“To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

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While the world is obviously going bonkers about KinnPorsche, the show that roused equal interest is “To My Star S2”. Korean BLs are steadily moving past their old stereotypes, while paving the way for more intellectual storytelling and brilliant directives. Leading this revolution from the frontlines is Hwang Da Seul- a daring woman with conviction. Her evolutionary vision is far more advanced as compared to her peers and her ideology is insightful. While avid fans waited with bated breaths for the premiere of “To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories”; Hwang Da Seul has met those expectations with an intriguing mix of mystique and angst. While the trailer did promise pain, the underlying comedic flair was unexpected. The premiere has led to mixed reactions from fans; they are happy to see their favorite couple on screen again, but most seem disconcerted by the “Breakup” trope.

So, how did the first two episodes fare? Is the sequel as well as the prequel? Did the show strike a chord with the audiences? Is the storyline worth revisiting?

We will answer these questions in this team review and attempt to clear your doubts. Without further ado, let’s wade through the tumultuous times and share our first impressions about this chaotic romance!


After his career took a steady turn for the worse, one of South Korea’s brightest stars, Kang Seo Joon, was afraid he might never be happy again. But after a chance meeting brings the talented chef Han Ji Woo into his life, Seo Joon was certain his luck was about to change.

Despite their differences in personality, the chef and the celebrity found themselves unable to resist the other’s charms. Head-over-heels for each other, Seo Joon and Ji Woo believed they had finally found their happily ever after. But their happiness turns out to be short-lived when one of them disappears, leaving nothing but a note behind.

Lost without the other, will these two star-crossed lovers find a way back to each other or has their fairy tale romance truly come to an end?


One of the hardest things to overcome in life is “not knowing.” And it has nothing to do with knowledge. It has to do with people.

Whether it’s a breakup, sudden death, or a disappearing family member or pet, the process of letting go of something begins with knowing what you’re letting go of and why. Without that, there is no closure.

It’s hard to let go of something when you have no idea what went wrong in the first place.

This “letting go” is precisely where the second season of the Korean BL To My Star takes us. Only, like lead character Kang Seo Joon (Son Woo Hyun), we have no idea what we’re letting go of.

Somewhere between the first and second season of the series, our couple from To My Star has broken up. Chef Han Ji Woo (Kim Kang Min) walked away from his celebrity boyfriend, Seo Joon, leaving only a note that reads, “Let’s end this.”

And then he vanished.

There has always been something intriguing about Chef Han Ji Woo. Even in the first season, viewers never truly got to know the man behind the apron. There was always part of himself he kept close and hidden, lending him a mysterious aura that kept me guessing long after the credits rolled.

And it’s this mystery that To My Star 2 offers.

I’ve been highly anticipating this series since the first season aired. The chemistry between the actors, the story, and the production captured hearts and sealed the deal with a kiss viewers weren’t used to seeing from Korean BLs. Yet anyway.

And now they’re back.

The first episode builds anticipation, leaving viewers a bevy of clues but no strong leads as to why Ji Woo vanished and how each new character who appears is connected to either Ji Woo or Seo Joon. Even so, it is captivating and addicting, offering the same chemistry and stellar acting it delivered in the first season.

The first two episodes felt like playing a game of “Clue.” We’re not at the point where we can connect the dots yet, but we’re left excited about the why, who, where, and when.

And I’m fully prepared to play.

Krishna Naidu

Regrettably agonizing, To My Star 2 is bittersweet. It feels like an acrid thorn stuck in my heart that won’t budge, no matter how hard I try to pull it out!

Mostly, Hwang Da Seul’s directorial have a jarring start. She has an irrefutable tendency to set the stage for conflicting emotions that seem unsettling to begin with. But with the passage of time, the drama makes sense; however habitual it may sound. To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories follows the same pattern, where the narrative seamlessly switches between the past and the present times. A present where Kang Seo Joon (Son Woo Hyun) and Han Ji Woo (Kim Kang Min) don’t exist together. It is unimaginably painful and also inconceivable. Because the last time we met this couple; they were in the initial stages of their blossoming romance, trying to find a middle ground to balance their relationship. It seems like they never found the middle ground; as Seo Joon tries to break out of his monotonous lifestyle of being a superstar (in the present). He is still unpredictable and eccentric; switching from being a crazy lover to sane charmer in micro seconds. Son Woo Hyun effortlessly embodies Seo Joon’s inner turmoil, as he searches for the man who dumped him with a mere post-it note.

