“Sky In Your Heart” Series Review (Ep.4 to 8)

The first three episodes of Sky in Your Heart play like a disjointed series of random moments as we watch Doctor Fah infatuated with the grumpy volunteer teacher Prince. Much like The Shipper, another GMMTV series, it gives us as much drama as comedy. Serious issues such as contracting malaria or food poisoning happen while we also follow an adult woman acting like a teenager as she runs away from an arranged marriage to a man she has never met.

The big question we ask ourselves is if it all works. Due to the lopsided pacing, the story falls flat as it can’t seem to focus on one situation for long, but rather split between bits and pieces of Fah and Prince bickering and pouting while everyone else around them realise their love connection before they do. Kluen and Daonuea from Star in my Mind also make an appearance in short vignettes that are often random and out of place as the pair have absolutely no connection to the main plot.

There were good moments when I saw myself enjoying the show, but those were far and few between as many subplots got in the way of the main story. For instance, there is the storyline of Yaya, the village chief’s daughter, who is mainly a superficial character but becomes more mature as the plot advances. However, her story is dealt with as superficially as she was in the beginning as the script leaps back to Fah and Prince, and her storyline is soon set aside and forgotten. In fact, this happens way too often throughout the series with many other subplots as well. Too much was packed into just eight episodes, and things I felt were important were just abandoned without any warning.

Mesa giving Fah permission to hit on Prince, for instance, felt very out of place because Mesa had barely spoken to Prince until that point. Even though it was nice to see the acknowledgment of Mesa liking men, I felt the whole scene that led to it should have been better worked on.

It was sort of sweet to see JJ and Mesa, Fah’s best friends, trying their best to help Fah get his life back together. But that was also all they did, and that made them one dimensional characters. Fah himself only takes centre stage after episode three. We learn that Fah is a workaholic who eventually lost his girlfriend to another man because she felt she was not a priority in his life. She then got married, and he got involved in a car accident as he was leaving her wedding due to grief and heavy drinking. This should have put him into a path of personal growth as the penalty for that was to work as a volunteer doctor in a small village, but that wasn’t case. For the first half of the season he finds Prince beguiling to look at and tease but isn’t sure if there is more to it. So instead of working on himself and approaching life differently after hitting rock bottom, Fah still drinks heavily and flirts with Prince jokingly until he feels the weight of Prince’s disapproval. This is what actually motivates him to promise that when he goes back to the big city for his brother’s birthday, he will behave himself. Prince looks unimpressed by the claim, but he also feels attracted to Fah so he lets himself hope. Fah returns to Bangkok – I’m assuming it is Bangkok, as they never say which city he lives in. Fah then goes to a bar and despite his promise to Prince, he gets drunk. He is then approached by a woman who attempts to have sex with him but he rebuffs her advances. In response, she steals his phone and calls Prince just to say she is his girlfriend.

This is one of those moments I wondered how she knew who to call. Seemingly random instances like that, in fact, happen quite often. Like Prince falls sick, and that is a catalyst for Fah to rush back to the mountains. But since Prince is mad about the phone call (from the fake girlfriend), Fah deceives him by acting sick, which infuriates Prince even more.

Another one of those moments was when the chief’s son, Ou, courted Prince. Ou has been hitting on Prince long before Fah arrived at the village, and he is supposed to be competing for Prince’s heart. When Ou notices that two of Prince’s students are fighting, he quickly realises that there are parallels to Fah and Prince’s spat. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that while the adults are talking about the children’s actions by proxy, they may as well be talking about themselves. This motivates a sports day organized by Ou that leads to Fah and Prince making up. And much like his sister Yaya, Ou exits the stage without neither his character nor his plotline developing any further than that.

As the story continues, it is revealed to us that Prince is actually a distant member of the royal family. He and Fah begin to accept their feelings for each other and agree to go on a date. At least it was supposed to be a date, because JJ and Mesa tag along, and the whole thing seems like just friends hanging out. We do get a cute Mesa and JJ moment that ignited the shipper in me. So when they go to sleep cuddling each other, I was happy.

Unfortunately, the show’s inconsistencies go on… When we think we will get more insight on Prince as he and Fah meet his friends, the focus falls on the presence of Sincere, Prince’s ex-lover. Sincere tries to work fast to splitting the couple up, but Fah boldly stands up to him.

