (which remain the focal point), the show also majorly dwells on their budding Bromance. It is delightfully addictive. Tan Jian Ci & Jin Shi Jia have an enviable chemistry; so much so that it has led to the renewal of this drama (it is absolutely unheard of, especially in a fanatic industry like the Chinese). I’m still thanking my lucky stars that Under the Skin was able to pass the censorship. With the current ban on BL dramas, it will be a long time before we actually get such quality content from the Chinese shores. If you love crime thrillers, watch this show. You won’t be disappointed!

2. The Miracle of Teddy Bear

One of those few dramas that leaves a deep impression on your body & soul, The Miracle of Teddy Bear, was a fantastical romance between a teddy bear Taohu (In Sarin Ronnakiat) that comes alive and his owner, Nut (Job Thuchapon). While the ending was unbearably painful, the show was applauded for its realistic portrayal of the taboos and stigmas faced by the LGBTQ community. The production sweeped through awards while the main leads were celebrated for their exceptional performance. Thuchapon, in particular, does a splendid job of embodying Nut’s pain & suffering; his chemistry with both Sarin & Judo Tantachj (Tathan, Nut’s ex-boyfriend) is inarguably commendable. Apart from the mystique element tied to Taohu’s existence, the show dwells into Nut’s past and his troubled relationship with his mother. There are very few shows that depict mental ailments, their possible causes and subsequent treatment process. The scriptwriters must be applauded for their positive portrayal of these subjects; they surely deserve the limelight. The show might not be for the light-hearted; but it is definitely different from the usual Thai BL flair!


Murder. Manipulation. Sex.

If you were to describe this drama in three words, it would be this. Stylishly helmed with a mindset that speaks volumes about the production cost, KinnPorsche is obviously one of the best rated shows in 2022. Steeped in a metaphorical sense that drives the narrative, KinnPorsche can be branded as mafia romance with a sensual touch. The main leads, Mile Phakphum (Kinn) & Apo (Porsche), share an intimacy that is incomparable and unheard of; their chemistry catapulted the show’s ratings and successfully turned it into a global phenomenon. While the main couple were celebrated; the side couples Vegas (Bible Sumettikul)- Pete (Build Jakapan) and Kim (Jeff Satur)- Porchay (Barcode Tinnasit) were equally favored. The fact that all three couples have individual fandoms is a testament to the show’s popularity. While the show majorly focuses on Porsche’s past life and his present altercation with the mafia world; KinnPorsche’s storyline is much more than deep diving into this illegal world. It is an amalgamation of everything- excellent script, talented actors and praiseworthy direction. If you are bored with the usual Thai BL affairs and want to try something new, then KinnPorsche is your best choice!

Tanushka’s Favorites

So, we are reaching the end of another year filled with dramas. 2022 has been a golden year for BLs. So, here is a list of my Top 10 favorites. Rather than discuss the cast, I will focus on why I like the series. All these dramas had characters I fell in love with. Kudos to the actors for making them real.

1. Blueming

I see few people talking about this show. Blueming was one of the most realistic BLs I have ever watched. Its simplicity won my heart. Sometimes you come across big names and get swept away by their star power. But this show, despite its lesser-known cast, is a gem. A gem I cherish. There is nothing grand about the show, and there are no big gestures, but the subtle way the characters open up to each other with time is so simultaneously simple and complex that it made the show a top for me. The way the characters allow themselves to be vulnerable with each other despite the fear of rejection and judgment because they finally find their person is just icing on the cake. Blueming is an authentic relationship experience.

2. To My Star 2

This is one of the rare occasions where the second season was as good as the first. If you love angst, this series is definitely for you. I loved how it shows both characters’ perspectives and delves deep into their lives. Sometimes, when a story is presented, one character might take up more screen time, as if receiving more love from the creators. While watching To My Star 2, I felt this wasn’t the case. Not to mention that the chemistry between the couple is chef’s kiss. It literally leaps off the screen.

3. Semantic Error

Semantic Error is another Korean BL that did it for me. I was a massive fan of the webtoon, and when I heard a drama was in the making, I had a lot of thoughts. I was excited but was on the fence because adaptations are rarely perfect. I know I was harsh, but I am a fan. I was pleasantly surprised. So much so that I binged the entire show in a day. Given that I am a big fan of the good ol’ enemies-to-lovers trope, this was one of the best dramas presenting it. I cannot criticize anything in the series except that the pacing was a little off. A lot was thrown at me in just eight episodes, and if I had not read the webtoon, I would have been confused and irritated with the main characters. There were times I was, but I loved the series nonetheless.

4. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

This is a rare trope. It is common, but the depth in which the emotions were presented within the series is rare. It is about a son who falls in love with his mother’s friend. But what I have written does not cover the scope of it. The series will take you through many emotions, especially grief and love. When grief and love are presented together simultaneously, they are tough to portray. Love in itself, in this scenario, becomes challenging to showcase. But this show handles it perfectly. It delves into all the characters, but I especially like how they showcased the youngest character. The way he represents today’s youth really resonated with me. I understood and felt his journey, although my life experience was nowhere near his. But that is why the show is a top watch for me. It spoke to me.

5. Fudanshi Bartender

This made my list simply because it made me ‘lose my marbles.’ Yes, I said it. I don’t know how else I should put it. It would be an understatement if I just said that it is funny. The title speaks for the story itself. It isn’t deep, with no intense love confessions and no angst. There is simply plain fudanshi behavior, and I am here for it. If you consider yourself a fudanshi/fujoshi like I do, you will spend an hour laughing. Fudanshi Bartender is like an Instagram meme that screams to you so loudly that you think about it for the rest of the week. It speaks to you differently each time you revisit it. It is a treat that delivers laughs and feels with each watch.

6. Roommates of Poongduck 304

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is hilarious and full of bizarre coincidences, but it also makes you think. It is surprisingly introspective. It is immensely amusing watching the relationship develop into a passionate love between the two leads, given their radically different backgrounds and nature. It is a typical story with not-so-typical representation. It is a must-watch if you love seeing the sexual tension and mutual attraction between the characters develop into something meaningful.

7. KeixYaku

There is so much material on the internet nothing seems new anymore. But what is new is that everyone likes different things. If you give the same question to 10 different people, while you may find a few similarities, in hindsight, the answer would be different. Such is the case with KeixYaku, in which a police officer and a yakuza member connect with each other through a mysterious incident. They seem fated, don’t they? But it is so much more than that. The reason this is in my Top 10 is that I love Japanese BLs. Not only do their characters have more depth, but they feel real. They feel like real-world experiences and do not give a significantly over-the-top feeling.

8. Self Series

While this has yet to finish airing, it is already on my list of Top 10 because the story is unique, and how they present it is just as thrilling. Like how much emphasis was placed on the guitar Mafuyu held in the Japanese BL Given, there is much emphasis on the guitar in Self. It is especially ironic since the boy mysteriously loses his reflection. It is said that the reflection you see is your soul looking back at you, and music is the song of the soul. I am excited to see how they move the series forward.

9. About Youth

Although much information was presented in very little time, this series was a short and refreshing break from the deep and intense dramas I usually like watching. It had me smiling and blushing in every episode and was so cute that I wanted to squeal into my pillow. The story isn’t grand, but it is not trying to be anything significant. It presents the characters’ warmth so nicely that, despite its short length, it is very complete. The love and care with which the characters treated each other was heartwarming.

10. KinnPorsche

It would be rare to be into BL and unaware of KinnPorsche. KinnPorsche shook the BL world like a massive earthquake. It had enormous hype and is still generating publicity with its oh-so-delicious concerts. The acting is top-tier, the shots and picturization are perfect, and it has a ton of juicy scenes. I have been part of deep discussions over the hot tub scene. This gangster romance is everything a BL fan could ask for.

MychelleLove’s Choices

There was a plethora of BLs in 2022: Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Thai. They were, for the most part, amazing. It was tough to pick my top ten as I had to think back on the past year and rank them. What I found is I watched more dramas out of Thailand than in any other country. I personally like Thai dramas. That being said, all BL dramas are good, and I do enjoy them. So, this is my personal top ten of 2022, and they remain on my rewatch list. Some were very emotional, some were funny, and others were a breath of fresh air for me. Enjoy my picks!

1. My Ride

Starring Fame Chawinroj Likitchareonsakul and Fluke Pongsakorn Wongpian

This was one of my three most anticipated series in 2022. I waited a long time to watch the drama and was not disappointed. I had read the novel and was pleasantly surprised at how closely it followed it. Tawan (Fame Chawinroj Likitchareonsakul) was adorably shy and naive. Mork (Fluke Pongsakorn Wongpian) was more worldly. Mork had just come out of a long-term relationship and was trying to mend a broken heart. With the help of Mork’s friends and his uncles–I wanted to adopt Mork’s uncles and hang out with his friends–Mork realized who he loved.

