Dreamy Thai BL Couples That Are Making Me Swoon

Boys’ Love is a lucrative fantasy spun around, regaling tales of love, lust and sensuality.

For some, it is a means of escapism; while for others, it is a replay of their sordid reality (Yes, I’m talking about the LGBTQ community). While BL doesn’t consciously focus on the queer community, it is not for the lack of trying. And in the midst of all this drama- is ROMANCE. BL Dramas are obviously projected as lucid accounts of gay romance, fabricated to suit the tastes of avid female audiences. Whether they have surpassed the set boundaries and bypassed into new territories remains the crux of this article. In today’s feature, we will be talking about the “Current Favorites”- a brand new crop of BL couples, who are fast gaining a foothold in the Thai BL industry!

Ohm Thitiwat & Fluke Natouch, Oh! My Sunshine Night

Ohm Thitiwat & Fluke Natouch are practically one of the most popular couples in the Thai BL industry; like aged wine, they just get better with each passing year. Frankly, no one does angst better than them. Though “Until We Meet Again” remains their claim to fame; they have come a long way. I cried my heart out watching their soulful bonding in UWMA, enjoyed their mature relationship in “Close Friends S1 & S2” and right now, I’m enjoying their “Frenemies to Lovers” romance in “Oh! My Sunshine Night”. The trope is unsurprisingly latent, but Ohm & Fluke have turned the tide in their favor. A grumpy violinist falling for a jovial guitarist; Kim & Sun are the quintessential poster kids for a regaling childhood love story. Their chemistry is natural and effortless; given their comfortable camaraderie. Honestly, I don’t think that I will ever get bored with watching this couple and given the broad scale of variant storylines they choose; OhmFluke are definitely Gen Next. While Fluke’s impressive portrayal of Sun’s vulnerabilities will tug at your heartstrings; Ohm levels the ground with his reserved and stoic depiction of Kim’s insecurities. Both have reservations of their own and are finding their way back to each other. A must watch if you are a diehard OhmFluke fan!

Noh Phouluang & Peterpan Thasapon, Oh! My Sunshine Night

If you are watching “Oh! My Sunshine Night”, then you will be surprised by the amount of pinning these two did. Popular as “RainPhayu Nation” (literally, don’t get started on this moniker), Noh Phouluang & Peterpan Thasapon are easily winning hearts because of their beautiful chemistry. Yes, there’s lots of angst, soulful staring and oodles of sensual tension. Payoo is technically a very fragile and shy individual, used to years of servitude (and loads of idiocracy that his Butler Father feeds him on a daily basis). Rain, on the other hand, is the very definition of a gentleman- a dutiful son, loving brother and definitely boyfriend material. As both grapple with their social standing and feelings for each other, the romance lends a delicious edge that is unheard of. Noh & Peter have a refreshing chemistry and the juxtapose in their contrasting characters is definitely an added advantage. Legions of faithful fans have spent ten long weeks praying for this couple to end up together. Noh & Peter delivered on the promise with their staggering hot kisses in the recent episode (my brain cells are still in a kiss induced coma). If you aren’t following this couple online and reading Peter’s hilarious tweets, then you are missing out on the fun. If I haven’t convinced you yet, go watch the YouTube video below for more hijinks!

(P.S- Peter, we would love if you could upload more vlogs with Noh, the “RainPhayu” nation demands it).

Sea Tawinan & Jimmy Jitaraphol, Vice Versa

Jimmy Jitaraphol made his mark playing memorable supporting roles in GMMTV’s FriGay affairs- Bad Buddy Series & Enchanté. His good looks were appreciated and his acting skills were applauded. So, when his new project with rookie actor Sea Tawinan was announced, the news was met with excitement and a pinch of trepidation. The drama premiered on the Saturday band too much fanfare and slowly it has enraptured everyone. The show’s popularity has nothing to do with the bizarre inter-galatic storyline; its fame rests on the delicious chemistry between Sea & Jimmy. Playing the “Pull & Push” game, Talay & Puen/Tun have slowly burrowed their way into our hearts; Talay’s shy cadence pairs well with Tun’s over flirtatious attitude. They are an odd pair and yet their oddities balance out each other. Sea & Jimmy completely embody the finer nuances of their characters and their chemistry is spell binding (as evident from the heart stopping kiss they shared in the recent episode). If you could overlook the theatrics and just concentrate on the main couple, the show will be a worthwhile experience!

Earth Katsamonnat & Santa Pongsapak, My Only 12%

There is chemistry, and then there is comfortable camaraderie; Santa & Earth redefine both. Despite their veritable age gap and demeanor, Santa-Earth make an adorable couple. Both look like school going teenagers; something that works in their favor, since they are portraying textbook characters focusing on teenage angst and heartbreak. I did enjoy watching them in “7 Project”, but two episodes weren’t enough to predict their chemistry. So, My Only 12% is actually a blessing in disguise. The storytelling has enough space and screentime to get us invested into the intricacies surrounding the main couple, Seeiw-Cake and their impeccable romance. In most instances, Seeiw’s behavior might seem childish and bratty. Unlike Seeiw, Cake is mischievous and yet has indefinable patience levels. Childhood “Friends to Lovers” trope should sound cliche; but there is something solemn about watching Seeiw have a breakdown as he slowly comes to terms with his feelings for Cake. Both Santa & Earth play their characters well; Seeiw & Cake share an unspoken intimacy, soft & pliable; they are each other’s comfort zones and maybe even weaknesses. Obviously, this relationship will be tested in the upcoming episodes, but what is love, if not painful?

