“The Invisible Thread” Movie Review

Touted as a dramatic comedy with LGBTQ overtones, The Invisible Thread is a story that seemingly appears to be based upon a true experience. While there are some depictions that are based on actual events, the storyline is completely fictional. Regrettably, this movie is a hit-and-miss viewing experience that only comes alive towards the end.

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Top Ten Korean BLs (2020-2022 Edition)

Creating a top favorites list has always been hard for me. How I feel about a drama depends mainly on my mood when watching. So, I generally hesitate to number my lists. Therefore, to put together my top ten favorite Korean BLs from 2020-2022, I revisited my Twitter posts, taking note of the ones that left me reeling enough to spill my feelings into the Twitterverse. Considering the amount of BLs South Korea released over the last few years, narrowing them down was no easy task, but certainly a lot of fun to revisit.

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