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We thought that it would be a good idea to exchange watchlists with our avid readers. Keeping this goal in mind- in the upcoming weeks, #TeamBLXpress will be sharing their current (updated) watchlist alongside the index of upcoming dramas they are excited about. Join us as we dig through our team member’s repertoire of on-air/highly anticipated dramas!

Drama_Llama’s Choices

Currently Watching Dramas

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us – Thailand

As one of my current top watches, 180 Degree Longitude is a Thai drama exploring the complicated, emotional relationship between three people as they face grief, love, and each other. I highly recommend it, especially for those who enjoy live stageplays/theatre. It’s philosophical and symbolic with political undertones.

For the romance viewers, the romantic tension is insane, but the true power behind this story is in the ‘lines’ that divide us.

Starring actors Mam Kathaleeya, Nike Nitidon, and Pond Ponlawit, 180 Degree Longitude offers brilliant acting, beautiful cinematography, detailed art pieces, emotional music, and a nuanced symbolism that opens minds and hearts. Directed and written by Punnasak Sukee, it’s a unique watch that should be noticed. Check it out now on Gagaoolala.

The Eclipse – Thailand

Starring actors First Kanaphan, Khaotung Thanawat, Neo Trai, and Louis Thanawan, The Eclipse is a politically steeped story about a traditional all-boys school on the cusp of an uprising as tensions rise between the prefects (students who help maintain the law) and a rebellious student body.

For the romantics, the tension and chemistry between Ayan, Akk, Thua, and Khan is realistic and electric, but The Eclipse’s true power is in its fight for change. By throwing together boys with different social backgrounds, different ideologies, and different personal traumas, The Eclipse offers a look at what it means to fall in love during a time of unrest at a school that’s unwilling to bend its archaic set of rules.

To watch, check it out on GMMTV’s official YT channel.

Once Again – South Korea

Starring actors Lee Hyun Jun and Moon Ji Yong, the South Korean BL Once Again is a time-bending romance that returns a young man to his past in hopes that it will right the future.

For the romantics, Once Again delivers on the chemistry, but its true power lies in Shin Jae Woo’s trauma.

Once Again is as much about facing one’s past as it is about love. After experiencing a horrific kidnapping attempt as a child, Shin Jae Woo deals with the death of the man who saved him, Kang Ji Hoon. Although Jae Woo was only a child and a victim at the time, his survivor’s guilt and PTSD have followed him into adulthood. So, when he unexpectedly gets the chance to alter the past, he faces the trauma he’s carried with him in hopes that it saves the man he respected as a child but finds himself falling in love with as an adult.

To watch, check it out now on Viki and Gagaoolala.

My Only 12 Percent – Thailand

Starring actors Earth Katsamonnat and Santa Pongsapak, My Only 12 Percent follows two life-long friends with polar opposite personalities as they navigate adolescence together.

For the romantics, My Only 12 Percent offers an often playful and heartwarming chemistry between its two main leads, but its true power lies in self-discovery.

Offering one of the most poignant self-coming-out scenes I’ve seen in a BL as Seeiw realizes and comes to terms with his sexuality, My Only 12 Percent has become a surprise watch for me. It hasn’t been what I initially expected, and it’s all the better for it.

Takara-Kun to Amagi-Kun – Japan

Filled with flowery inner thoughts and feelings, the Japanese BL Takara-Kun to Amagi-Kun is a cute story about two boys who learn to be honest with themselves and each other.

For the romantics, the attraction between Takara and Amagi is sweet and indulgent, but its true power is in self-realization and communication.

Starring actors Sato Arata and Oriyama Nao, Takara-Kun to Amagi-Kun draws viewers into Takara and Amagi’s thoughts as they explore their love for each other.

Watch it now on Viki or Gagaoolala.

More Than Words – Japan

Starring actors Fujino Ryoko, Aoki Yuzu, Nakagawa Daisuke, and Kanechika Daiki, More Than Words is precisely what its title implies, a story of friendship and romance defined by feelings that can’t always be expressed in words.

For the romantics, More Than Words is raw, and the connection between the leads is strong, but don’t expect to always feel good. The true power of this drama is in its realism, and it succeeds in taking viewers into the often awkward but relatable bittersweet interactions between characters dealing with coming out, love, and self.

Check it out now on Amazon Prime Japan.

Love in the Air – Thailand

Starring actors Boss Chaikamon, Noeul Nuttarat, Fort Thitipong, and Peat Wasuthorn, Love in the Air is an enemies-to-lovers romance full of chemistry.

For the romantics looking for intimacy and a cute escape, Love in the Air delivers.

