My TOP 5 Korean BL series

South Korea is relatively new to the BL scene compared to others. While Japan remains number one in manga/anime production, others have started to catch up. South Korea has released so many manhwas – the Korean term for graphic novels – over the past couple of years that even I am having trouble following them all, and I’m a massive consumer of yaoi. Yet, even with such a large production of yaoi manhwa and novels, I confess I did not expect South Korea to join the BL series bandwagon so soon. After all, South Korea is still very conservative. Then again, society in general is still quite conservative, isn’t it?

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“Takara-kun to Amagi-kun” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

I have always thought the shots used in Japanese BLs are beautiful. I felt the same way about ‘My Beautiful Man’, even the BL anime, “Sasaki to Miyano”. Now, I feel the same way about Takara-kun to Amagi-kun.

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