Favorite BL Lady- Part III

BL dramas are essentially coveted for their sensual depictions of gay romances, specifically catered to please avid fujoshi’s with vivid fantasies of their own.

So, Boys’ Love mostly doesn’t place much importance on female characters (unless they are a GL couple and even then, lesbian couples aren’t as popular as their gay counterparts). Despite this mundane treatment, there are several female caricatures in BL dramas that were both impressive and memorable. In today’s feature, we will be talking about such strong female depictions that display kindness and strength of character!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Akk’s Mother, The Eclipse Series

While everyone is still talking about Aye’s (Khaotung Thanawat) mother and her unconditional support; we also need to share our opinion about Akk’s (First Kanaphan) parents. While Aye always had an open-minded upbringing because of his Uncle Dika and, as such, is fearless and strong; Akk is mostly depicted as a weak individual. He covets his scholarship and prefect status; it takes him a lot of soul searching to come to terms with his sexuality. Obviously, he would be scared of accepting his sexuality in front of his parents. Fortunately, they embrace him wholeheartedly and even accept his relationship with Aye. Phiao Duangjai gives us one of the best depictions of parental acceptance when her character says to Aye-

“Our son loves you, so we love you as well”

Teacher Sani, The Eclipse Series

Teacher Sani (Ployphach Phatchatorn) is one of those characters that could be easily sidelined. In the initial episodes, she seems meek and unable to voice her opinions against Teacher Chadok’s dictatorial attitude. But as the story progresses, Sani starts voicing her displeasure and also supports the student’s need to express their staunch beliefs. Actually, there was a faction of the fandom that even shipped her with Wasuwat (AJ Chayapol), but I strongly believe that they were nothing more than a mentor-mentee. I loved how she stood by her principles and never budged from her stand.

Jung One, She Makes My Heart Flutter

While Korean BLs are slowly dominating the global scenario, we namely have very few GL dramas worth mentioning. As such, the current on-air drama She Makes My Heart Flutter is truly one of a kind. Depicting the relationship between an aunt and niece, who are both lesbians, the show reflects on the differences in their personalities. If you are watching the show, it’s obvious to be enamored with the aunt, Jung One (Park So Mi). Unlike her niece, Seol (Byun Ji Hyun), who is outgoing and capricious, Jung One is painfully shy and reserved. But that doesn’t stop people from getting attracted to her beautiful looks or her charisma (include me in the list). Jung One is an intriguing character and I’m still trying to peel the outer layers to dig deeper!

Mieko, More than Words

Socially awkward and shy, Mieko (Fujino Ryoko) becomes best friends with the main lead, Makio (Aoki Yuzu), when he saves her in an unexpected encounter. If you think that More than Words is a gay drama with an unwanted female fixture, then you are wrong. Because initially Mieko and Makio are inseparable, even when Makio starts dating Eiji (Nakagawa Daisuke). The drama focuses on the intricacies of their relationship, as these three are bound together by a trust that is both fragile and incurable. Although I didn’t appreciate the betrayal later, Fujino must be applauded for her strong depiction of a friend who loves fearlessly and she does it without any regrets.

Hom, My Only 12%

Popularly known by her pen-name ‘Afterday’ (writer of novels, Bad Buddy & My Only 12%), Film Pitchaya is currently playing the role of Hom, Seeiw’s sister in her own book adaptation. Seeiw is quite close to his sister, and she is always attuned to his odd moods. So, when he starts questioning his sexuality alongside his new feelings for Cake, Hom is the first one to know about it. She comforts him gently and supports him unconditionally. As the years pass by, she stands beside him as he solemnly keeps his emotions under control. Hom is Seeiw’s silent support and Film portrays the role with conviction (maybe it’s got more to do with the fact that she wrote the book and understands the characters well).

Pineare Pannin, My Only 12%

Pineare is one of those few actresses in the BL world who plays the role of a LGBTQ ally quite convincingly. Her praiseworthy portrayal of Del (Dean’s sister) in Until We Meet Again won her fans and she will be soon reprising her role in the upcoming sequel “Between Us”. This was followed by her first GL debut “7 Project”, where she starred alongside Samantha Coates. Their chemistry was much appreciated and I’m really hoping they get paired as a GL couple in another drama again. Currently, she is playing the role of Ney, Seeiw’s friend in My Only 12%. It’s amusing watching Ney as she sits and observes her oblivious friend who has no idea about Cake’s newfound affection for him. No matter which character she plays, Pineare is quite entertaining!

Hashimoto Mio, Kieta Hatsukoi

Utterly adorable and friendly, Fukumoto Riko’s portrayal of Hashimoto was refreshingly simple & yet inspiring. Initially pitted as love rivals against the main lead, Aoki (Michieda Shunsuke), she quickly becomes his biggest ally & staunch supporter when their misunderstandings are cleared. Hashimoto never questions Aoki about his sexuality or his feelings for Ida (Meguro Ren). She accepts him wholeheartedly and champions his cause like a true friend. Such a beautiful and heartwarming portrayal was unknown before, and Fukumoto Riko’s act is indeed praiseworthy.

SlimFastZombie’s Favorites

Samantha Melanie Coates,Love by Chance

Sammie (Samantha Melanie Coates) is a vivacious woman with a high energy. She brings “Lucille Ball level High Energy” performance capability to every role she plays. I fell in love with her acting years ago with “Love By Chance” and it has only grown since. The thing about Sammie is she can take a side character role and draw your attention to her acting. So watching her on screen is always such a treat. In her next role in “Between Us”, she will get to play a woman starting a romance. I’m excited to see how the depth of a more mature character played by Sammie will be.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. Till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

One thought on “Favorite BL Lady- Part III”

  1. Hi Krishna Naidu!
    My point-of-view is, not surprisingly, impacted by my life experiences. Like Akk in THE ECLIPSE, I was a child of working-class parents who was able to attend a private, conservative, upper-class prep school. It felt like this opportunity was my family’s chance at a better life, so I kept my head down and “played along” with rules & beliefs that went against who I authentically was in order to fly under the radar and not make waves. Looking back, this took an incredible amount of emotional capital and internal strength. So for me, it never felt that Akk was depicted as weak. In fact, quite the opposite. He couldn’t allow himself to be seen as vulnerable, even when his friends gave him permission to be so. I know “weak” is just a word and a way to juxtapose Ayan’s bravado, but wanted to add my perspective.


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