“Oh! My Sunshine Night” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

A man does not make his own destiny. He only accepts it or denies it.

Oh! My Sunshine Night, also known as Love at 9, tells the story of the Kannakool siblings: Rain and Khim. Rain, played by Noh Phouluang, is a fourth-year student and a Rugby team captain at the university. As the eldest son of one of the top 10 families in the country, he can shoulder all his family’s expectations just to let his brother Khim (Ohm Thitiwat), do what he wants. Khimhant is an introverted third-year student and a cellist, who thinks that there are just a few things that he can call his own despite being the second son of a well-known family. One day, he meets Sun (Fluke Natouch), an optimistic transfer student who loves playing the guitar but was born with heart disease.

Although the storyline for the first two episodes was a bit messy, it intrigued me. It has made me wonder about how Khim will be able to control his own destiny. I am excited to see how the story unfolds, and how the characters entangle with one another. Ohm’s character is as emotionless as the one he played in Until We Meet Again. I hope that in later episodes there will be a character development from Khim so we may be able to see Ohm show his acting talent. Fluke’s character, on the other hand, has no traces of Pharm, his character from Until We Meet Again. He clearly delivers a sunny and feisty Sun. I am now convinced that he is also one of the best Thai actors of his generation.

The plot follows the cliché university genre. However, I am looking forward to more musical scenes as the two lead characters play cellist and guitarist. I am also intrigued by Phayu (Peterpan Thasapon), who is the butler’s son. Does he and Rain at some point become an item? Also, Sun’s character suffers from heart disease, and the first episode shows him having a heart attack, which made me a bit scared. Surely, the story will have heart-breaking scenes, but will it have a sad ending? There are too many questions raised after watching the first 2 episodes of this series.

Oh! My Sunshine Night is a promising series that will surely give us the assignment to think of our own choices in life, the freedom to decide our own path to happiness or let destiny make its way to determine what is ahead of us.

“I was born just because it was destined. Even if I want to go left or right, in the end, there will be a voice controlling me to do anything it says. But once in my life, I want it to stop, and let me control my own destiny. Whether it’s right or wrong,” says Khim.

Life is full of many variables beyond our control. Sometimes, it’s not up to us to decide if the path is easy to walk on, but whether we walk on it or not is entirely up to us. We determine the actions that influence our path.

It’s too early to judge the plot and storyline, but I sincerely look forward to the story becoming more interesting in the coming episodes. Join me as I look more into this series every Monday, at 8:00 pm.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

Edited by- Gingerjiejie


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