#TeamBLXpress Current Watchlist/Anticipated Shows- Part III

#TeamBLXpress always endeavors to keep you abreast of the latest updates in the Boys’ Love universe. As such, our team members have been arduously sharing their “Current Watchlist/Anticipated Shows” for the past few weeks. In today’s feature, we will be talking about the upcoming shows that are receiving a lot of attention from avid fans; also we will be sharing our current preferences as well. Buckle your seatbelts and join us on this joyride!

Krishna Naidu’s Choices

Currently Watching Dramas

Fahlanruk The Series

Based on the fraudulent concept of “Friends With Benefits”, this new Thai BL ostensibly trains its lens on the oddities of two commitment phobes, who dislike being in a relationship and as such pursue mundane one-night stands for sex and pleasure. While the premise seems controversial and screams “Cheating”, the execution is anything but that. Fahlan and Sherbet are flawed individuals, basically build out of the same mold. They seek the same things, although they are relentlessly persistent about maintaining their “Single Status”. It’s laughable because it takes them three episodes before they are falling hard for each other. Beneath his stubborn veneer, Sherbet is a cuddly kitten and Fahlan slowly becomes his comfort zone. Watch this, if you are looking for a heartwarming romance between two characters who are hopeless & annoying yet endearingly in love!

Streaming on- Gagaoolala

Ai Long Nhai

Ai Long Nhai might seem like another breezy campus romance; if not for the intriguing casting, which involves the real life Thai BL couple, Porsch Apiwat (Sippakorn, Ai’s dad) & Arm Sappanyoo (Jaonan). Main lead Aiyaret might seem like a spoiled rich kid, but underneath that facade he is kind and caring. Also, he respects and loves his adoptive father, Jaonan and they have an enviable relationship. The storyline isn’t anything new; it’s the same old jargon recycled and stuffed into a new carton. What makes this show interesting? Meen Nichakoon’s natural chemistry with Ping Krittanun (Nhai). I’m really drawn to their romance; Nhai is annoyingly endearing and Ai is so whipped for his man; they are nauseatingly sweet. Also, Meen & Ping make a handsome couple; I spend most of my time swooning over their good looks. Don’t go looking for intelligent storytelling; that might help!

Streaming on- Mflow Entertainment’s YouTube and IQIYI

Oh! My Sunshine Night

This show has been making me anxious for the past two weeks. Kim has an accident, his parents die in a mysterious plane crash and Rain is missing. As if this was enough, his family business is usurped by the evil antagonist, Dr. Suwan (who has no business looking so beautiful while plotting everyone’s death). The show is two weeks away from its finale and I’m fervently hoping for a happy ending. I’m hoping things settle with Rain’s imminent return (you better not kill him and make a widower out of Payoo; I’m too much invested in their relationship). Kim is rapidly losing his memories (because of the accident) which will spell more disaster until Rain steps in and things get back to normal. Everyone is waiting with bated breaths for his return (makes me wonder why he is a support character at all) and I don’t mind angst; but I’m expecting a chilly retribution. OhmFluke are one of my favorite BL couples and their chemistry is as impressionable as their UWMA days (they are currently shooting for Between Us Series). So, I’m definitely looking forward to watching Kim’s reconciliation with Sun (please let him be with the love of his life). The scriptwriter’s better give me a happy ending or I’m going to riot!

Streaming on- AISPLAY

Kabe Koji

I wasn’t expecting the humor, neither the banter; but Kabe Koji delivers both in its pilot episode and leaves a deep impression. Adapted from the manga “Kabe Sa Doujin Sakka no Neko Yashiki-kun wa Shouninyokkyuu wo Kojiraseteiru”, the show focuses on Mamoru Nekoyashiki’s lackluster life. Mamoru is a doujinshi artist (quite a popular one at that), but he is painfully shy & reserved. Despite his hunger for fame, he prefers living in the shadows. His life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly meets Kazama Issei, a childhood friend he once had a crush on and who is now a popular up-and-coming idol. Things get complicated from there; while Issei is a huge fan of Mamoru’s manga and wants to get back in contact, Mamoru wants nothing to do with him. The lead actors have an interesting chemistry and I’m totally looking forward to the next episode (watching Mamoru having a mental breakdown, because he has an unrequited crush on Issei is amusing).

