“Remember Me” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

As much as it pains me to write this because I am still deluding myself into thinking the 2000’s were not that far away, tune in to Remember Me for some 2000’s nostalgia.

Remember Me is a story of friends and lovers whose relationships are mediated by technology; they get closer because of it and at the same time, it seems as if this very technology drifts them apart.

The first two episodes reflect changes that many who grew into adolescence in the 2000’s and early 2010’s might relate to. From sending letters to the increasing popularity of MSN (there is even a scene where Em is seen playing with a Tamagotchi!), the protagonists of Remember Me grow alongside technology, and later episodes will show their stories into adulthood and the joys and pains that brings about.

I don’t have much to say about Gun (First Chalongrat) and Golf (Ja Phachara) since their relationship, it seems, is a slow burn. We are yet to get introduced to Golf properly, save for the snippets of his interactions with Gun. This is my first series of the two of them and I must commend their chemistry already, even though the only face-to-face interactions they had were in scenes when they were travelling together. First as Gun has the awkwardness that comes with being a teenager down pat, stealing glances at Golf and trying not to get caught, but that leads me to my only (very minor) complaint about the show so far- these grown men cannot pass off as teenagers.

I was surprised to find out they were still in middle school in the second episode. It makes sense from a production point of view, since this is the time when they start developing feelings for each other and casting age-appropriate actors might have led to issues, but I had to willingly suspend my disbelief in order to convince myself that they weren’t college or even high school students.

That minor gripe aside, let me gush about my favourite aspect of the series till now- the relationship between Name (Title Teshin) and Em (Man Supakrit). Also having acted together before (which reminds me to put The Yearbook at the top of my to-watch pile, that’s how much I have come to love them already), they have great chemistry and are ridiculously cute together. I found myself looking forward to every scene they were in.

Name, in particular, stole the show for me. He is depicted as having selective mutism, and though a character without dialogues could have been relegated to the background, he shines in his expressions and presence. In the end of the second episode, he whispered one word and had both Em and me in a chokehold. I think I almost annoyed myself with how much I replayed that one scene.

I don’t look forward to having to wait every week to see what happens to these characters I have already come to love, but I definitely do look forward to binging The Yearbook to get my Title-Man fix in the meantime
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Streaming on- Gagaoolala and here


2 thoughts on ““Remember Me” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)”

  1. I also had a “Did I hear this right?” moment when they said they were in middle school!!! as it would make more sense to have them in final year of college deciding on working or grad school:)
    Yearbook is a promising showcase for the couple you like- Title gives a particularly good debut I think.
    Mean shows an eye for the recent past or his design team does- fun to see.


  2. Do watch The Yearbook. Like this one make sure you have a good supply of Kleenex handy. Happy to see all those bright faces in Remember Me. Don’t know how many episodes but I expect a twist of some sort. Is this the same producer of The Yearbook? I do count on your knowledge 🙂


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