Most Disappointing BL Dramas- Part III

Disappointment can’t be projected, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to veritable BL content. Though it is impossible to tag each drama/movie, with the amount of shows premiering each quarter, we have tried our level best to square off the choices that left us shaking our heads in regret. In today’s feature, our authors will be talking about dramas whose ratings couldn’t keep up with their promising trailers!

Krishna Naidu’s Choices

Check Out

Check Out was definitely one of the most anticipated shows to premiere in 2022. While the zero episode (that was released two years back) set up the bar too high, the audiences expected a power packed story that would align perfectly with the undeniable chemistry between main leads, Nine (Chahub Marut) & Daonuea (Best Vittawin). In the end, what we got was- a poor storyline with an odd pacing fraught with inconsistencies. While Chahub and Best do try their level best to save the sinking ship, there is only so much that they can do. The storytelling is so focused on the “Cheating & Manipulation” tropes that it slowly becomes stagnant. There is no personal growth or character development; just two lost souls diving into an ocean of uncertainty and forbidden desires. It’s not that Chahub & Best don’t have abundant chemistry; but hoping to sell the show solely on the basis of its sensual content seems foolhardy.


Firstly, this show wasn’t high on my watchlist when its trailer was released. Most of the time, I don’t pay much attention to GMMTV’s “FriGay” shows; simply because most of them are “Hit or Miss” cases. When Enchanté premiered, I was assaulted by an odd sense of satisfaction; because the storytelling seemed refreshing, the cinematography was mesmerizing and the main leads (though fresh faced) seemed to have oodles of chemistry. But things went south as the show turned into a maniacal harem circus. Despite knowing the premise from the onset; Theo’s (Book Kasidet) underhanded attempts to earn Akk’s (Force Jiratchapong) affections seemed too farfetched and nonsensical. I have never been more disappointed in my entire lifetime!

Fish Upon the Sky

Another book adaptation that left me thoroughly disappointed. Author Jittirain’s adaptations mostly have a solid storyline and much better casting (as evident from 2gether The Series and currently on-air Vice Versa Series), but seriously Fish Upon the Sky is a subcategory of its own. Starting from its inconsistent storyline (that was all over the place) to the confusing romance, the show charted unknown territories and drove into neverland. Although, I did enjoy the natural chemistry between Pi (Phuwin Tangsakyuen) and Mork (Pond Naravit); I spend far too much time regretting my decision to watch this show. The story falls flat, there is only so much that Phuwin & Pond can do to save the poor scripted show.

Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!

I expected so many good things from this show and yet it left me squarely dismayed. The initial episodes were riveting; Yanase’s awkward and shy nature was endearing, his fascination with Kaneda (Seto Toshiki) absolutely understandable. But as the show picked up speed, the romance got muddy and confusing. The penultimate episodes seem too rushed; there was no proper development of their relationship and the ending was bizarre. The lack of skinship or intimacy lowered the excitement as I kept wondering where things went wrong. Both actors had abundant chemistry which wasn’t properly utilized. This show could have been so much better and yet the storytelling went awry.

TharnType S1 & S2

There might be some who would definitely question my choice; but Mame’s adaptations have never been my favorite. Maybe it’s got more to do with the nonconsensual theme that are a consistent fixture in her books. TharnType, though, was a real test of my patience; while the prequel grated on my nerves with its strong depiction of abuse, violence and manipulation, the sequel was hinged on misunderstandings and clinginess. Provided that Mew Suppasit & Gulf Kanawut have a hot chemistry; the poorly strung storyline coupled with NC tropes were borderline boring and even MewGulf’s sexy chemistry couldn’t save the day!

Slimfastzombie’s Choices

Check Out

Check Out is one of those BLs where you think you will be getting a well thought out, sexy romance of forbidden love. But instead you find yourself bored out of your mind watching these characters flirt, argue, eventually have sexual relations only to remember why they shouldn’t and in the end you find yourself checking out on episode 8. There wasn’t enough substance to warrant it being that long. Even the claim of showing exclusive content on OnlyFans and the resulting controversy felt a bit spur-of-the-moment decision to get views, so that people would stop talking about it. Skip it!

Star in My Mind

A BL that marks the return of Joong Archen (2Moons2) should have been significantly better than this; we don’t know if he was playing it safe choosing a candy fluff show for his return,but he should have made a better choice. This show is vapid viewing where it plays like a bad manga. Bratty boy Nuea makes a love confession to a jock on the day of end of high school when he is leaving (no other reason than drama) only to find himself back in the same university as college students. Instead of just continuing the love confession and loving him, first comes lies and he acts arrogantly for no reason. This is followed by a reverse harem of much hotter guys who all want the main character, though he’s so rude and bratty I can’t see why. Joong is in the background for most of it, playing a very wooden Seme. The sad part was Nuea had more chemistry with Typhoon who seemed perfect for him but he ends up with Khlabkuen (Joong’s character) and that’s 8 hours of my life I won’t ever get back.


Big budget, big cast, doesn’t always mean big pay off which was the case for this show. It looks beautiful, the college setting is gorgeous and has good music, but the story was never really there. Plus, I don’t see the point of having four possible love interests being the “Secret Admirer” leaving notes in books, just to have it be the man the main spends the most time with in the entire show. I admit I was into it for Fluke Pusit (the artist) but when they did the whole ripping his art scene, I felt nothing for his acting (which was sad cause he was so good in The Shipper). But what killed it for me? There was no chemistry anywhere amongst the cast. It was like GMMTV took their B-team and tossed them in a show with no workshop. I was disappointed cause it could have been so good.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. Till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

2 thoughts on “Most Disappointing BL Dramas- Part III”

  1. Good selection.I want to add The Tales of the Teddy Bear or whatever it was called. It was the series that ended nowhere. Some of the actors were wonderful even though the script was mostly bizarre.


  2. Agree with Check Out and Enchante. Ep 0 of Check Out had raised the expectation so much but all went downhill in the series. The only admirable thing of Enchante is the cinematography.


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