Streaming on- Viki

War of Y- War of Managers

Copy A Bangkok’s War of Y Series is indeed an appalling yet realistic depiction of the duplicity & toxicity in the Thai BL industry (subjectively). The second part of this popular series “War of Managers” ended this week, and it left me exhausted. War of Managers was solely focused on the atrocious mismanagement of actors Bew and Gus by their greedy managers, Lookpla and Toon. The mutinous revenge saga ended on a lukewarm note when Bew was punished for staging a rebellion so that he could free himself from their clutches. Although I was aghast at the ending, it does explain the inner workings of this hardcore industry. In the past few years, there have been lots of rookie actors who disappeared after making hasty debuts in subpar BL dramas. Unless you find a manager who isn’t looking to exploit you, working peacefully in the Thai BL industry is a distant & impossible dream.

Streaming on- AISPLAY & Gagaoolala

Love in the Air

The second part of this rambunctious romcom began this week and admittedly, I’m hooked. I thought it would be a wild “Cat & Mouse” between Prapai & Sky, but the love story is offering much more on the platter. The chemistry between the main leads Fort Thitipong & Peat Wasuthorn is refreshingly sparkling. The first episode hinged on their reluctant romance as Sky is held back by his prejudices (he doesn’t trust horny men and that particularly includes Prapai). While Prapai does sound like a pretentious, overbearing character at times, his adoration and love for Sky is pretty obvious. I have never met a more whipped main lead until Prapai. He literally schmoozes around, oozing potent alpha energy which Sky tactfully dodges. They are indeed an entertaining pair, and I’m looking forward to Sky’s free fall once he gives up on his preconceived notions about Prapai.

Streaming on- IQIYI & Me Mindy YouTube

The Eclipse

Outdated Rules. Rebellious teens. School Curse. Yummy underwater kiss- Check

The Eclipse’s script leaves a lot to be desired. The scriptwriters decided that they were going to mix every tragic trope in the BL industry to make up for the abysmal storyline. The storytelling isn’t entirely abstract; because they are justifiably voicing their opinions on the outdated social structure, which needs a major overhaul. It’s just that the story keeps revolving around the same premise, beating around the bush; after a certain point, it gets boring. The only saving grace is the alluring chemistry between the main & secondary couple. Akk & Aye might seem like an impossible pairing; Akk is held back by his prejudices while Aye is righteous and rebellious. A recipe for disaster and yet you can’t help but swoon at First & Khaotung’s effortless chemistry. Similarly, Thua & Kan are winning hearts because of their natural chemistry. Neo & Louis have come a long way since their “Fish Upon The Sky” days; their pairing is more solid and mature.

Streaming on- GMMTV YouTube Channel

Takara-kun to Amagi-kun

Two naive teenagers enjoying their first, awkward relationship; that’s the gist of this Japanese adaptation. It might seem cliche and yet the adept storytelling more than makes up for the solemn premise. Main leads Sato Arata and Oriyama Nao literally embody the quirks and nuances of their characters; so much so that you can’t imagine anyone else in their place. Every weekend, this show takes me back to my good old school days, where I experienced the same feelings (teenage love, angst and melodrama). Heightened emotions and expectations alongside fiddly gestures make up for most of our teenage years; and Takara-kun to Amagi-kun is doing a fantabulous job highlighting the same. Add a gay twist and you are good to go!

Streaming on- Gagaoolala & Viki

My Only 12%

I never thought that I would get obsessed with a fictional couple, but here we are; and it’s got nothing to do with the angsty storyline that delivers a punch every weekend. My obsession is centered around the main couple. Santa Pongsapak might be younger and inexperienced when compared to his older co-star Earth Katsamonnat; but that doesn’t diminish his ability to drive this narrative with his power packed performance. Santa’s micro expressions pair well with Earth’s overzealous portrayal of Seeiw and the resulting friction is delightful. I have never seen a couple who complement each other so well and despite their age difference, Santa & Earth look exquisite together. The casting directors must be applauded for their efforts. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes where Cake & Seeiw will reunite after their three years’ of separation; will Cake recognize his true feelings for Cake before it’s too late?

