Favorite BL Quotes/Dialogues- Part III

Dialogue in fiction is always written to be read in silence. The page is the limit.

Dialogue on stage and on the screen is meant to be spoken. The voice is the limit- Guillermo Cabrera Infante

There is a fine line that divides impressionable from memorable. Tons of quotes/dialogues might be found littered in the BL industry, but there are very few that make a strong impression or get sequestered into our memories. The spoken lines are indeed subjective to the actor’s talents, but the hidden meaning behind those meaningful interludes depends on the scriptwriter’s rich imagination. In today’s feature, our authors will be sharing their favorite quotations, the ones that are thought-provoking!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Matt’s Teacher, Papa & Daddy S2

“I think each child is exploring themselves during this stage in their life. We should respect that. Him wearing a skirt doesn’t bother anyone. As a teacher myself, I also hope that he wear clothes that he feels most comfortable with!”

Taiwan should really be applauded for making meaningful dramas that dare to portray the stigmatization of the LGBTQ masses and the struggles they face on a daily basis. The second season of Papa & Daddy S2 deals with some honest truths- every child is different and we need to respect their choices. It could be in the instances where Jimmy has trouble adjusting to his new environment or when Amy-Sasa’s son Mike faces ridicule in his school because of his feminine attire. I really enjoyed watching that episode. Firstly, because Damien comes to terms with Jimmy’s choices and accepts them wholeheartedly. Secondly, Mike’s teacher apologizes to Amy as she stresses upon the fact that every child is different and they should be given the chance to explore themselves. Her broad minded attitude was refreshing and I think schools need to adopt this kind of education model. They are the ones who shape young minds and as such, should not be prejudiced or have preconceived notions about a community. If a child can’t feel safe in his/her environment, then what is the use of education?

Rio & Kamoda Ikuo Sensei, Pornographer: Playback

Rio- People who are happy have no need for literature. People who know what they want in life, who don’t know loneliness, have no need for arts or literature

Sensei- You might certainly be right. But you know, the moon might lead the way to happiness. In a way, I wonder if people can ever be truly happy. Is there really such a thing as a life without loneliness ?

Rio’s dialogue leaves you with a foreboding feeling which persists throughout the last edition of the “Pornographer Series”. Playback is like the last goodbye (literally & figuratively). While Rio struggles with committing himself in a permanent relationship with Haruhiko; his insecurities and fears breed deeper. As he finally gets over his commitment phobia, the above dialogue plays out well in the end. It voices his prejudices as he has this compelling conversation with his mentor. While Sensei does agree with his staunch observation, he also points out the major flaw. Successful people might not need arts or literature because they don’t seem lonely, but is there anyone who hasn’t faced loneliness at least once in their entire lifetime? The exchange is riveting and neatly ties the loose ends.

Talay, Kita, Vice Versa Series

One of the most beautiful confessions I have heard in the recent times. While Vice Versa is slowly gaining a foothold because of the natural chemistry between main leads, Jimmy Jitaraphol & Sea Tawinan; the slow blossoming relationship between Talay & Puen is the focal point of this multiverse romance. Unlike Puen, who wears his heart on his sleeve, Talay is cautious and reserved. So, when he finally confesses, his words reflect his honest intentions. In their original universe, Talay is a colorist, while Puen is a famous actor. Despite being popular, Puen has always been lonely. People mostly approach him because of his fame or popularity. In the current situation (they have time traveled to another universe), Talay doesn’t know Puen’s real name or his identity. Talay accepts that even though he doesn’t know what Puen looks like and who he is, he likes him. He likes Puen, and that is enough for him, no questions asked. Talay’s heartfelt acceptance is indeed humbling and sweet!

Talay- I don’t want other people to suffer my hard life instead of me

Kita- You are not me. We all have own pain that we are enduring. You can’t compare your life to others and judge them on what they should do. We all just follow our gut feelings at the time.

One of the best things about Vice Versa is the mature interpretations of friendships. It could be Puen’s friendship with Up & Aou or Talay’s camaraderie with Kita & Fuse. In the recent episode, Talay has an argument with Puen who insists on staying in their current universe so he could continue impersonating Pakorn. Talay insists that it’s unethical to steal someone’s life & identity. They have a huge showdown and Talay is left reeling from the shock. Later, he talks to Kita and expresses the same concerns. Kita instantly questions him on his judgemental attitude and points out the fact that everyone has their own pain to endure. It isn’t logical to compare their lives with others and question them unfairly. Talay’s life might have been seemingly good in his original universe and hence he yearns to return, but the same might not be true for Puen. It’s unwise to force our own opinions on others without understanding their pain & suffering.

