“Ingredients” Series Review (Ep.1 to 21)

After watching a good series, it’s always a hassle for me to decide about what to watch next. It’s not easy to find a comparable drama, let alone one that surpasses the previous one.

To be honest, I was skeptical about watching Ingredients not just because it is underrated but since mini-series aren’t my cup of tea. As KinnPorsche is on the hype and Jeff Satur is one of the rising names right now, I gave it a try. I didn’t expect much out of it. Since it was just 6-18mins long, it won’t hurt to spare some time.

After I finished the first episode, I proceeded to the next one, and another one, until the finale, without skipping in between. For 4 hours, I found myself engrossed and attached to this series and regretted that I underestimated it at first. It was like finding a gem in the midst of charcoal and realizing that my standard for a good series was very trivial. I should never judge a movie or a series based on how it was rated.

It is a story of two college students living as roommates as they pursue their dreams. Marwin (Jeff Satur) is an aspiring musician and Tops (Gameplay Garnphapon) is a Food Science student who wants to be a chef. The series showcases their ordinary day-to-day life; Tops cooks, and Win plays guitar. It only highlights their camaraderie and sweet interactions as their relationship slowly but naturally transforms from being friends to lovers.

Ingredients don’t have a heavy plot or complicated storyline. It is also not a big-budget project. In the first five episodes, only Jeff and Gameplay were on the screen. The setting was always around the house since it was aired during the pandemic, making it look like a sitcom. Nonetheless, it conveys softness, warmth, and simplicity.

Jeff and Gameplay were first cast in the BL horror mini-series ‘He She it’ sometime around in 2019. Their bond and connection were established from then. Acting-wise, they effortlessly execute their respective roles and are now familiar with each other. Their sweetness doesn’t make you cringe; it is heart-fluttering and their chemistry is very natural. It wasn’t awkward to watch.

I like the way the series showcases Jeff’s singing talent, and I find Gameplay’s squinting eyes and timid smile mesmerizing. I also found the series to be very informative. Since it was aired during the Covid-19 pandemic, the emphasis on personal hygiene such as the importance of hand washing was highlighted throughout the series and they encourage the viewers to do the same.

Surprisingly, I found myself crying in ep. 10 and fell in love together with them in ep. 18 & 19 onto the finale. The ending was very realistic and reasonable; it’s like giving us an indication that our dreams and heart can be synchronized. We don’t need to choose whether to love or pursue our dreams. We can do both. Two people who love each other can go separate ways but meet halfway and cheer for one another as they chase after their dreams.

“Chase after your dreams, but don’t leave people you love behind. What good does it serve if in the end you will be successful but you have no one else left.” – Tops

Ingredients may not outweigh those BL series with a heavy and strong storyline, but it makes you feel relaxed and safe. It’s a comfort series with food, music, dreams, and love; altogether that can be watched with your family and friends. The story flow starts as light, but as the series unfolds, it leaves a pinch and warms the heart.

Home…It feels like home!

Rating- 4 out of 5


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