“On Cloud 9” Series Review (Ep.3 to 6)

I have to say first this was the most beautiful drama I have seen in a very long time. The cinematography was breathtaking. The filming was exquisitely done. The overall series was stunning and meaningful. The actors played their parts with such commitment. I cannot say enough about this series. The cast and crew. Bravo!!

Once we get to the third episode, we start to see a pattern, where memory plays a part. We find out who Mork (Rossi Nonthakorn) has been talking to, and I was mind blown by the twist; I did not see coming. We are also introduced to Wise, played by the talented New Saharat. Wise is the all-knowing and keeper of thoughts and dreams. Mork and P’Tiew (Meen Nattakrit) lives are so intertwined and confusing. We keep going from 2019 to 2022; bouncing back and forth. The stranger game plays a pivotal part in this series as well as the 99 days timeline- your final days on Earth after you take your last breath, to fulfill your last wish.



Imagine being able to wait for your true love, to see them one last time; the scenes were done with such beauty you can feel connected to both Mork and P’Tiew. You can feel their confusion and heartache. I don’t want to go into too much detail as this drama speaks for itself. The twist in this series is something I could not fathom; the reason being that it seems like Mork was living with someone. This was truly heartbreaking. All the scenes between Meen and Rossi (Mork and P’Tiew) were mesmerizing; I could not stop watching these two. Their chemistry was amazing, breathtaking, and it was very clear they were in love. The way P’Tiew always looks at Mork; his eyes reflect everything.

This was a truly spectacular series and I want to applaud MindTrio for producing this intriguing miniseries. I hope to see much more in the future.

Do we get our happy ending? I guess that depends on your definition of a “Happy Ending”. I, for one, will re-watch this one and smile as I think it is amazing to find your true happiness before you embark on your final journey. Please enjoy this one and come back and let me know how you liked it!

Rating- 4 out of 5


12 thoughts on ““On Cloud 9” Series Review (Ep.3 to 6)”

  1. Where can I watch/stream this in the US? Also just a general suggestion that when you write reviews that you also provide information on which platform the show/movie/content can be streamed.


  2. So if there is a twist, why put the screenshot of it in your article? I usually don’t mind minor spoilers but why such a major one????? Not nuce to people who haven’t seen it. . .


      1. I have seen the series but not the promotional screenshot before watching it. So they should not have published it before airing, I am surprised they did it since it is a major spoiler…I was surprised by it, it was unexpected! Sorry!


  3. When I was watching Ep. 3 it had under 5000 views and lots of negative comments. Being absorbed in this mystical and magical series I took to Twitter asking people to watch it again. The cast and crew obviously put their hearts and minds into the entire series. Episode 1 has almost hit a million views. Thank you for the touching review from someone who got into the series. Cheers


  4. I am now watching this for the third time. I am completely hooked on this program. This is one of the most intriguing and beautiful shows I have ever experienced. Each time I see something new that I missed in the prior viewing. And each time I know more of what is happening, and want to know more.

    Thank you for your review. I would not have otherwise known about this.

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  5. I am on ep 3 and see lots of YT comments saying “What is going on? I don’t understand”—- well go on the journey and find out!

    The cinematography is stunning, the story is not perfect but it is mysterious and interesting. The acting is decent.

    We’ll see how it finishes but this could be on my top 10 BL list for the year.


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