Favorite BL Love Confession- Part II

“If I know what love is, it is because of you” — Herman Hesse

Being in love is probably one of the best feeling in this world; more so when the love is reciprocated. Love Confessions are a consistent pattern in most romantic dramas; some forbidden, others unrequited. A confession is the culmination of a love saga that you have faithfully followed and were invested in. In today’s feature, our authors will be sharing their favorite love confession scenes from the BL world!

Yarnball’s Favorites

The thing is that I think what’s as beautiful as an outright ‘I love you’ is the slow realisation that characters have about their growing attraction, but I can’t deny that I love that one crowning moment, when the music and the drama builds up towards that moment of confession.

Sean and White (Not Me)

Sean’s trust fall and the moment he tells White (as Black, but ssh that’s not important here) that he is one of the reasons he keeps on living, followed by that iconic rooftop kiss. It really hits home that Sean, a character who has been closed off and reticent and jaded about everything is willing to take a chance and put it all in the hands of White. Everything about this scene is quiet and emotional and hits all the right notes

Phupha and Tian (A Tale of Thousand Stars)

So the thing I love about Phupha and Tian is that there are many times over the course of the series where both characters are aware of the feelings they have for each other. It’s also part of the reason for their separation, even though there’s nary an ‘I love you’ in sight. But then in the last episode when they’re reunited against the fantastically stunning backdrop of the sunset hills, Phupha says ‘You are the star that fell to me’ and I tear up just thinking about it.

Haruta and Maki (Ossan’s Love)

After two super emotional entries, I come with the pure unadulterated crack that is Ossan’s Love. Maki’s ‘I know you like big boobs but will a big d*ck do’ is probably one of the funniest confessions in the history of BL, but I can’t get over the joy I felt when Haruta runs away from his own wedding to pretty much scream his confession to Maki over a bridge, complete with a marriage proposal of his own.

Shi De and Shu Yi (We Best Love-No. 1 for You)

I think I’ve mentioned once that this is one of my favourite BL scenes in general. I love these two silly boys and Shu Yi, by far the sillier of the two, shouting his love for Shi De on that bridge, and Shi De quietly melting in the face of it is all sorts of heartwarming.

Khai and Third (Theory of Love)

The part of me that is not filled with rage towards Khai really loves his Love Actually inspired confession. “I watched as many romantic films as I could to find out what true love is… I found you in every one of them”? Please let me hate you in peace, Khai.

PotatoBLChild’s Favorites

Of course, my special mentions section is longer than the rest of the content. Again.

These are in no particular order, plus most of them don’t have any ‘legitimate’ reason to be here, except that I find them cute and precious.

A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021)

Or, more precisely, the two beautiful scenes in Episode 10—the one at the airport and the one on Pha Pun Dao.

I may have mentioned this quite a few times, but forehead kisses can live rent-free in my head all day, every day. Both the scenes mentioned above are fraught with emotion and have some intense unscripted moments. I remember crying when Tian asked if Phupha’d wait for him to return, and the latter said ‘yes’. They highlight EarthMix’s fantastic chemistry and incredible acting skills.

HIStory 3: Trapped (2019)

Shao Fei’s confession to Tang Yi on the hospital rooftop is undoubtedly an all-time favourite of mine. The way he looks so happy after saying it is so natural, as if the world’s weight is finally off his shoulders. The fact that it’s an enemies-to-lovers plot, with Shao Fei agonising over his feelings in the episodes before it, doesn’t hurt either.

My Love Mix-Up (2021)

The entire plot is a confession.

Jokes aside (sorry for the terrible sense of humour), I really love the way Aoki’s love confession in the forest. Ida’s confession at the end of the show, along with the hundred other confessions in the series, make it worth all the rewatches. The scenes with Aoki realising bit-by-bit that he really does have feelings for Ida and the whole tumble-in-the-forest confession scene make everything more adorkable than it already is.

Special Mentions

Shoutout to Not Me (2021-’22) and Bad Buddy (2021) for having such wonderful rooftop confession moments (of course, Bad Buddy does have others, but this one was definitely an anticipated one); and We Best Love (2020) for having their cute confession on top of the bridge.

Airen’s Favorite

Sarawat & Tine- 2gether The Series

“And the one I have feelings for is you, Tine. I like you! I’ve liked you since the second I saw you, just to let you know that even though you didn’t ask me to be your fake date, you would never be a stranger to me. – Sarawat

I may have watched tons of fluffy and sweet love confession scenes in the BL world, but I will forever stick to Sarawat’s confession. 2gether The Series was the first BL series I have watched, and it holds a special place in my heart. Bright and Win did their best to deliver the truest form of confessions that we can get in a series. For me, this scene is very iconic.

“Do you wanna try? Try to get to know each other. You don’t have to like me very much, Just keep your heart open to me.” – Sarawat

The whole scene, starting from emotions, expression, and dialogues, emanates profound affection that tickles my heart the whole time, over and over again.

We will be back next week with the third edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!


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