While I am enjoying the romance in Love in the Air, the story itself falls short for me in its redundancy. But this has more to do with my preference for nuanced emotional storytelling that challenges society, life, and love than it does about the drama itself. Love in the Air pushes the envelope regarding the intimacy BLs generally offer, and it does it with amazing chemistry between the leads. Love in the Air’s true power is in its chemistry rather than its story. And sometimes that’s enough, especially for those looking for a romantic escape rather than a deeper emotional watch.

Dramas I’m Highly Anticipating

Moonlight Chicken

The trailer for this drama delivered the kind of angst and complicated emotions I often look for in a drama. Considering how strong actors Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap are when paired, I have high hopes that it will deliver what the trailer promises.

Between Us the Series

Starring Boun Noppanut and Prem Warut, Between Us promises the entire love story between Win and Team hinted at in the Thai BL Until We Meet Again. I fell in love with Win and Team in UWMA. There is something remarkably intriguing about their need for each other, especially Team’s need for Win. Win becomes a haven for Team, offering him the kind of comfort he needs to sleep through the night. I was drawn to the past that torments Team. I was even more drawn to the peace he found in a person rather than an object. I hope the drama lives up to the hype I’ve built for it in my heart.

Because my list of anticipated dramas would take several pages to fill, I’ll focus instead on how I decide on my watches rather than continuing with a list.

As with Moonlight Chicken and Between Us, I choose upcoming dramas based primarily on the storyline and the preview. If the premise and/or trailer offers an emotional punch and an intriguing story, I anticipate seeing it. I am particularly drawn to the Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese BLs because they tend to offer versatile storytelling. But Thailand has upped its game the last two years, throwing some of the best productions to date into the mix, particularly I Told Sunset About You, I Promised You the Moon, 180 Degree Longitude, Not Me, and KinnPorsche. It’s placed Thailand on a whole new playing field, as many of its productions have started challenging themselves and the viewers, focusing as much on challenging politics and human emotions as it does romance. The new trend has captured my attention, and I find myself looking at what Thailand is now offering with the kind of anticipation I felt when I first watched Love of Siam.

MychelleLove’s Choices

Currently Watching Dramas

Here are some dramas I am currently watching. I am a little behind as I work full time and help take care of my 5 grandkids. I also tend to watch non-BL dramas as well, so I have a vast list.

Coffee Melody

Pavel Naret is the main lead in this series and I am so overly proud of him for getting this chance. There is a softer side to his character, and it takes some getting used to. So happy he is able to become the extremely talented man he is today!

My Only 12 %

Earth Katsamonnat and Santa Pongsapak Oudompoch are so adorable together. Their chemistry is spectacular and I really love the storyline. Hoping for a happy ending!

Takara-Kun and Amagi -Kun

Another “let’s hide our dating” trope, main leads Sato Arata and Oriyama Nao have amazing chemistry; you can actually feel their emotions from the expressions on their face. Hopefully, this one will have a happy ending as well!

Once Again

This is a time slip series and presumably from the progression of things, the story seems to be headed towards an angsty ending. Despite that, the main leads Lee Hyun Jun & Moon Ji Yong have a refreshing chemistry!

War of Y

This drama reminds me of “Call It What You Want” but is much more intense and realistic about the toxic nature of the BL industry. Lay Taylay is one of my favorite actors in this series. I have seen watched all series that he has worked in. I know as that as this series progresses, there will be a lot of heartbreak, which I wish I could change.

Even Sun Series

Prem Warut & Boun Noppanut have an effortless chemistry that is unmistakenly amazing. They look so natural together. This series is a bit different from others and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Here are some of the dramas that I am anticipating in the upcoming months. I mostly love watching all kinds of BL content, but there are some that instantly catch my attention from the trailer.

Moonlight Chicken – EarthMix are back. I did read it somewhere that the show has just finished production, and the trailer seems interesting; I’m totally excited about EarthMix’s return.

Big Dragon – I have seen the trailer, and this looks very intriguing.

Ghost Host, Ghost House – This one looks very interesting and deals with my favorite genre -Supernatural

Be My Favorite- I have seen small snippets of this series and I was enticed to want more!

The Theory Series – Dome Woranart is one of the main leads in this show and as such, I’m very anxious to watch this show. I have been anticipating this one for a while now.

Between Us- Until We Meet Again was remarkable, and I truly enjoyed watching it, so I am anticipating the sequel.

I normally use a spreadsheet to keep my watchlist organized and check them off once they are done. Also, I get distracted when I will see something new that grabs my attention and I end up binge-watching those shows. So if there are any shows on this list that you haven’t heard of before, please add them to your list and enjoy the truly amazing world of BL!

We will be back next week with the second edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!

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  1. It’s a bit scary yet wonderful how much we are watching so many of the same series. I too jump into something new and remember there are a few more episodes of the one I was getting sore eyes from watching. This is a great list I will happily share with others.


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