Wang, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

That night, I lay listening to the rain and his slow, steady breathe,

It was new feeling, it’s hard to express

It felt like a discovery but it was invisible

A fulfillment but it was empty

A feeling of loneliness but it was warm

& before I drifted into unconsciousness

I felt like we had gotten closer, but we couldn’t touch

It’s like a thin wall that separates you from the answer to your mystery

The answer I was looking for

Now I know where it was, it’s next to me & inside me

The dialogues and theatrical experiences in 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us are on the metaphorical level. So, forgive me for quoting a dialogue that is so lengthy. Frankly, the entire show is a classic masterpiece, and I had real difficulty choosing this one over others. 180 Degree might seem like an empirical drama, about three individuals who are tied together by one man- Siam. He is like a ghost haunting them and their subconscious for different reasons. While In struggles with guilt and feels despair about losing the man he loved, Wang is trying to figure out more about the Father he loved but never knew. Both of their worlds are centered around the same person and it is colliding. Wang obviously drove down to the forests to meet In, their meeting wasn’t coincidental. The true intent of his purpose is changing; he wanted to decipher the mystery behind his parent’s failed marriage and his father’s rather tragic death. And to a level, he seems to have to pieced the puzzle together; but in doing so, he is slowly falling for Wang. A feeling so indiscernible that he can’t help but question everything. While Wang is too mature for his age, is he ready to face these new feelings?

Kim & Sun, Oh! My Sunshine Night

Sun- I’m scared to die. I’m frightened. I now know how frightening death is. It’s scary for both the dead & the living.

Kim- I’m right here. I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.

If you are watching Oh! My Sunshine Night, it would be obvious that Kim is unlike most stereotypical main leads in Thai BL dramas. He is frigid, cold-hearted and hot tempered. So, it’s highly unusual to watch him comfort/console someone. It’s not in his nature and yet in this scene, he does both. Sun suffers from a heart condition and relapses frequently. When Sun collapses during their college trip, Kim comforts him. Death is a scary concept and when you are suffering from a congenital disorder; it’s twice as fearful. Sun is mostly portrayed as a bright, sunny individual with a positive attitude. But at this moment, he breaks down and cries because he is afraid of dying. Kim consoles him and makes a promise; and because it is Kim, you can rest assured that he will follow up on it. He will protect Sun at all costs!

Lookpla, War of Y Series (War of Managers)

“You are in the entertainment industry, no one likes the truth. The more it’s fake, the more it sells. The more people like it”.

The currently on-air Thai BL “War of Y Series” is hitting the nail on the most controversial issues plaguing the inner workings of the entertainment industry. In the recent episode, Lookpla (Gus’s Manager) has an angry outburst while fighting with Bew’s Manager, Toon. This leads to the fervent revelation that the trio (Gus, Lookpla & Toon) have manipulated Bew into believing that Gus truly loves him. If you have been following this couple since the first part of the show, you would realise that Bew often has problems handling NC scenes. To lull him into a false comfort zone, Lookpla concocts this plan, so that Bew feels safer with Gus and they can deliver their love scenes effortlessly. All goes well until the two managers have a fallout and their manipulations are revealed. The above dialogue reflects the glaring reality of the Thai BL industry, which breeds on fake relationships and fan service. Legions of fans are made to believe that their idol couples have more intimacy than portrayed and the resulting excitement is cashed via concerts or merchandise. BL actors are often forced to act as real couples and their lives are impeccably tied to their on-screen image. But how much of this is true and where do you draw the line?

SlimFastZombie’s Favorites

21 Days Theory

The mother and uncle from the series stand out as a strong supporter of their child in this series. A parent should love their child no matter; it is wonderful because these two go above and beyond. I think their dialogues are memorable, partially because they were given more screen time, which gave them room to show their adoration for Q as well as because their characters experienced homophobia with their own father and selflessly want to do better by him. Never preachy or overly clingy watching as Q and X have their firsts moments together, but never stepping in, even when they know the outcome; their quotes just made it to my list of favorite BL dialogues. Both of Man’s conversations with Q on his misunderstandings toward situations were just perfect!

Plus and Minus

The story of two friends becoming lovers isn’t anything new at this point. But the different way these two lovers talk to each other sets it apart with their earnest and sweet dialogues or their observations over others. Granted, the later part of the series didn’t make much sense and was really rushed; despite that, a lot of their conversations as they proceed over divorce cases were very insightful. Also, the way that the main lead came out to his father was just so daring; the follow up break up scene which happens as a result of the baseball field talk made me want to give him a hug.

War of Y

Pan might be a brat but when he’s angry, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Watching his dressing down of Pharoah was a welcome surprise. But when he realizes Koon’s intent for his CP, he gives them a taste of hell. His follow up scathing rant at her for what she has done and what she’s going to do was inspiring. I dislike his character but loved watching him whenever he let loose for once. But the best conversation of the series was when Nott asked Pan to love him before the finale, after watching all the drama unfold he waited for the right moment to confess his love to Pan and it was really sweet totally don’t cry over what Pan does next focus on how Mr. Darcy Nott was before their relationship fell apart.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. Till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

One thought on “Favorite BL Quotes/Dialogues- Part III”

  1. Thank you making me feel much better today. I thought I was the only one writing down quotes in my binder from movies and TV series. The only series that has my full attention is 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. I’ve been a lover of short plays since high school. It is a winner and I hope one of the big companies such as Netflix or Amazon pick it up for their audiences. To me it is a stage play turned into film.


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