The Light Inside the Darkness

The Thai BL KinnPorsche the series has ended, and with its finale, a bittersweet hole has been left in many viewers’ hearts. From the blurred lines the characters were born from to the blurred lines they grew into, this series exceeded expectations.

And the most beautiful thing about it is how it portrayed the power of light inside the darkness.

From the very beginning of the series, despite the humor, violence, sex, questionable actions, and chaos a mafia story brings to the screen, there has been a thread of humanity that was never lost. And much of that has to do with the gray area the story takes place inside of. All of humanity exists inside the blurred lines between good and evil. There is darkness inside of everyone, and nowhere is this more obvious than in a world where loyalty and love are as strong as distrust and deceit. Where secrets are buried, and nothing is as it seems.

A drama is powerful when it gets people talking, and KinnPorsche got people talking. Every episode started a discussion, whether it be a specific character under fire by the fandom or a plot line viewers attempted to dissect. And it all played out in a mass of trending hashtags that continued to trend even when it wasn’t airing.

And it’s all because we were given a dark drama shining with light.

Every single character in KinnPorsche exists inside the gray area, whether they started inside of it or were later brought into it. Even characters that come across as harmless and warmhearted, such as Arm and Pol, are still tainted by the gray. They are, after all, bodyguards who kill for the Main family. They have blood on their hands. At some point, each character messes up.

I found it both interesting and amusing that every week there was always a character that managed to upset the fandom, whether it was Kinn, Vegas, Porsche, Kim, or even Chay. A character can’t get much cleaner than Chay, yet he still managed to be hated for making bad decisions people felt went against what Porsche wanted for him despite knowing he didn’t choose what happened to him. This shows that the gray area they all exist in leaves no one untouched. None of them are perfect, even the ones who seem like they are.

When you step back and look at the bigger picture that is KinnPorsche, this series’s entire plot centers around love and pain. Around darkness with a hint of redemption. Around relationships that hurt and heal. Time loves Tae, but he also hurts Tae. Porsche loves Chay, but he also hurts Chay. Kinn Loves Porsche, but he also hurts Porsche. Kim loves Chay, but he also hurts Chay. Vegas loves Pete, but he also hurts Pete. Pete loves Vegas, but he also hurts Vegas. The cycle continues in a never-ending circle. Everyone in this drama loves someone or something but also manages to hurt them in one way, shape, or form.

No one is entirely trustworthy.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the moment when Porsche hands Pete over to Vegas in exchange for Vegas’ help. As much as Porsche loves Pete, his priority is his family and the truth. It has been Porsche’s endgame since the beginning. Viewers love him because of his loyalty to his brother and his parents, but no one honestly asks themselves what loyalty and love can lead people to do. No one realized until that moment that what makes a character great can make him as much an anti-hero as a hero.

KinnPorsche is full of anti-heroes. It is full of characters with good intentions who would do anything for their families but who step beyond the bounds of right and wrong to do so. And it does it using superb cinematography, soul-rending music, and artistically shot sex scenes and action sequences.

Skin speaks inside KinnPorsche, and it does so with the same light-tinged darkness that touches everything in this series.

I wrote a previous piece about the way sex is used to convey unspoken conversation and emotions inside KinnPorsche. Every love scene is meant to be sexy, but each is also meant to tell an intimate story bonding the couples and forming alliances inside a gray world. And none of them are unnecessary.

In particular, there was a lot of talk about the pool scene between Kinn and Porsche in episode 13. Fans were divided. Some praised it, and others felt let down by it. Some felt the intensity of the episode it takes place in dampened the excitement behind the sex, but in truth, it was carefully placed to fit the narrative. Not only was it the perfect follow-up to the emotional moment shared between Kinn and Porsche at the cemetery, it brought the episode down from the VegasPete high and led up to the heartbreaking choice Porsche makes in leaving.

Each week, there was always a character or scene many felt the need to tear down, and while that could be frustrating for some, it is this need to break something down that makes KinnPorsche the dramatic masterpiece it is. What makes KinnPorsche great is that NONE of the characters are perfect and that the gray situation they’re all in is dragging them down. Every character is a literal train wreck waiting to happen, and viewers sit at the train station waiting to see which character derails before the end. There isn’t a single character that can be fully defended or fully torn to pieces.

There isn’t a single character that isn’t flawed, but all of them contain a spark of light.

And that’s the mark I felt this show was meant to make. No matter how dark something seems, there is always light inside that darkness. There is always a spark of humanity. Even villains are human. Even the villains have a shot at redemption, whether they choose that path or not. The world is a big place full of flawed people who walk through life affected by or affecting those they come in contact with. The world is full of smiles people wear, human masks that hide much deeper thoughts and intentions. The world is full of people who talk about other people, who spend each day trying to break down the people they know into people they think they relate to but probably don’t in the grand scheme of things. The world is full of people who say they’re open-minded, caring, and forgiving but often say or do something to disprove that.

The world is full of people like Porsche who hand others over in the name of family. The world is full of people like Vegas who lash out at others because they’ve been hurt by someone else. The world is full of people like Kinn who hide a soft heart behind a mask of indifference. The world is full of people like Pete with bright personalities hiding a darkness they don’t know how to channel. The world is full of people like Chay, who wants to be what everyone else wants them to be but somehow manages to fall just short of being that. The world is full of people like Tankhun with empathetic personalities who hide their phobias behind expressive actions.