With Fah’s volunteer program ending soon – they just seem to forget that Fah was there for probation for drunk driving – the village organizes a party. After that, everyone who eats the raw beef dish gets food poisoning, and Fah and Prince work together to treat the sick in a dramatic moment that wraps up in five minutes. I was disappointed by how fast and shallow the subject was treated. In another random scene, Sincere is having lunch with Prince’s mother when the village chief drops by talking about the food poisoning but saying everything was fine. Then Prince, who had been sick the entire show, was revealed to have malaria. It progressed to the point that he was on the verge of death. Why didn’t he get it treated while visiting his mother? We will never know.

Fah goes out of his mind with worry because there is no way to leave the mountain due to the heavy rain and lack of transportation. He decides to carry the man he loves on his back. Let’s ignore the fact that it takes hours to drive up or down the mountain. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s raining. Or that Fah didn’t even put shoes on Prince’s feet or gave him a jacket. Seriously, this has to be the dumbest rescue mission in a BL. He walks until the pair collapses from exhaustion. It’s hard to feel concern for them at this point because this is literally the dumbest thing ever. Then, out of the blue, Sincere appears again. How does he know where to go? Who knows! He chooses this moment to rescue Prince, but bars Fah from his car because he’s an asshole. This should surprise no one, but to add to the drama, JJ also appears. How JJ knew exactly where Fah was is the million dollar question because it doesn’t make any sense.

While Prince goes to the doctor, Fah chooses to save the people from the village from that same food poisoning that shouldn’t need saving because the chief had assured Sincere that everyone was fine earlier in the episode.

The only thing that kept this show going for me was Fah’s feelings for Prince. So after the food poisoning is finally dealt with, I thought he would rush to Prince’s side. But Sincere asked the Chief not to reveal Prince’s location, and just like that, it put a halt to Fah trying to see Prince. It made no sense to me why Fah just took Sincere’s words as the gospel truth and gave up on seeing Prince so easily. Yet, he did. While Fah is back to working all the time, it is implied that Prince and Sincere dated, but they are not shown together.

Fah meets Sincere on a return trip from dropping medical supplies at the mountain village. Uncharacteristically nice, Sincere reveals that Prince is not happy with him and gives Fah his blessing to pursue Prince. Through a convoluted series of coincidences, Fah finds Prince. The two meet at Prince’s college in a super fluffy and romantic encounter. One would think the story was over once they finally became boyfriends, but not really. Kluen and Daonuea get some extra time. The story ends with Prince and Fah kissing.

This is one of the worst BLs I’ve ever seen, and it saddens me because you can tell the cast and crew loved it. The camera work is amazing. The sets are beautifully created, and the music is perfect. The script, however, was absolutely dreadful. There were so many consistency errors ruining the story that it just killed any enjoyment for me. In the end, I wasn’t even surprised when we never saw some of the characters again; after all, they popped up so randomly. Fah just letting Sincere have Prince was such a clash with his personality. Fah saw the way Sincere was manipulative, so one would think he would not fall prey to the man’s words so easily. Also, all the Kluen/Daonuea scenes could have been left out for the better development of Prince/Fah’s romance or even that of JJ/Mesa’s.

Rating- 2 out 5 stars for being pretty to look at but not much more than that.

Edited by- Gingerjiejie


4 thoughts on ““Sky In Your Heart” Series Review (Ep.4 to 8)”

  1. Entertained by this review of the 2nd half as well- I made it all the way through as despite its many flaws it was beautifully shot and I will stay with my initial feel after your eps 1-3 review: Turn brain off, enjoy how pretty everyone is and the occasional lovely mountain views.
    one time watch 2.5/5— now they threw out a “special episode” and I’m unsure about spending more time on this show.

    Worst of all time list- might be too negative- but would be fun to see everyones picks. My contender would be I am your King 2:)


    1. Hello I’m glad you enjoyed my review and again I said one of the things worst not the worst “What The Duck : Final Call” owns that spot in my mind


  2. lol- I have heard that is epic bad- is it enjoyably bad as I am your king 2 was for me? hmmmmm…..
    Duck Final Call has 5.1 rating on MDL vs 6.3 for King 2- neither going to get any prestigious awards for sure!


    1. No I am your king2 was actually fun til the stupid ending while What the Duck Final Call starts stupid and gets stupider by retconning the main couple to being just friend’s who have a crush on each other after becoming boyfriends in the first season. By the end of it Oat had decided to be alone and Pop becomes a flight attendant and I seriously was heartbroken because I loved the first season up to ep 19. Also they include two side couples that don’t really matter save showcasing every toxic Thai stereotypes from rape to psychosexual romances


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