“The Land of Miracles” Series Review (Ep.3 to 15)

Adapted from the web novel of the same name by Tang Jia San Shao, The Land of Miracles (Shen Lan Qi Yu Wushuang Zhu) donghua is a beautifully animated project that tells the story of two young men from different domains inside the Land of Miracles, Lan Ge and Fan Hua.

Pitted against each other while seeking out the Peerless Pearl among the Seven Gods Pearls, they find themselves bound together by the divine artifact.

This begins an epic adventure together, full of obstacles, tragedy, and heroism.

A lot can be said about the politics and dynamics inside The Land of Miracles, as one of the most important aspects of any fantasy series is the world-building that goes into it. But while the characters’ backstories and versatile personalities are crucial to how great this series is, my favorite thing about The Land of Miracles is how the relationships between all of the characters are built.

In my initial review of the series, I mention the two leads’ contrasting personalities and the fun, intense dynamic it creates. From the orphaned Fan Hua’s stoic maturity to the well-loved Lan Ge’s charming arrogance, the audience is introduced to two diverse but compassionate men who must learn to understand and care for each other.

To do this, Fan Hua and Lan Ge team together in a joint effort to rid themselves of the connection the Peerless Pearl gives them, but they become even more deeply involved in the process.

I am a fan of character-driven stories. In The Land of Miracles, Fan Hua and Lan Ge are beautifully constructed. Their dialogue and interactions are as much a part of the relationship we develop with them as the powers they cultivate.

The Land of Miracles offers remarkable growth in the first season’s fifteen episodes, introducing viewers to a myriad of supporting characters we quickly become as attached to as the leads, from Lan Ge’s parents to the children at the Home of Hope.

This is why the ending is so incredibly heartbreaking.

Lan Ge may be the least responsible out of the two leads, but it’s evident that he genuinely loves his parents and the kingdom he will one day rule.

In a bitter culmination, Lan Ge loses it all, leaving him and Fan Hua facing a linked future fighting to avenge Lan Ge’s parents while helping to save their people.

The Land of Miracles does not hold back, offering up a series as bittersweet as it is exciting while linking together two men who become so entwined with each other’s lives that it’s hard to imagine them apart.

The series’ ability to bring these two characters so closely together in such a short amount of time speaks highly of the writing.

I anticipate a second season full of more growth, power, tears, and vengeance.

For a quest-filled animated series full of chemistry and emotion, check out The Land of Miracles now on iQiyi or IQIYI Anime YouTube Channel.

Rating- 4 out of 5


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