Streaming on- Studio Wabi Sabi YouTube Channel

Dramas I’m Highly Anticipating

I Feel You Linger in the Air

Adapted from the novel “Sweet Smell of Love” (หอมกลิ่นความรัก) by Violet Rain, I Feel You Linger in the Air is the first historical BL from the Thai shores. Starring veteran actors Nonkul Chanon (Jom) and Bright Rapheephong (Khun Yai), this show is a time travel romance with a fantastical edge. There will be obvious comparisons to some of the recently concluded Korean historicals (Love in Spring and Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding), which were quite disappointing; but I Feel You Linger in the Air seems to have an unmatched elan and mystique. The trailer seems promising and the main leads have a natural chemistry. I’m basing my assumptions on the fact that this is a Deep Hup House production (Lovely Writer The Series, Something in my Room). So, it should be good, right?

Young Royals Season Two

The second season of the Swedish teen hit “Young Royals” is all set to premiere on 1st November, 2022. Netflix dropped a surprising clip last weekend, which gives us a glimpse into Wilhelm’s (Edvin Ryding) tumultuous world, as he struggles with his forced separation from ex-lover, Simon (Omar Rudberg). The changes in his personality are viable as he forcibly shuts the bedroom door on his mother’s face (the Queen) and also threatens his cousin August for exposing his sexuality at Hillerska. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for sure, but if you are a huge fan of this series, then the angst is expected. Edvin & Omar make an enviable couple; totally looking forward to the premiere night!

Elite Season Six

The Spanish hit teen drama “Elite” returns to the silver screen for its sixth season on 18th November, 2022. While some of the older cast like Omar (Omar Ayuso), Rebeka (Claudia Salas) and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) might not return; the show has some new additions- Ander Puig, Carmen Arrufat, Álvaro de Juana, Álex Pastrana and Bokesa. The trailer is steaming hot and as the premise strikes, the upcoming season will obviously be focused on sex, murder and unprecedented mayhem. I’m not expecting anything less than that!

SELF Series

Studio Commuan’s “SELF Series”, starring Zen Burapha and Triton Theeradech in lead roles, is set to premiere on October 13, 2022 on their YouTube Channel. The show has a preternatural feel and I’m absolutely digging the vibes. The story focuses on a school boy Tang whose reflection is miraculously replaced by a terrifying stranger attempting something vicious. It’s a race against time as Tang has to bring back his reflection while trying to stop the stranger. The storyline is quite different from the usual Thai BL flair and I’m hoping the premise stays true to its intrigue.

Roommates of Poongduck 304

Kissable Lips couple Kim Ji Woong & Yoon Seo Bin are making a comeback in the upcoming drama “Roommates of Poongduck 304”. Ji Woong & Seo Bin will be portraying the dual characters of “Landlord-Tenant” and “Boss-Intern” in their new show. The storyline promises “Enemies to Lover’s” trope and, given their natural chemistry, I’m looking forward to watching their camaraderie. Yoon Seo Bin stars as Jae Yoon, the owner of the Poong Deok villa. Kim Ji Woong will be playing the role of Ji Ho Joon, a third-generation chaebol of Guemman Group. He receives an ultimatum from his father to either leave their house penniless and survive for two years or achieve results as a team leader in the new business team of the Guemman Group. Ho Joon is kicked out and arrives at Poong Deok Villa. Jae Yoon is unimpressed with Ho Joon, whom he treats like a swampy, penniless guy. Unfortunately, the tables are turned when Jae Yoon realizes that Ho Joon is his team leader at work. Produced by Idol Romance, the show will premiere on 13th October, 2022 on Gagaoolala & Viki.

PotatoBLChild’s Choices

Currently Watching Dramas

Aka another way I organise my week—according to the dramas that I watch each day.

