Favourite BL Characters I Relate To- Part II

There are times when we relate to a character’s journey; we correlate with the incidents in their life.

We draw strength from their experiences and inevitably feel connected to them. They have unique traits that instantly draw our attention and we empathize with them. In today’s feature, our authors will be sharing the BL characters they relate to most!

Yarnballs’s Favorites

This was a tough list to put together because I rarely think about whether I relate to a character in general or if the character is just generally relatable to all viewers. While I can’t say that there’s been a character I’ve 100% related to, there are some BL characters who have certain aspects of their personalities that have resonated with me in one way or another.

Tian, from A Tale of A Thousand Stars

This has absolutely nothing to do with my love for this series and the character in general, but part of why that love exists. Tian’s story of how he chose a life completely different from everything he has ever known, and how that experience helped him to recognise his own privilege just resonates a lot with me, as do his early struggles as a teacher trying to find ways to connect with his students. And even later, when he tries to find solutions to the problems the villagers of Pha Pun Dao are facing – solutions that, again, are so based in his privileged lifestyle – it’s easy to find parts of Tian’s naïve idealism in all of us.

Third, from Theory of Love

It’s actually pretty embarrassing to admit but Theory of Love was difficult for me because it hit very close to home. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had a Khai in their life, this one friend who you know is probably bad for you and yet you can’t get away from. I felt connected to Third throughout Theory of Love, I felt every bit of the heartbreaks he felt when Khai took him for granted or failed to understand him, and I understood when, despite all logic dictating the contrary, he ultimately forgave him.

Shen Qingqiu, from Scum Villain’s Self Saving System

I relate to Shen Qinqiu (SQQ) for the way he is constantly criticising the ridiculous things he sees in the word around him – after he’s transmigrated into a xianxia novel – because I can’t deny that I often have an inner SQQ making those snippy comments and sarcastic remarks that would be extremely inappropriate to say out loud. The fact that he can be a calm, even cold shizun to his disciples on the outside while being a mess of nerves on the inside is peak relatable.

Airen Lee’s Favorites

It’s human nature to like something that is far beyond our strength. Something that is the exact opposite of ours. We always like something that we don’t have.

This BL character is not just someone I can relate to, but he is also someone that I want to be (re: personality and beliefs) and look up to. The traits that he has is something that I want to learn from and want for myself.

Wei Wuxian/Wei Ying of The Untamed/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Wei Ying is cheerful and mischievous, doesn’t care about rules, has a carefree attitude that a serious and shy person like me doesn’t have. So I tend to enthrall myself with someone who has this kind of trait. He also cares deeply for those he loves and possesses a self-sacrificing spirit. He is also someone who has a strong sense of justice but is sometimes capable of ruthlessness while protecting the innocent.

But despite those good characteristics, he often felt that the world has no place for him. This feeling is very familiar to me. Maybe because no matter how good you are or how decent you are, no one, as in literally no one, can reach the standard of righteousness. Everyone falls short in this hypocritical world’s moralities.

For me, Wei Ying’s character is well-written, well-delivered, and well portrayed. In the contrast between good or evil, his character is something very relatable.

“How can you tell among them who’s just and who’s evil? Who’s black and who’s white?” – Wei Ying

This question raised by Wei Ying struck me deeply in my heart, it is something that I will bring with me for my whole life. How can I judge somebody or myself? How can I say if I or this person is good or evil? A hero or villain? Wei Ying opened my eyes to the fact we shouldn’t judge people based on how good or how bad they are (Same for myself). Sometimes, people push us into the corner and there is no other way for them to know what is ahead of them, whatever the result might be. But of course, they have to face the consequences.

I thank Zewu Jun for answering Wei Ying’s question and have reflected on this for me.

“When you are looking at someone, you cannot deem their qualities by looking at what is right and wrong or black and white. What matters is what their heart believes in” – Zewu Jun

So there, Wei Wuxian is my favorite BL character that I can relate to and look up to!

MychelleLove’s Favorites

There are so many BL characters that I could connect with, as I have gone through similar situations in my life – the uncertainty, anxiety, feeling different, also feeling confident in who you are and not caring about what others think. I have been on both sides in my lifetime.

Wayo, 2 moons and 2 moons 2

Shy and suffering from unrequited love- never thinking that you could actually be with the person you like. Wayo had loved P’Pha from afar for so long, so finally, when they were reunited after a long time, Wayo hoped things would, maybe, go further. Once all is said and done, Wayo is happy and shocked by the realization that his feelings were never unrequited. I can relate to this, as the story of my first love was similar; I thought it was a one sided love, so realizing he loved me back is one of the best memories in my life!

Third, Theory of Love

Loving your best friend and being too shy and fearful to let them know for the fear of losing that person. Once the truth is out and the one you love tries to prove they love you and you act indifferent to them. I fell in love with my best friend and hid the feelings. Once it was out in the open, I felt like my feelings didn’t matter at all. My heart was broken, and I tried to move on, only to find my best friend finally realized they felt the same way about me. When I watch this BL, I cry for Third and then I feel angry on his behalf as I know exactly how he was feeling.

Tutor, Why R U The Series

I can relate to Tutor as it can be confusing when you really dislike someone and you feel like they have it out for you. But then you come to realize it is because they have feelings for you and are fighting an inner battle; but once they come to terms with their feelings, they confess and you can no longer resist the attraction. The more time you spend with them, the more you see that they aren’t as bad as you thought.

Ming, 2moons & 2moons2

Liking someone and pursuing that person, then finding out the person might not feel the same way as you and then realizing that they might be with someone else. Painful, heartbreaking. I could relate to Ming’s feelings very well. I loved someone and thought they were with someone else. I finally found out it was not true. All the misunderstandings that followed were due to my inability to not accept their feelings.

Within the LBGTQ community, there are some mixed feelings – some are scared of loving a person of the same sex and when these feelings are not returned, it can be devastating to one’s heart. It can make you question your feelings. I have been through all these situations above and I have become a stronger person through this pain. I have not always wanted people to know I was bi-sexual and I understand the need for keeping it a secret. But I finally decided I did not want to hide behind a mask anymore. Watching BLs has made me realize that I am worthy of giving and receiving love.

So be yourself and love yourself! If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else – Thank you RuPaul for this quote that has made me learn to love myself first!

We will be back next week with the third edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!

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