Favorite BL Lady- Part II

Feminist roles in BL dramas are sidelined; it’s not baffling because Boys’ Love caters to a wider range of audiences that are more interested in gay romance. The female characters in these shows are often underrated or undermined. And yet, some great portrayals leave a strong impression on your mind for a myriad of reasons. In today’s feature, we will be talking about such prominent female depictures!

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“Memory” Series Review (Ep.1 to 14)

I have a special place in my heart for Vietnamese BLs. I consume them as they are so creative and tell substantial human stories on an emotional level. This one did too; just not as well as others. And I am sorry about that because I think their intent was in the right place. The execution was just not so effective.

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“Sha Po Lang” by Priest

It is not fortuitously that the public considers Priest one of the best light novel writers at present. Sha Po Lang is a worthy reading, that won’t make you waste even a minute in the case that you decide to give it a chance. While reading, in many moments, I was unable to stop because I was too curious about what would happen next. The only solution was to keep reading to discover it. It was very thrilling!

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The Meaning of Freedom in “Not Me The Series”

Recently, I’ve read and seen a lot of news about social injustices, gender discrimination, and inequality. Yes, I know these are overdue issues. But while I was pondering about these things, I came across Not Me which incorporates those concepts and has become one of GMMTV’s BL series masterpieces.

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Favorite BL Lady

We often find ourselves annoyed with the female depictures in BL dramas, some of them intrusive, whilst others are unnecessary. But there were a few female characters who smashed these preconceived notions with their strong portrayals of honest love and convictions. In today’s feature, we will be talking about such influential female ladies who left a deep impression on our hearts!

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