I was impressed with how this drama evolved and how lovely the storyline was. Mork is uncertain of his feelings, while Tawan feels his relationship was a joke from the beginning. I cannot say enough about this drama. It was funny, sad, confusing, and reassuring. “Love is love” is the message, and you get that in the end. I was so excited to see this novel come to life, and I loved how they brought uncertainty into it but then explained everything so that it made sense. I have rewatched My Ride about fifteen times and still love it as much as I did the first time I saw it.

2. On Cloud 9

Starring Meen Nattakrit Hamontri (Tiew) and Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue (Mork- Once in a Memory and Calculating Love)

On Cloud 9 was by far one of my favorites of 2022. It revolves around the question, “what if you could see your soulmate one more time?” This was the most beautiful series I have seen this year. The story, cinematography, OST, and cast were superior and well-planned. I loved that the viewer learned so much in six short episodes. It felt complete. I cried at each episode’s beauty. I felt Tiew’s (Meen Nattakrit) pain when seeing Mork (Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue) after a long time. I was extremely confused with the story in the beginning few episodes, but once the truth was revealed and things made sense, I thought, “I wish I could see my soulmate one more time.” This series, for me, was very emotional as I watched Tiew and Mork fall in love. The way this director captured the story was magnificently done. Bravo. If you watch no other series, please watch On Cloud Nine. With tissues handy because you will need them.

3. Star and Sky in my Mind

Starring Dunk Natachai Boonprasert (Daonuea) and Joong Archen Aydin (Khabkluen)

As the second most anticipated series for me in 2022, I was excited to watch this drama, mainly for Joong and Dunk, but especially for Joong. He has been through a lot and was finally cast in another series. I, for one, was not disappointed. I feel I am in the minority with this one. Khabkluen loved Daonuea but was always afraid to admit it, as feeling this way was not normal for him. Daonuea liked Khabkluen and confessed before graduation, but things went differently than planned. The love they felt for each other was apparent upon reuniting. This was a very well-done series about the complicated feelings Khab has for Dao. In the end, Khab realizes he loves Dao and comes to terms with his emotions. Dao never doubted his feelings for Khab, and he did small things to let Khab know. Khab’s struggle is evident in his expression. Joong has very expressive eyes, and it is easy to tell how he feels just by looking at them, which makes him a fantastic actor. This was a sweet and endearing series. I confess I only watched part two for Joong and Dunk, although I did love the second one. I will be getting the box set. I have so much merchandise from this series, and I am happy Joong has Dunk. I have rewatched this series so many times I can almost recite the words.

4. Coffee Melody

Starring Pavel Naret Promphaopun (Plengrak) and Benz Panupun Vongjorn (Duean Yi)

I am again in the minority in liking this one. This drama is about one-sided love mixed with the fear of loving again. Getting used to a sweet, cute, and quiet Pavel took some time. Still, he was terrific in this series, and I was so happy for him. The slower pace was almost disappointing, but then the story unfolded, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good this series was. It follows Duean’s one-sided love and his pain over wanting to be with someone, Plengrak, who does not want a relationship. Plengrak is afraid to love for fear of being hurt again. Plengrak was hurt so badly in a previous relationship he closed off his heart. Once Plengrak opens his heart and allows Duean inside, he realizes it’s okay to love after being hurt. This was a sweet and emotional series that I recommend to everyone. The story, cast, and OST were also amazing. I commend the director for making such a memorable series.

5. The Tuxedo

Starring Chap Suppacheep Chanapai (Nawee) and Green Phongsathorn Padungktiwong (Aiaoon)

The OST for The Tuxedo is superb, the cast is perfect together, and the cinematography is nice. This series was a short eight episodes, and what they packed into those eight episodes makes it memorable. Nawee was the son and heir of a wealthy father. Aiaoon was the owner of a shop called Tuxedo, and this is where their story begins. There is a lot of angst and misunderstanding, as well as moments of understanding. Nawee (Chap Suppacheep Chanapai) was an arrogant, spoiled, bossy rich boy who always wanted everything his way. I loved watching him be a brat. Aaioon, on the other hand, was the complete opposite, which is what made this series the best. Watching the chemistry these two had on screen was memorable. Even when being subtle, it was there. Aiaoon struggles with his attraction to Nawee while his family insists he marries a woman, which is unfortunately typical for those who see same-sex attraction as “not normal.” Nawee also struggles with his feelings and is devastated that Aiaoon is to marry someone else.

The way Nawee and Aiaoon’s story evolved was beautifully, tastefully, and elegantly done. I thoroughly enjoyed and anticipated each episode. Bravo to all those who brought this series to life.