Vice Versa

I know this series just got over, but I’d like to mention it as it’s the only way I can envision my Saturdays for some reason. I’m sure I will miss it terribly—in fact, I already do. JimmySea have won my heart in so many ways, and I even love how lively each side character seems, too. Plus, the entire series looks so picturesque, and while I may not know as much about cinematography as I want to, I can see how much work has gone into the production of this series. The universe-traveling part may have seemed weird initially to some, but I grew more and more interested in it with each episode. Also, I’m a massive fan of the BoomAou ship—I wish there were more!

Love in the Air

This one definitely caught my attention—it seemed like a Mame series that I might like more than the other ones. And it delivered! I wasn’t sure how I felt at first because I was uncomfortable with a few things, but both BossNeoul and FortPeat powered through. Their chemistry is incredible, and the NC scenes are on another level. We’ve just got to the PrapaiSky arc, and I can’t get enough of them either! I’m quite scared for Sky’s backstory, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, and focus on their budding relationship. Or rather, Prapai annoying the life out of Sky—keep it up, Prapai, I love the bickering!

The Eclipse

Also known as the series that completes my Frigays.

In all seriousness, I haven’t been as obsessed with a series this year as I have been with this one. It has destroyed me—in a very, very good way—and I can already see that I’m going to be devastated when this ends. This is one of those series where the main couple and the side couple are on equal footing. Both FirstKhao and NeoLouis have my heart, soul, my everything already—I can already sense a new favourite couple in the making, with EarthMix being their parents (in my head). I love how Wat’s struggles are portrayed; I had the same issues when I was in high school, and was hated to no end by my father for choosing what I did. I love the way LGBTQIA+ issues, mental health, and power, to name a few, have been handled. Overall, it’s a pretty good one.

Dramas I’m Highly Anticipating

I don’t really have much to say about these except for how excited I am.

Choco Milkshake

To say that I’m a STRONGBERRY lover would be an understatement, judging by the number of their works I’ve reviewed. I’m actually grateful that Choco Milkshake is going to be on YouTube, too—easier access helps with popularity. The plot sounds so fascinating (the reincarnation of a puppy, my gosh), and the teaser looks excellent, so this one’s on my list. It seems like it will be as wacky as STRONGBERRY’s other works, such as Secret Spectacles, but this is probably one of the longest web dramas we’ve got from them, so I’m pretty excited!

Blueming 2

The first installment of Blueming was undoubtedly all a KBL fan could dream of—from the great casting and phenomenal chemistry to the brilliant production from Hwang Daseul—but there were some things in which I’d noticed room for growth. For instance, most of the attention went to Siwon’s past, which took the focus off of what a clown Daun actually is, and his backstory, which played a huge role in moving the plot forward. So a second season is very welcome; I can’t wait to see more of Daun’s personality from the manhwa and hopefully more of the GL (Siyeon-Yunjeong) subplot and Bawoo’s drama. Plus, I’d love to hear Hyukjoon’s voice again because that’s what ear candy’s supposed to sound like.

I Feel You Linger in the Air

Thailand’s first Historical BL? Count me in!

I must say that the credit for hyping this series for an entire year for me goes to Yarnball. I think the recent 9-minute pilot trailer did even more damage, and now I can’t wait any longer for this. The time-slip fantasy bit is a trope I like, so I’m hoping it lives up to my expectations (looking at the trailer, I know it will). Nonkul and Bright are so cute! I’m sure their chemistry will be amazing, too.

Moonlight Chicken

With Cupid’s Last Wish not really turning out to be what I wanted, I have bet all my money and hopes on this EarthMix starrer more than anything else. The visuals are stunning, and for most of the plot, it looks terrific—and series revolving around food have a special place in my heart. I’m just not sure how much of the cheating plot I can take, but I’m definitely watching it for everything else, especially EarthMix and FirstKhao’s chemistry. And the new children, too—they look so adorable!

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. Till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

One thought on “#TeamBLXpress Current Watchlist/Anticipated Shows- Part III”

  1. I’ve been following Khaotang, Neo and AJ for years. The script is weak but when I see them together I smile a lot. The Eclipse has good camera work and some other Thai actors who pulled the series together for me. I’m exhausted keeping track of many good shows. It’s sad Netflix or Amazon don’t pick up many of these series. I believe they would be surprised as the audience grows with a World Film section. Thank you for the informative article.


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