Upcoming Dramas With A Refreshing Outlook

29th July was the “D-Day” of surprising announcements. With “The Eclipse” and “My Only 12%” dropping their pilot episodes tonight; it might not be late to discuss these upcoming dramas that focus on novel themes and fresh tropes. Experimentation seems to be the flavor for this season and these shows promise an original overview coupled with an interesting casting. Without further ado, let’s check out these new updates and discuss their specifics!

About Youth

This trailer for an upcoming Taiwanese BL is probably the most straightforward one I’ve ever seen, in that it looks like every other BL that’s come out in the past few years – scenes of romance between friends, with pretty visuals and attractive leads. While it isn’t particularly mind-blowing, it does look good enough to warrant checking out for its aesthetic appeal. Perhaps the story when it’s revealed will be more impressive than the trailer seems to imply.

Official Trailer-

The Eclipse

I’ll be honest, the final trailer for GMMTV’s Eclipse is not as exciting as the mock trailer released at GMM 2022 was. The mock trailer was dark and carried hints of the supernatural and a plot that was thrilling and mysterious. This trailer is much less so, although this may be because at the time of the trailer’s release the series was only halfway through filming. This trailer carries just a bit of the feeling of the mock trailer, but most of it is Khaotung’s character being flirty at First in various settings and First basically reacting to it, and several tense encounters in various locations. On the bright side, it does hold a lot of promise, all the actors seem to be on top of their games, and I’m especially excited to see Neo Trai play against type in a serious role for a change.

Official Trailer-


I’m very excited about this supernatural BL series, only because it’s the second? Third? In recent times from that genre. The premise of the series seems to be that Tang, the main character, has lost his reflection – and instead sees someone else when he looks into a mirror which is very Vice Versa of him. All he knows is that the person whose reflection he sees is named Neo. The trailer builds up suspense and mystery quite well, with a little bit of an unsettling edge to it, which it maintains even when it cuts to a brief, very BL, falling-in-love montage of sorts. Who is Neo? What’s with Tang’s reflection? What is this talk about a murder? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Official Teaser-

Exclusive Updates-

Wish You Luck

Oh my god a sci-fi BL series. This is one of my favourite genres and I was sold from the very first shot – an asteroid has crashed into the moon and the world seems to be this post-apocalyptic, strangely empty backdrop for the story. The cinematography and the settings all look so fantastic, and the series obviously boasts a high production value. I love that there’s a sky with the remains of the impact in the backdrop of some scenes, it really brings home the surreal setting of the series. I am very excited about this, and I hope that the plot is as good as it promises to be. Also happy to see Tonnam in a main role after his supporting roles in Triage and Cutie Pie.

Official Teaser-

Exclusive Updates-

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

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