6. Something in my Room

Starring Nut Supanut Lourhaphanich (Phob) and Plan Thanawat Koosuwan (Phat)

What could be better than a supernatural BL? Phat moves into a new home with his mother and soon meets Phob, the resident ghost. This was a lighthearted series. I loved the interaction between Ghost and Human and how they fell in love. I admit some parts scared me and made me jump. However, it was mostly a lighthearted and warm series, I enjoyed this as I love the supernatural, and this is close to home for me. It starts slow, but then Phob begins remembering his life and why he died, all while he and Phat fall in love. This series dealt with some dark subjects but did it in such a way it made sense. The main couple’s chemistry was undeniable from the beginning.

There is the struggle of loving the same sex and a ghost as well. I enjoyed the interaction with the characters in this series. It was intense at times and silly at others, offering a good balance, which I loved. If this could happen, I wonder if things would be the same. The finale was exceptionally well done and made me cry.

7. Semantic Error

Starring Park Seo Ham (Jang Jae Young) and Park Jae Chan (Chu Sang Woo)

This is one of my favorite 2022 dramas, especially in how different the two main characters came together. The sexy Jang Jae Young (Park Seo Ham) is smitten with Chu Sang Woo (Park Jae Chan) at first sight. On the other hand, Sang Woo thought Jae Young was annoying because he interfered with Sang Woo’s structured and organized life. Jae Young flusters Sang Woo by wearing Sang Woo’s least favorite color, red, to annoy him, which is one of the many frustrating things he does to get Sang Woo’s attention. He succeeds, but not in the way Jae Young expects. Once Jae Young decides to quit bothering Sang Woo and be himself, things change. Sang Woo starts to realize that Jae Young is not such a bad person and that maybe he was too harsh on him. Sang Woo soon realizes he misses Jae Young when he’s not around. Sang Woo finally admits he has feelings for Jae Young, but is it too late? This series had some amazing moments, funny and sad. You could feel Sang Woo’s confusion and Jae Young’s heartache. From the beginning, their chemistry is strong and only grows stronger throughout. I fell in love with them and cheered for Jae Young throughout the series. This is a series I have rewatched several times and always find another reason to love it.

8. Kissable Lips

Starring Kim Ji Woong (Kim Jun Ho) and Yoon Seo Bin

Kissable Lips is my dream BL. As a vampire and human who fall in love, Kim and Choi were not meant to be. Kim was a vampire destined to die, while Choi was a human with the blood type to save him. Choi falls for Kim at first sight while Kim fights his feelings since he knows they can never be together. I cried through most of its eight episodes. The chemistry was undeniable. I have rewatched it countless times, and I fell in love with Kim and Choi every time. This series was a bittersweet love story. Choi was willing to sacrifice himself for Kim despite being uncertain of Kim’s feelings. But, based on his actions, Kim also cared for Choi. What Kim did for Choi out of love was the most beautiful, meaningful act I have ever watched. I would love a sequel, but I was satisfied with the ending. This was an enjoyable watch.

9. Oh, Boarding house

Starring Shin Yong Seok (Moon Seol Won) and Im Sung Kyun (Kim Cheol Soo)

Oh, Boarding House was such a delight to watch. The son of a boarding house owner, Moon Won is temporarily out of work. His mother allows him to live with her under the condition that he works for her. Reluctantly, Moon agrees and begins to run the boarding home. Moon then meets new boarder Kim Soo, a local school teacher. Moon is immediately smitten and does what he can to make Kim notice him. This leads to comical yet awkward moments. Then enters Moon’s best friend, Shin Ki Hwan (Cha Bong Deok), who has a secret unrequited crush on Moon. Once Cha realizes Moon has a crush on Kim, the fun begins. This was a lighthearted series I loved watching come together. I felt the pain, heartbreak, excitement, and joy of new love. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and it is a frequent rewatch. I often skip to my favorite scenes just to rewatch them.

10. A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2

This drama offers a comical look at familiar BL tropes as one man spends the entire series trying to avoid them. Mobu (Atsuhiro Inukai) avoids all contact with men to avoid falling in love. He goes through life avoiding such mishaps as accidentally tripping, being caught by a man, and staring into another man’s eyes. This led to many amusing moments that made me laugh. It was funny, sweet, silly, and good-hearted. There was little to no drama or angst.

But does Mobu manage to avoid falling in love inside a BL world? Watch and find out. This parody series was a breath of fresh air. All the typical BL scenarios were present, scenarios Mobu was aware of and attempted to avoid. Even his brother was fair game to protect Mobu from a possible BL love. I never laughed at a series as much as I did this one.

Keep watching this space for the next update!


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