Upcoming Asian BL Dramas- Part IV

With the end of the KinnPorsche era, avid BL fans are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

As such, we are here with the latest updates and exclusives related to upcoming BL dramas (especially those that premiere in the month of August). The list includes some of the most anticipated shows alongside their trailer release. These shows will definitely face a tough challenge with some of the recently concluded classics (Bad Buddy Series, Not Me Series, Senpai This Can’t Be Love, Old Fashion Cupcake & Minatos Laundromat) developing a niche market that is conducive to experimentation. This is going to be a long-winded road, so buckle up your seatbelts and join us on this wild ride!

War of Y

Copy A Bangkok’s most awaited psychological thriller “War of Y” is all set to premiere on 2th August, 2022. With four different storylines and an amalgamation of popular BL actors, War of Y promises to be a sizzling potboiler of love, lust and betrayal. The show will be focusing on the inner workings of the BL industry while depicting its toxic nature. The fresh trailers for the first three storylines are undoubtedly hot and sensual. Directed by Cheewin Thanamin, scripted by Fluke Teerapat & Tanachot Prapasri; War of Y stars Lay Talay Sanguandikul and Muse Nattawit Pewngam in the lead roles of Phee and Dew. We do get glimpses of Talay’s character in the trailers, but his storyline and possible romance with Muse is still under wraps.

War of Y will be divided into four stories about the struggles within the entertainment industry.

☆ Story 1- New Ship Before the Ship. It wasn’t easy. But this new era is even harder. Starring Billy Patchanon & Seng Wichai (Secret Crush on You).

☆ Story 2 – War of Managers. The story of a shipped couple who are privately a real couple. Managers and drama clash until the couple is forced to separate. Starring Gung Kunpong & Korn Kornnarat and Au Nititorn (Y Destiny).

☆ Story 3 – Y-Idol A reality search for new actors—who can sing, dance, and act—and the chaos of the Idol Camp. Starring Markpoom Phatsanan, Milk Natchanon, Winner Tanatat, Win Jirapat.

☆ Story 4 – Wife When one half of a shipped couple has a wife, will their future in this industry be ruined?

(We still don’t have a trailer for this storyline, stay tuned)

(Source: War of Y Presscon || Translation = MyDramaList)

Official Trailers-

21 Days Theory

Rookie Thailand’s upcoming show “21 Days Theory” is based on a true love story and seems like an angsty romance stemming from friendship. Starring Bever Patsapon (En of Love: TOSSARA, En of Love: Love Mechanics, The Best Story and Love Mechanics) and Tee Khunakorn (The Cupid Coach) in the lead roles of Q & X, 21 Days Theory hinges on the premise of “Secret Crush”. The trailer seems interesting and promises teenage flings & love entanglements. The show is set to premiere on 7th August, 2022.


Have you ever had 21 days to tell someone you love them?

Based on the true story of someone secretly in love

Official Trailer-

Papa & Daddy Season 2

Screenwriter & Director Nancy Chen is back with the second season of popular Taiwanese BL drama “Papa & Daddy Season 2”. The prequel ended on an odd note as Jimmy’s arrival adds more problems to main couple Damian & Jerry’s already turbulent relationship. While Melvin Sia will be reprising his character Damien, Chiu Mu Han will be stepping into the shoes of Mike Lin as Jerry. Yu Jia Lin is joining the cast as Jimmy, while Kai Lin will reprise his role of Kai Kai. The first season was hailed as a pioneer for portraying the issues faced by the LGBTQ community pertaining to surrogacy and adoption rights. In contrast, the second season seems to focus on the family dynamics and the ensuing confusion that Jimmy’s sudden appearance will bring forth. Jozie Lu and Chao Yi Lan will be playing the lesbian couple, Amy & Sa Sa. Papa and Daddy 2 will start streaming on GagaOOLala from 8th August, 2022.


Continuing the story of a 4 year-old boy Kai and his two dads, Damian and Jerry, season 2 starts with an unexpected guest Jimmy, the kid of Damian and his ex. The appearance of Jimmy brings turbulence to Damian and Jerry’s life. Damian still has connections with his ex and takes a lot of care of Jimmy. It starts to make Jerry jealous and worry that Damian might fall for a woman again. In the meantime, he’s facing pressure from his mom wanting him to have his own biological child. On the other hand, Damian is struggling in between taking care of Jimmy and Jerry. How can they solve all the difficulties and maintain their relationship and family?

(Source: GOL Studios)

Official Trailer & Teaser-

My Only 12%

Adapted from the novel “12%” by Afterday (author of Bad Buddy The Series), My Only 12% is one of the most anticipated dramas in the “IQIYI’S Boy’s Love Line-Up for 2022”. Directed by New Siwaj (Love by Chance, Until We Meet Again, 7 Project, Star & Sky Duology), the show stars popular BL actors Earth Katsamonnat a0nd Santa Pongsapak in the lead roles of Seeiw and Cake. Earth-Santa starred together in Studio Wabi Sabi’s ambitious artwork “7 Project” and their chemistry was much appreciated. My Only 12% is based on the fictional probability of falling in love with your desired ones. The recently released trailer promises lots of angst coupled with a painful reconciliation. My Only 12% will premiere on 12th August, 2022 on IQIYI.


