Favorite BL Love Confession- Part III

“There is a madness in loving you, a lack of reason that makes it feel so flawless.”— Leo Christopher

Love doesn’t need any solid reasoning; it happens when two souls find each other despite being separated by unfavorable conditions or situations. The BL world is littered with “Love Confessions”; some forbidden, others hearsay. But the true beauty behind the words lies in the emotions they evoke. In today’s feature, we will be talking about the love confessions that are closest to our hearts!

Pat & Pran, Bad Buddy The Series

One of the most solemn yet heartbreaking confessions ever. The entire scene is so beautifully scripted that you can’t help but fall under the spell. Pat & Pran are so used to acting like enemies that this alternate reality seems inconceivable & forbidden. They are unable to reconcile with their own feelings (unrequited love can be truly painful). So, when the dam breaks, Pran goes with the flow while Pran panics. The build up of emotions is so raw and feral that you feel their pain and respond to their fears. It isn’t strange to fall in love with your enemy; their familial situation or friendships don’t allow them the freedom to choose. That is what makes this one of the memorable confessions in a long time, because we know their journey would never be easy!

Nozue & Togawa, Old Fashioned Cupcake

Living a monotonous life without aspirations doesn’t seem weird; but getting proposed when you are 40 does. More so, if the pursuer is your junior male colleague. When 39-year old, Nozue embarks on this journey of discovering new things with his younger subordinate, Togawa; little does he know that it would lead him to love. Although the entire charade is just Togawa’s ploy to spend some quality time with Nozue (outside their office space), it quickly morphs into something more. So, when Togawa breaks down and confesses his feelings for Nozue, the respite is immediate. These two spend so much time dancing around their emotions; that their ensuing reconciliation is sweet and rewarding.

Phab & Maze, Paint With Love

A money-hungry bratty boss coupled with a lazy abstract painter- seems like a recipe for disaster and yet Paint With Love circumnavigates this difficult plot twist to give us a heartwarming confession. With the abundant differences in their personalities, Phab & Maze’s relationship doesn’t make any kind of sense. Until Phab confesses his feelings in a rather painstakingly patient way. Maze is prone to being reserved and though he doesn’t immediately respond in positive to the confession; Phab’s kind gestures and his inherent need to support Maze, does soften the rough edges. These two don’t make a lot of sense apart, but when together, they fit like pieces of a puzzle.

Nut & Taohu, The Miracle of Teddy Bear

Yes, angsty romances are my weakness and you will never find me complaining when two characters have to experience various degrees of torture to get together (because that makes them stronger). Although a fantasy romance,The Miracle of Teddy Bear banks on the impossible love story between Taohu, the teddy bear and his owner, Nut. While the show is littered with various issues like homophobia and parental rebuttal, the plot mainly focuses on Nut’s journey as he reconciles with the people in his life. Nut, by far, is the most complicated character in this universe; simply because he carries a lot of unwanted baggage. So, when he finally accepts his feelings for Taohu, it is a welcome relief. The love confession hinges on their new dynamics and as such, Nut seems more humane & approachable (as against his earlier image of being grumpy and unapproachable).

Dr.Tin & Tol, Triage The Series

This is one of those shows where the main couple have to face a series of convoluted trials & tribulations to find their “Happily Ever After”. Triage is a time altering drama where both characters go through various time loops in an attempt to change their forsaken future. For two-third part, it is Dr. Tin who keeps falling in love with Tol, while trying hard to save his life. Though Tol mostly seems unaffected; Tin’s confession strikes a chord with him. But then the loop rewinds and they are back to square zero. So, Triage has a converging flow of love confessions which happens whenever Tin & Tol enter a new time loop. Frankly, we can just attest to the last scene; where Tin & Tol meet again (at their favorite clock tower) with their memories intact and finally confess their feelings.

White & Sean, Not Me Series

The diehard romantic inside me always yearns for the impossible. So, when Sean wholeheartedly confesses his love for White (who in that moment is acting like Black), the impact is serious; because he does so, without knowing about White’s true identity. And although Sean does have his own doubts; that doesn’t stop him from “taking the leap of faith”, literally & figuratively. Sometimes, you fall in love despite knowing the risk involved; because you trust that person implicitly. When Sean confesses his feelings, he is least bothered about White’s identity and solely focused on the person in front of him.

SlimFastZombie’s Favorites

Tee & Mork, Cause You’re My Boy


Out of all the BLs that exist, I think “Cause You’re My Boy” has the cutest love confessions. There are many throughout the series. Tee and Mork are two teenage boys complete with insecurities and fears that lead to emotional angst and misunderstandings as they go through all the steps of the “Coming Out” phase. Mork doesn’t believe he is good enough for Tee and that self deprecating thought process makes every little or big event involving Tee and his ex far bigger than it should be in his mind. So after his clever “needing to use Tee’s bathroom so he walked across the city for it” plan gets him in his apartment, Tee gives him a shower and Mork is very happy as it is his first time being naked with the boy he’s loved for years. So when Tee takes the call from his ex girlfriend, Mork is devastated. Now bear in mind, before this Tee had confessed his feelings for Mork but it isn’t until Tee explains the full of extent of his mother’s control over him financially that I felt the love confession sink in. Later in the series Mork is hurt by Tee’s mother and while Tee and he are on a break, gets drunk with Mork’s friend who has a crush on him and isn’t sure if they had sex. Side note, I love how the series wrote the characters’ interpersonal relationships and filmed the scenes so you don’t understand the full scope of what happened until Mork confesses to Tee. Tee accepts Mork’s truth and the love confession that follows without judgement or anger. When Mork offers to break up, Tee simply says “go to sleep”. That’s why I adore them; they keep it simple. In their “Our Sky”, Tee and Mork are in college and Mork does the grandest of the love confessions. He has their college marching band perform as he confesses his love to Tee for the final time on television.

Pop & Oat, What The Duck 


There was a time when Thai Boys’ Love dramas didn’t rely so heavily on the Engineering and Medical faculty students. The first and second seasons of “What The Duck” tell the story of Pop and Oat, two blue-collar men with dreams unrealized for different reasons but honestly it’s more a lack of confidence that stops both men from trying to realize their goals. They meet at the same airport where they clean and stock airplanes with on board meals. Pop is a straight lace innocent man with a girlfriend and Oat is a blue collar man with a troubled past. For Oat it’s love at first sight, but he’s a man child so he teases and irks Pop while being fascinated by him. Pop tolerates Oat but isn’t sure why he does that and gives longer than necessary stares that Oat notices but doesn’t comment on. Note, Oat does place a bet that he will have sex with Pop to settle a debt with the men he owes money to. When Pop becomes his friend and shows signs of liking him, Oat becomes more enamored with him to the point, he kisses Pop when Pop is caring for his wounds. Pop is confused by the situation as his girlfriend Mo finally realizes Oat exists and that her boyfriend is falling for him. It becomes clear to everyone around Pop that he has his feelings for Oat before he does. When their actions make Mo furious, Oat comforts Pop and tries to make him laugh, leading to them kissing where both want more but stop, realizing they crossed a line and this is why I think it’s a love confession. They hold hands and take MAXIMUM COMFORT in that touch. They do get together and that’s where we are going to leave it. Season Two did not happen.

Why did Season 2 not happen? It’s because they reset the characters and took away the character growth where the two are now just friends who like each other but do not stay together. The story made no kind of sense. The couple was present in only half of the aired episodes and I hated it.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. Till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!


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