Favorite BL Lady- Part II

Feminist roles in BL dramas are sidelined; it’s not baffling because Boys’ Love caters to a wider range of audiences that are more interested in gay romance. The female characters in these shows are often underrated or undermined. And yet, some great portrayals leave a strong impression on your mind for a myriad of reasons. In today’s feature, we will be talking about such prominent female depictures!

PotatoBLChild’s Favorites

This list concentrates more on the categories of my favourite BL women than their names themselves, but I think it’ll have to do.

1) The Amazing Allies

Whether it’s the nameless cute barista from One Last Order who supports her colleague so that he can confess to a customer or Hashimoto Mio from Kieta Hatsukoi/My Love Mix-up who stands by Aoki the entire time, we have some really wonderful women who are allies of the LGBTQIA+ in BL series. They help the main characters figure their way to finding queer love, support them all the way through, and we’re here for it.

2) The Supportive Mums

I love supportive mums in BL series. We’ve quite a few out there. Some of my favourites include Shi Lei’s mother in Be Loved in House: I Do, who talks about how gender doesn’t matter, and recently, Ayan’s mother in The Eclipse, who points out that her son has good taste when she is introduced to Akk. It always feels great to know that there are parents out there who support their children unconditionally—as they should.

3) The Beautiful Queer Ones

Probably my all-time favourite category, the queer ones will always have my heart. I love the portrayal of characters such as Nuch from Not Me with her interesting takes and her support for queer people at the protest—she’s really cool! I think quite a few of us wanted her to end up with Gram. Then there’s Fluke from You’re My Sky, who’s so supportive of the relationship between Thorn and Fah; she’s a great sounding board. Her becoming the cheering president at the end of the school year certainly was a lovely moment, highlighting her growth as a character as well. There are many characters like these two, but they’ve made quite an impact, so they’re here to stay.

Stayloki94’s Favorites

Women that appear in the Boys’ Love series take on a variety of roles, such as a mother who is supportive or the complete opposite- a foe in a love story. Or perhaps these women are trustworthy friends. For today, let me introduce you to two of my favorite women from the BL Series. Not only do they have that stunning look, but they also dazzled me with the roles they played. Let’s talk about Piploy and Mild.

Piploy Kanyarat

Piploy is a bubbly woman with a magnetic aura. I first encountered her in the 2020’s “The Shipper,” a popular series on GMMTV. She portrayed Pan’s (played by Prigkhing) best buddy, her name is Soda. Both of the girls are certified fujoshis that enjoy Boys’ Love! As I thought back on the series, many humorous scenes played in my head. The character played by Piploy is certainly a breath of fresh air; she is a down-to-earth artist who takes her jobs very seriously and, of course, does them justice. She reminds me of how to regulate “fanboying/fangirling”. She may not have been noticed by many, but I respect her for truly being Pan’s friend. She acts as a true friend and would always be willing to sacrifice all for her pals. Her several humorous experiences, whether she was fangirling over her favorite Y Couple or just acting as an awkward but endearing character, made me happy to see her in the series. Several well-known Thai series, including Blacklist, Put Your Head on My Shoulder, Devil Sister, and Vice Versa, also included Piploy as a recurring character.

Mild Lapassalan

Have you guys ever seen Dark Blue Kiss by TayNew? If you’ve heard about this series, then you will definitely recognize this woman. YES! It’s our sweet Sandee!

Mild is one of the most memorable women to feature in a BL Series. I came across many BL series during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but Dark Blue Kiss stands out in my memory. Her portrayal of Sandee conveys a positive message about what it means to be a real friend and about how to maintain your integrity by standing your position and not giving in easily. Her unquestionably skilled acting is what truly impresses me about Mild. I was persuaded by her character in DBK when she was trying to figure out if Kao and Pete really did have something. Additionally, her portrayal of Sandee exemplifies to everyone that friendship is not always sunshine and rainbows; occasionally, you will experience rain and sadness. However, these things do not cause us to feel empty for an extended period; rather, they serve as a springboard for other lovely things and a stronger friendship with your friends. As she appreciates herself, Sandee values friendship. She was aware of her acting limitations, and everything was ideal for me. Not to mention her outstanding performance in 3 Will Be Free alongside Tay and Joss Way-r. She excelled in her acting in 3WBF, and her performance as Miw was remarkable. Since the early 2000s, Mild has been involved in the entertainment industry and has been in numerous guest roles as well as shows, whether they be in television shows or motion pictures. She also had appearances in Kiss Me Again and Hormones.

Although not everyone may be familiar with these two stunning women, I can assure you that they have exceptional acting talent. The thing that really astounded me was how well they played their parts and did them justice. Get to see Piploy and Mild’s series when you haven’t viewed it yet; they’re only two of the incredible women in the BL World.

We will be back next week with the third edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!


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