“Even Sun” Series Review (Ep.3 to 6)

The Thai BL Even Sun series has ended. Although it wasn’t a spectacular production, it delivered precisely what I expected a six-episode summer drama to deliver: fluff, fun, sun and surf.

Centered around a hot-headed debt collector with flame-colored hair, Even Sun tells the story of two fated men with essentially the same name. Sun (Prem Warut) is a clumsy creditor assigned to debtor Arthid (Boun Noppanut), a man Sun believes owes his father money. A light romcom with predictable plot twists and admittedly stilted dialogue but surprisingly strong actors ensues.

Even Sun doesn’t take itself seriously, which both plays in its favor and works against it. For a comedy, the light-hearted take on the story proves detrimental to the genre but also takes away from the story as a whole. Even Sun is an ensemble comedy that attempts to tell too many stories in the time frame given. While the show does manage to wrap up most of the couples nicely, it felt rushed and emotionally lacking because of it.

However, I found myself liking it much more than I expected, and that has everything to do with the actors.

As I mentioned in my initial review for Even Sun, what I found myself most impressed with is the acting. Despite the choppy transitions, awkward dialogue, and exhausting push and pull between the characters, the actors pulled this drama together.

It’s easier to see an actor’s talent when they are working with a mediocre script rather than a stellar one. All of the actors involved in Even Sun managed to keep me oddly invested, from Sun and Arthid’s stubborn interactions to Ashing (Lee Long Shi) and Mangkorn’s (Top Nathas) brief but electric love-hate relationship. Through it all, the actors believably present the friendships, tension, and relationships between the debtors and creditors despite the shortcomings. Headliners Boun and Prem also manage to maintain the comfortable, charged chemistry the two are famous for despite their dialogue consisting mainly of Arthid telling Sun to leave while Sun refuses to go.

In truth, watching Even Sun felt like watching actors on vacation rather than a drama, each taking turns doing fun romantic skits amidst lapping waves and white sands. The behind-the-scenes clips at the end add to this feel.

All in all, Even Sun pales in comparison to many of the more profound, currently airing dramas, but it offers a refreshing respite from the angst the other dramas give us. For viewers looking for that escape, Even Sun gives it to them. For viewers looking for a deeper, more emotional story with in-depth production quality and a well-written script with no plot holes, Even Sun falls short.

Fortunately, I was simply looking for and expecting a mini escape with this one. For a jaunt into a tropical paradise with actors many of us know and love, check out Even Sun now on WeTV/Tencent Video.

Rating- 3 out of 5


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