The world is full of people with hearts, minds, and actions that mimic the darkest and lightest characters in KinnPorsche.

And that’s why we found ourselves questioning them every week, defending, challenging, and accusing them. Because, in reality, we also question ourselves.

And that’s KinnPorsche’s power.

Dramas that get people talking are the ones people remember, and none of us will forget KinnPorsche anytime soon. We’ll be waiting with bated breaths for the next season and searching as we did this season for the light we hope we find inside each dark character. And I hope that includes more of each couple’s story and a deeper look into some of the characters that didn’t get explored in season one, such as Time, Tae, and Tem.

I hope that includes more love confessions and apologies. Because in KinnPorsche there were a lot of “I’m Sorry’s.” And nothing defines light inside darkness like “I’m sorry.” The characters’ darkness in this series often centered around their actions. Their “I’m sorry’s” were the light inside of that.

For a drama hiding its light inside complicated, gray characters, check out KinnPorsche on iQiyi.

6 thoughts on “The Light Inside the Darkness”

  1. Thank you so much for your insightful reviews on KinnPorsche. I am so happy I found your blog and have looked forward to reading your thoughts after each episode. KinnPorsche is a masterpiece and as you write, no one character was pure light or dark. The complexities of the characters was addictive.

    All the actors and everyone involved in the production should be very proud of the art they have created. With all the social media buzz and behind the scenes footage, the viewers really felt not only invested in the characters, but the actors as well. I have to admit I found it extremely bittersweet seeing Apo, Bible and Jeff without Mile, Build and Barcode at the final showing.

    I will keep hope that there may be a season 2 coming at some point in the future, as long as it is with the existing cast. The talent, dedication and blood, sweat and tears they invested in the portrayal of their characters was amazing to witness.

    Thanks again. 🙂 Not having new episodes of KinnPorsche to devour each week will definitely leave a void but I know I will re-watch it and once again be drawn into the mafia world of love, pain, betrayal and trust.

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    1. It feels empty knowing we aren’t receiving a new episode weekly, but I look forward to what they plan to bring us next. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for sharing your thoughts as well. I hope Mile and Barcode are continuing to recover and that Build returns rested and full of smiles.

      These characters and the actors behind them have certainly brought a lot of color to our lives and given us a lot to think about the last few months. Lots of love, hugs, and many rewatches your way. 😘 🫂

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  2. This series is provoking extreme reactions: either the watchers are in awe, like you, finding it brilliant and extraordinary or they are putting it down saying it is soft porn with no story. I have yet to find a balanced review. I haven’t seen it yet but these rave, adoring reviews make me stall…Great writing as usual!

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    1. I truly think it’s about perspective and the individual viewers watching, especially when it comes to the storytelling aspect. It’s exactly as it’s billed to be and doesn’t try to be anything else, a mafia story full of gray characters, violence, and questionable choices, so the rating and trigger warnings at the beginning of each episode certainly applies. In the grand scheme of things, there isn’t as much sex in the series (maybe 3 full scenes in total and some implied) as there may seem to be based on reviews. I think those are the scenes that tend to get talked about the most. But also I think it depends on where a viewers lives. I’m in the West, and the sex and violence pales in comparison to what’s found on TV here in this genre, but is a lot more inclusive having gay characters leading. I think the balanced reviews are hard to find because it is certainly one of those dramas that tends to trend in two extreme directions because of the kind of story it is. People love it or leave it, but I hope they give it a shot as long as they are mindful of the warnings and ratings. The production quality is higher than most BLs, so there was certainly no budget issue. I hope that helps. Hugs and love. ❤️


  3. Beautiful review !
    I’m grateful because it’s thanks to your website that I first heard about KinnPorsche the series. It’s been a while since I’ve been this invested in a show. I love the dynamics of the characters, it definitely was a rollercoaster. The chemistry between the actors was top notch, we can feel there was a lot of trust involved. From the cinematography, to the soundtrack and the acting, they did an awesome job. I imagine how hard it could be to adapt a novel, stay faithful to it and bring the characters and the story to life. In the interviews they often talked about how they wanted to bring happiness and they definitely reached their goal. Can’t wait to see what’s more the team will bring.


  4. Thank you for such a thoughtful review. While Kinn and Porsche are the main couple, the pairing I cannot get out of my head is Vegas and Pete. Many people carry a great deal of pain, decades worth, inside of them. Pete and Vegas show two opposing ways people often deal with their pain. They can externalization it and hurt those around them, like Vegas, or they can hold it all inside like a cancer consuming them from within while the world only sees smiles and positivity. What drew me to Vegas and Pete is they discovered in each other the one person who could be fully present to the pain consuming them and not turn away unable to handle such deep pain, despair, and self-loathing. The ability of each to carry and release the other’s deepest suffering was where they could offer each other true glimmers of healing and relief from this crushing burden. Somehow, the writers were able to chart this path is hope for the two most damaged human-beings in the series in just a few short episodes. once the Vegas/Pete arc began, I didn’t care about Kinn and and Porsche as much. It was Vegas and Pete who blew the doors off the series for me. Kudos to Build for a truly amazing performance. He was a very generous acting partner with Bible and helped that rookie actor turn in some stellar work in the scenes they shared. I hope Build will get offered some meaty roles that let his range as an actor shine. I will be watching this series multiple times, I am sure.

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