“Love in Spring” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 6)

It will probably take more than a few episodes for me to form a first impression for Love in Spring, because after 6 episodes, I can confidently say I still have no idea what I feel about this.

Speaking of the plot thus far, Salbyul (Kim Song), going by the alias Choi Hye Seong, is an escaped helper, who gets saved by his soon-to-be (fake) father, and has to pass off as a woman in order to hide from his ex-employer (ex-lover too perhaps? They have not provided a lot of context into their relationship as of yet). His new family then marry him off to Jin Geum Seong (Yoo Young Jae), both to settle the latter’s debt and to give Hye Song a chance to hide amongst the married women in Geum Seong’s village.

There are a lot of shenanigans in the first few episodes, including their tussle with two perverts who pry on the women (and Hye Song) in the hot springs, and Hye Song using his painting skills to market a brand of Hanbok that sell like hotcakes. Behind all this is a larger plot of assassins (possibly?), martial arts (probably?) and love of course (even though they are taking it painstakingly slow).

If I had to sum it up in one word- it would be ‘awkward’. Now, I don’t know whether the awkwardness is because the actors are not comfortable with their roles and with each other as of yet, or whether their roles demand it. They are supposed to be newlyweds after all, and there is a certain awkwardness that stems from that which is endearing as much as it is frustrating, because I want the pace to pick up.

Hye Song and Geum Seong are together a bundle of nerves, confusion, and awkward pauses, but it is precisely their lack of suave that give their relationship a freshness in line of the title. The supporting characters are just that, characters whose only purpose is to support the main duo and their relationship. There really isn’t much to say about than, other than they are moderately interesting and play their part in helping push Hye Song and Geum Seong to develop their budding feelings for one another.

So far, this does not seem to be a show that one needs too much energy to invest in, but may well be worth the watch.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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