Hidden Light

As a BL fan, what makes us think that a certain BL series is successful?

The fact that it has actors with a large fan base?
Or an interesting and believable plot?
Or charming characters with good sets and alluring camera shots?

Well, these are the given factors for a series to make an impact on the audiences. As for me, what makes me interested in a series is when the side couple catches my attention. Aside from loving the main characters/leads and adoring their love story as well as following them on their journey to “Happy Ending” is somewhat common. Falling for the second lead couple is a very substantial aspect for me when watching a series, be it BL or heterosexual content. Having a great second lead couple with a good storyline is one of the components that further makes the BL series even more intriguing. The side couple with their own captivating story, add value and spice to the storyline; which is literally a treat for the audiences. Having a good supporting cast with makes the show more lovable and exquisite.

In KinnPorsche, the show which has become a game-changer and has elevated my standard for a good quality BL series. The social media is a buzz with excitement and the drama is trending not just in Thailand but also worldwide. However, what caught my attention? Of course, it’s the second lead couple, Vegas and Pete. Yes, we also have Kim and Porchay and the love trio of Time, Tay, and Tem, but I want to focus first on Vegas & Pete’s love-hate story. The hype for Vegas Pete is mostly from those who have read the novel and are aware of how the two of them ended up together.

As much as I love Kinn and Porsche’s story, Vegas and Pete surely deserve the spotlight as well. And I understand the sentiments and frustration of avid fans that are eagerly craving for some Bible-Build screentime. I want to commend these two for bringing Vegas and Pete to life, especially Bible Sumettikul. The only red flag I will raise. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t encourage or support nor want to normalize physical abuse as a form of love; but I don’t think that the author of KinnPorsche wrote Vegas and Pete as characters that bend our beliefs or revise the definition of love. But I applaud their mindset for bringing the darkness of BSDM (Bondage, Sadism, Dominance, and Masochism) to light. How they drive a good narrative and convey awareness of this kind of relationship. It may not be good at first, but the transition and the development of their love story is a kind of sweet fruit that ripens on the tree. It can be forced to ripen on its own in a basket.

Every one of us has our own dark side and light side. Good and bad traits. As humans, we are not entirely good, nor are we born to be bad. We all have grey sides that may be inflicted by the bad experiences we endured while growing up. Just like Vegas’ character in the series.

Pain- Vegas feels gratification by inflicting pain on others. And we saw a glimpse of this side in Episode 7. We saw how much pleasure he feels when someone begs, shouts, and cries from pain. It makes his heart beat fast, he feels ecstatic and delighted. That’s the dark side of Vegas that is visible to us. His upbringing will always be associated with pain, that’s why he became someone who is the symbolizes pain himself. It’s a natural thing for him and he will always be associated with it, since his Father has always used pain to make him submit and do whatever his father wants. As a result, he also uses pain on others to get what he wants. His father has trained him well. Good job Khun Kan! You may go to hell for all I care.

But Vegas is like a lost child who doesn’t know what care means. Someone who doesn’t know the real meaning of comfort and safety. Let alone the real meaning of love. He doesn’t know any of that; he is just someone who knows what pain means and uses it to his advantage. Pain is a necessity for him. And let me cry for him because of that.

On the other hand, Pete is someone who is always smiling, is simple-minded and has a childlike character. A good person, a best friend, a competent leader, and an even better subordinate. He may not have his parents, but his grandparents have showered him with love and affection. These characteristics of Pete are clearly visible to all. But little do we know (he is also not aware of this) that behind his carefree nature, he is someone who tends to derive pleasure and enjoyment from pain. A person who is addicted to it, but unaware until he experiences it in Vegas’ hands.

I don’t know if there is a back story of why Pete has this kind of behavior, but I am sure that he did not meet the clinical criteria that make him have a paraphilic disorder that needs medical attention. He is just a little charmed by pain. Or maybe because it is Vegas who causes him pain.

“If Vegas is a symbol of pain, then I am someone who is addicted to suffering.

The more I run away, the more I missed you. The more I want to forget, the more I yearn for you.” -Pete

Their love story may not be the typical “Love at first sight” or the “Hate you now, Love you later” types, but it is surely worth the wait. The more the series limit the screen time for these two, the more the fans crave to watch them together. We are in the third quarter of the series, but Vegas and Pete’s story is being slowly cultivated and some fans are anxiously waiting for the development of their rough end game.

Many say that their love story is somewhat like Stockholm Syndrome, in which the victim has positive feelings toward the abuser for them to cope with the abuse they have been suffering from; but I know that Pete’s love is not a coping mechanism to survive. He just saw the lost child hidden behind Vegas’ villain self. The lonely child who is afraid of falling short of everyone’s expectations. Someone who doesn’t receive acceptance from his father and is being constantly compared to Kinn. Someone who is wearing the armor of being abominable just to be respected and feared by people beneath him.

And I believe Pete, being a masochist, isn’t the main reason of why he was in love with Vegas. And those who read the novel will agree with me. Pete doesn’t start loving Vegas just because he is fascinated by suffering. He starts to see who the real Vegas is behind his armor.

The Vegas that chained him starts to cook noodles for him in the middle of the night. The same person that slapped his face, knocks on his jaw, and kicks his abdomen starts to call him in the middle of an important meeting and excitedly comes home with the food he requests. Someone who sexually abuses him with euphoria, starts to gently kiss him goodnight and embrace him to sleep.

No, he didn’t forget how much he suffers at Vegas’ hands. He just starts to understand that this horrible beast only exists on the surface. Pete starts to strip that armor one layer at a time, so he can see that little lost child who suffers the same pain he has inflicted on others. Love indeed works mysteriously. Sometimes, we don’t need to scientifically or medically analyze how it works. Love will always find its way to the point we least expected, with the last person we imagine, and to develop the feelings the way we cannot comprehend.

Kinn and Porsche may be the main lead of the series, the whole story may be dedicated for them to end up together; but Vegas and Pete create a very meaningful and impactful side story that makes the whole series even more enjoyable and interesting. There are only five episodes left and their story has not yet started. Hopefully, they will deliver it beautifully just like in the novel. Well, I believe in Be on Cloud. We leave Vegas and Pete’s love story in your hands.


One thought on “Hidden Light”

  1. I did not get past episode 4 of KinnPorsche. It was a violent series filled with all the usual American style gimmicks. Most likely it became a hit with Americans loving the blood and beatings. Not the BL, if it’s really a BL I enjoy. The impression left me with straight guys playing a BL role.

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