“Manner of Death” Series Review (Ep.1 to 14)

I highly appreciate BL series attempting to offer us something new. Although the BL community got used to school romances and love-hate university teen melodrama, I sometimes get tired of it. Now, however, some BL makers are coming out of their comfort zone to produce phenomenal plotlines and bravely face het dramas head-on.

Manner of Death is one of those BLs. Its suspenseful plot with mind-blowing twists and turns makes the story interesting while keeping you emotionally invested in every character. What makes this series extraordinary is the chemistry not just between the lead characters but also between the supporting actors and actresses with their great portrayals of their roles.

It tells the story of Dr Bunnakit, a medical examiner based at a provincial hospital. As he is carrying out an autopsy on the body of his friend Jane, who seemingly hanged herself to death, Dr Bunn rules out suicide as his findings point to homicide. His conclusion makes him the target of someone powerful, and his life is then threatened. When one of his friends who is a prosecutor asked by him to investigate the case suddenly disappears, Dr Bunn decides to conduct his own investigation. The leads point to a man named Tan who was Jane’s rumoured boyfriend. Tan, however, strongly denies being guilty, and he convinces Dr Bunn to team up together to find the real murderer. The more Dr Bunn gets closer to Tan, the more he doubts him, and his heart feels unsettled.

The drama’s eerie vibe gives us an excellent mix of mystery and romance. The whole production and directors are commendable for always giving their all in terms of cinematography and screenplay. The secluded places, forests, and old wooden houses add to the darkness that the story wants to convey. It is also brave to tackle the issue of drugs, human trafficking, sexual abuse, murder, corruption, and abuse of power from the higher-ups – a very sensitive topic in Thailand. Also, the romance between Tan and Dr Bunn was slowly developed but well assimilate into the story. The attraction and uncertainty between them is carried out successfully, but when it comes to Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn, who played Tan and Bunn respectively, that was to be expected. Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn are well-known in the BL industry for playing Korn and Knock in the series Together with Me. The chemistry and sexual tension between the two make them top-tier and powerful. They deserve the title of BL kings given to them by many fans.

The side couple, That and Sorn, is also very promising and balances the bumpy relationship of the main leads with their sweet and genuine relationship. Great Sapol, who plays Inspector M., shows great acting skills as he goes from being a scumbag police officer to a good ally. Janejira and Rung’s characters will stupefy you. You will also doubt every character in the story. The only one trustworthy is ultimately Dr Bunn.

Even though the plot is interesting and well-developed, the medical procedures and terms were inaccurate and left a lot to be desired. The criminal investigation was also poorly led, but for the first BL of its kind, it kicks off to a good start. The good news is that we are finally getting further away from the typical teen drama cliché to a more mature content, and that is a BL series we can praise and recommend with confidence.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

Edited by- Gingerjiejie

One thought on ““Manner of Death” Series Review (Ep.1 to 14)”

  1. May I agree not to agree nor disagree? They should have watch either/or The Great Detective or Reborn before making the series. Top notch concept though the characters in Manner of Death are not tough enough without becoming a violent series.


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