“I Told Sunset About You” Series Review (Ep.1 to 5)

Have you always been wondering what love is on sunsets? Well, I guess this one’s for you!

Let us start by getting to know the personalities behind the 2020’s award-winning series, I Told Sunset About You.

The plot revolves around Teh and Oh-Aew, two close friends who become rivals during childhood. Many years later, they happen to run into each other at a Chinese language class while they are both getting ready to apply to universities and are both pursuing interests in the field of communication arts. Sequences reflecting their emotions during their reunion are then shown as a direct result of that. I’m sure most of you have seen this series, but allow me to share my opinions on it with you.

This series has had a significant influence on not only the performers but also the viewers, as a coming-of-age story. One of the protagonists came to terms with his sexuality and undergoes a number of challenges along the way, such as self-doubt, self-guilt, and social pressure. The other is his opposite: a young man who is open about his sexuality and well aware of it. Both aspire to have the support of their families and community. We’ve all seen a number of stories with this premise in particular shows, but what makes this one stands out is how the entire cast devised a fresh scheme of narratives to subtly portray these important issues of identity vs. role confusion.

There is no denying the strength of this series and there won’t be any wasted episodes when you watch it. Many different emotions present in every scene and in every individual. There is no denying the strength of this series. Not only do you get a top-notch TV show with excellent actors, but you also get a lot of life realizations and opportunities. Teh and Oh-Aew do a fantastic job of capturing these many emotions. In fact, the actors undoubtedly handled these conflicts in a way that made them seem to directly relate to contemporary issues. Since the story is engaging and you will certainly learn something that will stick with you after watching this 5-episode series, I must advise you to get your tissues ready. The series’ OSTs were incredible! Ensure “LSS” at all times.

Billkin and PP are outstanding actors, and ITSAY is the turning point in their careers. I first saw them together in My Ambulance. The series (ITSAY) also featured an eight-part documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the series. You’ll see as you watch each episode that the director and the entire crew

put in a lot of effort in achieving a common objective. The cast is made up of exceptionally talented and dedicated people who are so enthusiastic about what they do that they have gone above and beyond to reshoot several scenes in order to get the ideal expression of emotions.

The characters of Billkin and PP, as well as the supporting actors, all exhibit substantial growth as the story continues. I really believe that everyone will learn a different lesson from each of them. Additionally, the acting was exceptional! I was surprised by the number of workshops they went through to find the right mood and really capture each character’s uniqueness.

So it comes as no surprise that this series has won numerous accolades for its exquisite and top-notch cinematography. Themes, colors, props, tints, and even the smallest details were all carefully planned. Every moment was expertly captured on camera, especially the surroundings, which frequently convey desire or stress with mellower, deeper tones. Sepia tones were used for the majority of the pictures, giving the overall effect of being old-fashioned and classical. The scene, the placement of the camera, and even the changeover time were all perfect! The way these scenes were filmed significantly contributes to the overall mood and subject matter.

I would like to end it by saying that I can now affirm that “SELF-LOVE IS REAL LOVE,” and the series will certainly make you cry. This story promotes the benefits of self-love and self-care in addition to being about a young boy discovering his sexuality. It also shows that in order to love others, we must first love ourselves.

I almost cried while writing this review because I remembered what it was like the first time I saw it, but I managed to hold it together.

See? Sunsets are not only able to show us the beautiful scenic side of things. They can also provide us with different perspectives and emotions. And in the end, you know that all your efforts and every sacrifice you make are unquestionably worthy of the right reward. Have faith in love!

Rating- 4.5 out of 5

Edited by- Gingerjiejie

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