“Gameboy” Series Review (Ep.1 to 13)

“Turn obstacles into opportunities and problems into possibilities.”

Gameboys the Series is one of the best illustrations of this saying. It turns the pandemic into something unique, creative, and realistic at the same time. A series with lots of video calls, chats, Facebook, and Instagram posts. It shows the power of social media and how it helps connect people nowadays, especially during the pandemic. It’s a story of two young boys who found love amidst the pandemic through online games.

I like the dynamics, the way they tackle how the pandemic is affecting the used-to-be ordinary ways of living people, and appreciate little things that we disregard before because it’s normal. But due to this pandemic, what is normal is not normal at all. I like how they connect Cairo’s struggle with coming out to the incident of his father getting infected. It’s flawless.

The way Cai and Gav develop their relationship is a little fast-paced, but it doesn’t make the story any less compelling. Who says finding love online is unreal? Of course, it all depends on you and the other person. The flirting, the sweetness, the struggles, and the happiness that they went through felt natural. The meet up scene was well delivered even with a mask. Adding Pearl, my favourite character in the series and the hidden gem of the story, improved the series mood, and it made me love it even more.

Acting-wise, Elijah Canlas as Cairo seems to be a little awkward, but he becomes cuter and cuter as time goes by. Why are all ukes like that? Kokoy de Santos as Gav, on the other hand, is good, especially with his flirting moves. He’s not telegenic, but his appeal overflows. He’s a natural charmer I guess. Also, his acting is raw and realistic. Adrianna So as Pearl, my baby girl, is the best supporting ex-girlfriend in the world. She makes every scene shine brighter. Thank you for not being the toxic girl character we always have in a BL.

Gameboys has the best coming-out scene so far. As a BL fan, I have watched lots of coming-out or confession scenes about their sexuality but I think this is my favourite. I didn’t expect to cry hard with the mother and son scene.

“I’m sorry, I’m not the son you think I was. I’m sorry I’m gay,” says Cai.

“Cairo, don’t be sorry. You don’t apologize for being who you are,” replies Cai’s mom.

I even mentally took note of his mother’s words. I hope all mothers in the world would be like this. Every young person, gay or straight, deserves this kind of understanding. Their homes and family should be their safe space as they struggle and are confused about their sexuality. I can’t imagine their fear of being discovered and being judged by their own family members. The pain doubles when criticism comes from the ones we love. Perhaps this world would be a better place if all parents had this mindset.

This is the first time I tried a Pinoy BL series. I was a little hesitant to start, to be honest, but thankfully Gameboys made me proud. Yes, Pinoy can also produce a well-thought-out series in this kind of genre. One that is imaginative but based on facts. I will definitely be watching season 2.

Rating- 4 out of 5

Edited by- Gingerjiejie


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