12% is the probability that the person we love, loves us back.

Cake and See-ew are close despite their different personalities. Cake goes abroad and when he comes back, he finds out that See-ew has changed. Many people like and approach See-ew and that makes Cake feel jealous. Cake begins to question his feeling for See-ew. Apart from the relationship issue, See-ew also faces a family problem. See-ew’s mom is getting sick and he later finds out that she has cancer as she was exposed to secondhand smoke from her husband. See-ew hold grudges against his dad for that reason. However, Cake is always there beside him and goes through all the obstacles together. See-ew realizes that Cake is more than a half of his life but he is actually his whole life.

(Source: iQiyi)

Official Trailer-

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

It’s raining age gap romances in the BL universe. The recently concluded Japanese BL “Old Fashion Cupcake” and the on-air drama “Minatos Laundromat” have certainly piqued the audience’s interest. The invasive trope is riveting and obviously diverse as compared to the usual school & university set ups. Starring Pond Ponlawit, Nike Nitidon and Mam Kathaleeya in the lead roles of Wang, It and Sasiwimol, the drama will be exploring a new mother-son dynamic when faced with the stark reality of being LGBTQ+. Can a mother be more understanding of her son’s sensuality? Even if she does, will it be easy for her to accept his relationship with a man twice his age?

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us will have its international premieres on 15th August, 2022 on GagaOOLala.


Sasiwimol is an extremely successful director. She has a close, friend-like relationship with her teenage son Wang. What will she do when Wang experiences his first love with Inthawut, her old friend? Love, relationships, understanding, mother and son learning from each other in this era of changeability. A friendship will forever be altered.

(Source: Thai = Miti Art Media Official || Translation = MyDramaList)

Official Trailer-

Takara-kun to Amagi-kun

Adapted from the manga “Takara-kun to Amagi-kun” (高良くんと天城くん) by Hanage no Mai (はなげのまい), Takara-kun to Amagi-kun is set to premiere on MBS on 18th August, 2022. Starring Arata Sato (IMPACTors / Johnny’s Jr) as Takara and Nao Oriyama (Shonen Ninja/Johnny’s Jr) as Amagi, the show banks on the premise of a “Secret Relationship” between the main lead couple. Takara and Taichi are polar opposites and despite belonging to two different worlds, they are drawn to each other. But what will happen when their dissimilarities tear them apart?

Following into the footsteps of its popular predecessors, Fukoukun wa Kiss Surushikanai! and Senpai, Danjite Koi Deha! is going to be a difficult job and comparisons are inevitable. Will Takara-kun to Amagi-kun strike a cord with the audiences and match the fame enjoyed by its predecessors?


Takara Shun, a high school student who belongs to a popular group in the class, and Taichi Amagi, a pure boy who is not a conspicuous type but is liked by people, realize their love for each other. Even though they start dating in secret, it is difficult to be honest.

(Source: Japanese = natalie.mu || Translation = Google Translate)

Love in the Air

We finally have a release date for Mame’s upcoming adaptation “Love in the Air”. Adapted from her novels “Love Storm” (พายุรักโถมใจ) and “Love Sky” (พระพายหมายฟ้า, this show is another duology focusing on two different couples and their individual storylines. Starring Fort Thitipong (Prapai), Peat Wasuthorn (Sky), Boss Chaikamon (Phayu) and Noeul Nuttarat (Rain) in main roles, the story is resplendent of the “Enemies to Lovers” trope (which is a common fixture in most Mame novels). Will Love in the Air live up to the reputation of Me Mindy’s prior adaptations “Tharntype The Series” and “Don’t Say No Series”? Or will this turn out to be a pale imitation of previously recycled analogies? The main leads seem to have a refreshing chemistry, but will that be enough to save this ship from sinking?

Love in the Air is set to premiere on 18th August, 2022.


When clouds in the sky and falling rain tease the two close friends in trouble Rain and Sky, it takes them to meet Phayu and Prapai, who are not only cunning saviours but also guys making storms in the two best friends’ hearts. The war of love is about to take place in the warm spring, hot summer, lonely autumn and cold winter. How would the atmosphere of love be? Which way would their hearts wave and the air full of love take them to?