Noeul Nuttarat & Boss Chaikamon, Love in the Air

A breezy and mature romance written by popular author Mame, from the Me Mind Y campus; seems impossible? When I started with Love in the Air, these connotations played in my mind constantly. Must say, I’m happy to be proved wrong. Adapted from the novels “Love Storm” and “Love Sky” by MAME, the drama landscapes two different romances. The current episodes are playing on the impossible yet endearing love story between the main leads, Rain & Payoo. Boss & Noeul have an enviable dynamic that switches from cute to sensual within micro seconds. They make a handsome couple and their offscreen camaraderie is just as strong (as evident from the innumerable BTS videos which showcase their delectable chemistry). Rain’s playful attitude might seem like a farfetched match to Payoo’s mature & disciplined attitude; but their differences dissolve as they bicker endlessly, like an old married couple. It’s nauseatingly sweet and endearing; you can’t help but smile at their frivolous antics and feel entertained. I’m actually happy that the script isn’t littered with abusive or unwanted NC scenes. Mark this on your watchlist, if you are looking for something light and heartwarming!

First Kanaphan and Khaotung Thanawat, The Eclipse

I really shouldn’t be stereotyping the main leads, but whenever I see them together; my mind automatically switches to uke mode. It might be because both First and Khaotung played ukes in their prior dramas (Not Me Series & Tonhon Chonlantee). I was increasingly apprehensive about this pairing. I failed to understand how they would make it work? Would they have any kind of chemistry at all?

Thankfully, both First and Khaotung blow these unwarranted doubts into smithereens, with their combustible chemistry. It’s fire lit, sensual and slow burn. Although Ayan/Aye has vested interests in transferring to Suppalo, his unusual personality draws attention. He is mysterious, quite manipulative and his actions will leave you confused; frankly his overall personality drives Akk crazy. I wasn’t expecting this level of sensuality, but somehow First & Khaotung make it work in their favor. Their body language screams antagonism and yet their soulful staring says otherwise. Interesting dynamics indeed!

Billy Patchanon & Seng Wichai, War of Y (New Ship)

Billy Patchanon & Seng Wichai are the new “IT” Couple of the Thai BL industry. It could be their satiric pairing in “Secret Crush On You” or their recent outing in “War of Y Series”, Billy & Seng have a sizzling hot chemistry that is alluring and highly arousing. This camaraderie stems from the fact that they are highly comfortable with each other and aren’t afraid of skinship. War of Y is a four part episodic web series that focuses on the crude issues plaguing the BL industry. “New Ship” deals with Pan’s (Seng Wichai) mental breakdown as he struggles with managing his stardom and his failing relationships while handling his conniving manager. The storyline was emotional and jarring, so Nott & Pan’s somber yet unusual love story was a welcome reprieve. Billy & Seng have the kind of chemistry that sets your screen on fire and it’s undulating. If you thought that they were good in “Secret Crush On You”, then their chemistry in “War of Y” is on a whole different level. The intensity of their scenes will leave you breathless and titillating!

Pond Ponlawit & Nike Nitidon, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

I have recently developed a taste for age gap romances. Although this show was on my checklist, I wasn’t expecting a fantabulous script with a brilliant casting. The drama has a theatrical feel; the script is a metaphorical experience and the simmering tension between main leads Pond Ponlawit & Nike Nitidon gives a whole new meaning to “slow burn romance”. Their significant age difference becomes invisible as both In & Wang engage in mind-boggling conversations that are both riveting and philosophical. Add in the fact that the sexual tension between the two is so thick that it could be cut with a knife, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is an empirical drama. You feel their emotions, which are always brimming on the surface, drown in their angst and regale watching their blossoming relationship. Pond & Nike are a class act; their expressions are so honest, naked and vivid, you can’t lose a single moment of their togetherness. Watching this show is like a reverent experience; unless you acknowledge their emotions, you won’t understand the significance!

Yoon Phusanu & Ton Saran, Unforgotten Night

The show ended on a high note and I’m pretty sure fans are already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. When the pilot episode premiered, I wasn’t expecting much from this pairing. But slowly, Yoon & Ton have built a chemistry that was unflappable and intriguing. Working on a tightrope where the base concept involves BDSM play must have been difficult, but Yoon & Ton try their level best to embody the variations in their characters. What makes this pairing commendable? It’s their attitude; while Yoon plays the roles of a ruthless mafia boss and an overprotective lover quite convincingly, Ton balances the act with his defiant nature. Kamol is used to giving orders, something that doesn’t work well with Kim. Though they spend two-thirds of the show arguing, it’s obvious that Kamol & Kim are made for each other. Kim is fraught with insecurities and Kamol slowly turns into his haven. Down the line, Kim softens Kamol’s toughened edges and they make a beautiful couple. Should we petition Gagaoolala for a second season? Or even a different storyline, because Yoon & Ton’s pairing is addictive and the wait will indeed be worthwhile!

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates from the Asian BL World!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources
Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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