“My Secret Love The Series” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 3)

Supposedly, the only reason to start this show was Earth Teerapat (Yes, I’m an unapologetically certified Earthling and I’m quite proud about it).

“First Impressions” can be rather dissuading; I went into this show with zero expectations. I had my own doubts and although Earth’s presence was enough to rouse my excitement levels; I have always been apprehensive of dramas with multiple couple’s settings. My Secret Love The Series has a ginormous casting with four couples along with an eccentric medley of BL shippers (ranging from mildly mellow to aggressively reductant) and yet the show manages to grab your attention. Obviously, it doesn’t happen until the second or third episode; but once you get invested in the main character’s lives, there is no going back. This show has an odd synergy, which will inevitably remind you of “My Secret Crush On You”; the satiric comedy is resplendent of old-school BL cliches. My Secret Love The Series is the drama you watch on the weekend to unwind from your weekly stressful life. It’s harmlessly hilarious and the cast’s colorful banter plays a major role in uplifting your spirits. Mark my words, the show does have its disadvantages, but if you can steer past them; then it would be an enjoyable experience!

The Main Couple & Their Obnoxious Chemistry

Kimhan (Earth Teerapat) and Mek (Fluk Chatchawan) are indeed a rare breed couple; they are obnoxiously loud, arrogant in their own ways and totally audacious. And despite their abundant differences, they somehow fit together like the pieces of the same puzzle (which makes no kind of sense). Their contrasting personalities often lead to major disagreements and their arguments are top-notch comic fodder. I mean you can’t stop laughing while these two endlessly banter and bicker like an old married couple, on the verge of seeking a divorce. While Earth seamlessly blends with his character role and portrays a strict, disciplined personality; Fluk’s rendition of Mek is not an easy affair. While watching the pilot episode, I couldn’t stop myself from comparing Earth’s chemistry with both of his co-stars (Benjamin Brasier, 2moons2 and Fluk). Fluk’s performance falters for a bit in the first episode and I found it disappointing (guess it was because I spend far too much time comparing his rookie act to Ben’s seasoned depiction). But by the second episode, Fluk reins in control and his delivery is on par with Earth’s. They look charming together and it’s pretty obvious that Mek is slowly falling for his “Enemy aka Neighbor”; while Kimhan seems completely oblivious to his feelings. Their romance also highlights the fraudulent practices in the BL industry as KimMek are forced to play the role of “The On-Campus BL Couple”. Frankly, their love story won’t kick-start if we didn’t have this angle; so it is understandable (still, I absolutely condemn the way the Chancellor literally pushes them into a fake relationship). And although KimMek fight like their life depends on it; the long soulful staring and yearning gazes are a testament of their growing affections. At least, that seems to be true for Mek; Kimhan is still a case study in progress.

I Love, Love, Love The Side Couples

Finally, the BL Gods have blessed us with a show where the side couples are as interesting as the main. Starting with Tim (Boat Yongyut) the popular On-Campus star and Mai (HP Kenji) who plays his dutiful manager/best friend, My Secret Love The Series manages to weave their love stories with the main couple’s romance without overriding their importance. So, you do feel delighted while watching Tim shamelessly flirt with Mai, (who is very cautious about his feelings); and still you can’t help but ship Tim with Kimhan when he suddenly develops an interest in the Student’s Council President. The possibility for a love quandrangle is quite strong, with both Mai and Mek pinning after their oblivious love interests. The angst would be unbelievably painful and yet I’m living for it. I’m also hugely invested in Park (Bew Sitthikarn) and Lee’s (Daniel Cheng) romance. Seven years is a long time to maintain a secret relationship and yet they seem like a newlywed couple. They do have their differences, given Lee’s dominant personality; but clearly Park knows when to bow down and how to pacify his angry boyfriend. Both Bew-Daniel have a beautiful chemistry and they lit up the screen with their adorable antics. They are definitely my second favorite couple in this series. The third couple is still in the beginning stage of their romance; with Bomb (Yut Kritsadayut) acting the part of an enamored fan. His subtle attempts to draw Bears’s (Porchaow) attention and to make his presence known are endearing. Unlike most fans, Bomb isn’t stalkerish and is content with working in the shadows while helping his favorite idol. I’m still not completely sold on their chemistry (yet), since Bear is oblivious to Bomb’s affections. The fact that Bear is ready to date one of his avid fans seems like a promising start to their journey.

First Impressions

After an unprecedented delay of almost two years, cast and name changes (the show was previously named Secret Admirer The Series), My Secret Love The Series premiered to mixed reactions. I had a chat with author Jamie about the same and she admitted that the script is a lot different from the book version. The production team consulted with her before they made any changes to the script. They needed the story to be more up-to-date since Jamie wrote the novel in 2018. The name change of the series was also approved by her.

I read quite a few comments on MyDramaList about this show. Although there are some that found the storyline to be inconsistent or cliche; I’m actually impressed with the satirical comedy. It’s nothing new, but you got to admit, the buffoonery is hilarious and the banter is lively. Especially Earth! I didn’t know he had such a good comic timing (Yes, I’m talking about that scene where he literally performs a dance number because of ant bites; you can’t fault Tim for imagining the same). I also love Kimhan’s endearing relationship with his sister, Kiw (Prae Phimaraya). Despite his overbearing personality, it’s obvious that Kimhan adores Kiw; to the point that he even allows her to ship him with his archenemy, Mek. I do have major issues with the Chancellor, though. Granted, she has a colorful personality; you can’t help but laugh at her hysterics and yet her consistent efforts to force KimMek into a farce are disturbing. The major loophole being that Kimhan gets punished for something that isn’t even his fault. But it all boils down to the fact that the “KimMek” ship won’t sail without her audacious schemes; so there’s that.

In short, watch “My Secret Love The Series”, if you are looking for a jovial parody to brighten your mood on the weekend. It will make you laugh, cry, and cringe; but it’s definitely entertaining!

Rating- 3.8 out of 5


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