(Source: memindyofficial on Instagram)

Official Trailer-

About Youth

Adapted from the novel “Secretly” (默默) by Huang Si Mi (黃思蜜) and directed by Tsai Mi Chieh (HIStory1: Stay Away From Me, HIStory2: Crossing the Line, HIStory3: Make Our Days Count, Dear Uranus), About Youth is obviously one of the most anticipated Taiwanese BL in 2022. Starring Chen Jyun, Andy Huang, Li Zhen Hao, and Xu Shou Ting, the show premieres on August 29, 2022 in Bilibili. The drama focuses on two storylines- a high school romance between an egocentric elite student Ye Guang [Li Zhen Hao], who fights in the council elections with a quiet guitarist Xu Qi Zhang [Chen Jyun], alongside Ray [Xu Shou Ting], who after a recent breakup up with his boyfriend meets A Jian [Andy Huang]. Here’s hoping that we have yet another winner in our hands!


Ye Guang is an elite high school student and popular campus idol, while Xu Qi Zhang is a guitar prince who normally has a weak sense of existence but is transformed on the stage. The two boys have different backgrounds and values but when they compete in the election battle for the throne of the student president, it seems there may be more attraction than animosity.

(Source: BLasmu at Facebook, olivestulip at MyDramaList)

Make a Wish

Author Sammon Scene’s novels sell like hot pancakes and so do their adaptations. Following the successful renditions of her popular books “Manner of Death” & “Triage”, her fantasy novel “Make A Wish” will be next adapted into a drama series. Starring Fluke Natouch (Until We Meet Again, Close Friend S1 & S2, Oh! My Sunshine Night), Judo Tantachj (The Miracle of Teddy Bear), Pon Thanapon (The Moment, The Moment Since, Gen Y S1 & S2) and Nike Nitidon (180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us); the show is already in news because of its intriguing casting. As against her medical dramas, which mostly have a serious tone; Make A Wish seems to be light-hearted romance with a comedic flair. The storyline focuses on a doctor who has the ability to see ghosts since childhood. Disturbed by the spirits of his patients, the doctor decides to take a break and find a cure. His attempts to free himself lead him to a deity who resides in a Bodhi tree. The deity earns merits whenever he fulfills a wish. He is left shocked on realizing that the doctor can actually see him and decides to help him find the reason for his ability to communicate with ghosts. Thus begins their chaotic yet romantic journey.

Fluke is already in news because of his currently on-air drama “Oh! My Sunshine Night” and upcoming show “609 Bedtime Story”. Judo Tantachj’s somber portrayal of Tanthan in the melodrama “The Miracle of Teddy Bear” was much appreciated. They do make an intriguing pairing. Also, Pon Thanapon and Nike Nitidon’s pairing seems refreshing. The show will probably premiere next year.


The doctor wants to stop seeing ghosts. Therefore, he goes to make a wish with the chaotic deity.

(Source: Sammon_scene via Twitter)

Wish Me Luck

Adapted from the novel “Wish Me Luck” (สุดที่รักษ์ Wish Me Luck) by Bittersweet, Wish Me Luck introduces the brand new pairing of Fiat Patchata and Na Naphat in the lead roles of Rak & Shine. Both were recently in news; Na Naphat for his portrayal of Tawan in KinnPorsche The Series & Fiat for his depiction of Rit in Triage The Series. The show seems like a forbidden “Boss & Employee” romance. Atleast the concept is new as against the dozens of campus romances that have become the consistent palate in Thai BL industry. The age-gap trope is obvious and the promotion posters released by the production house are riveting. Both are veteran actors and unless the script falters, we surely have a winner in making.


It follows a growing love in a working age and focuses on the advertisement industry.

“Wish Me Luck” is a story about protection. 21 year old student Rak holds the opportunity to enter the advertisement industry. He is led by Shine, chief executive of a large company, and the next leader. Apart from having to help Shine come up with commercials for different products, Rak also has to help his side look for worms of their rivals that lurk inside the heart of the company. Feelings between the boss and his temporary employee also slowly start growing deeper. However, mandatory duties come before the matters of the heart.

(Source: MyDramaList)

Exclusive Update From Sweden

Young Royals Season Two

Netflix Nordic has released the first look images for their upcoming popular teenage romance “Young Royals”. The Swedish series created by Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, and Camilla Holter premiered on July 2021 and charted history with its daring portrayal of gay romance between a Swedish Prince and a commoner. The cast includes Edvin Ryding, Omar Rudberg, Malte Gårdinger, Frida Argento and Nikita Uggla, reprising their roles from Season One. The prequel follows Prince Wilhelm’s journey as he is shipped off to a distant boarding school, after being involved in a scandal. Initially resentful, he slowly warms up to his new friends, especially scholarship student Simon Eriksson (Rudberg). As their friendship slowly morphs into romance, an untoward incident drives a wedge between our sweet couple.

Netflix’s surprise queue of images from Season Two hints at a possible reconciliation between Wilhelm and Simon. Although they are seen together in quite a few images, there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved. Being the heir to the throne, will Wilhelm’s parents ever accept his sexuality? Will they ever get a chance to stand beside each other or will political turmoil tear them apart?

We also have a new character introduction- Marcus, played by Tommy Wättring. Marcus’s parents rent the stables at Hillerska and his role in the sequel is still under wraps. Here’s hoping that Netflix will drop a trailer soon. Fingers crossed!

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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