While the prequel was majorly focused on introducing the main characters and the differences in the personalities; the sequel paints a better picture of their somber times together. As such, we have a malady of sweet moments where we witness their domesticated version; Seo Joon being his annoying, clingy self while Ji Woo tries his level best to be accommodating of his lover’s demands. It was so soothing and endearing to see them together; like a palm to the broken hearts that suffer from watching their current cynical state. The post credits scenes are snippets of their good memories; as opposed to the current times where Seo Joon tracks down Ji Woo, only to find a broken shell of a man.

Unbeknownst to the audiences, Kang Seo Joon and Ji Woon’s relationship has come to a standstill. It’s like they are back to the old cycle that was the beginning stage of their romance. It is an unkind reminder of Ji Woo’s temperamental attitude, as he sounds even more vicious than his old self. Every scene in the present overlaps with Ji Woo’s past behavioral patterns and you can’t help but ask, “What happened to these two?”

“I always hated the fact that we couldn’t go for a walk because you are a superstar “

When Ji Woo starts listing the reasons for their breakup; at first, it seems lame. But then, as you actually listen to his excuses, it becomes obvious that he is talking about their most treasured moments. Ji Woo is a prickly porcupine on normal days, so expecting honest answers is like asking for the moon. The fact that he panics when Seo Joon finds his shirt in Ji Woo’s bedroom is irrefutable evidence that he is probably hiding something. There could be two reasons for the sudden decision to breakup- either he really couldn’t adjust to Seo Joon’s overbearing personality (frankly, Seo Joon can be too much at times) and as such, wanted to reconsider their relationship. Some time with himself, because obviously Seo Joon would never leave him alone, if he honestly asked for it. Or he has a valid reason for breaking up with Seo Joon-the fact that they are a same-sex couple could jeopardize Seo Joon’s career. Ji Woo knows well that Seo Joon would always choose him over his career; and Ji Woo doesn’t want him to suffer like that. When you truly love someone, their dreams and ambitions become your own. In his own misguided way, Ji Woo might be trying to protect Seo Joon’s career.

While the show alternates between sweet and bitter emotions, the comedic intrusion was a welcome relief. Seo Joon’s scornful version is endearingly funny, as he repeatedly tortures Ji Woo by calling him. He struggles with accepting Ji Woo’s callous decision, grasping onto their threadbare connection, and yet he can’t give up. If Ji Woo thought that Seo Joon would walk away after knowing his whereabouts; then he is up for a rude awakening. He seems to have forgotten that Seo Joon is adamant and unusually stubborn in his pursuits. I savored these cathartic moments as Seo Joon clings to his own belief. The periodic phone calls are Seo Joon’s frantic attempts to reach out to Ji Woo; because he knows well that Ji Woo is lying and hiding things from him. He is desperately trying to reconnect with the person he loves the most; to save their relationship against all odds.

The first episodes gleam over the differences in their opinions and standpoints. We also have the dreaded ex-girlfriend angle. For some reason, Seo Joon already seems bothered by Jung Sung Yoon’s presence. His apprehensions might get even worse when he learns about her possible reconciliation agenda with Ji Woo (no jokes there, but I’m pretty sure that Seo Joon will go bat shit crazy if someone makes a move on his man). If you couldn’t tell from the aggressive way he reacted when Ji Woo’s playful neighbor addressed him as her Father, then maybe you are unaware of Seo Joon’s possessive nature. The pilot episodes have already laid the groundwork for the ongoing cold war between our incorrigible couple; the upcoming episodes will be explosive as Ji Woo and Seo Joo wage an unwilling battle of wits & wills!

I’m all set to watch this disaster unfold, because life is worthless without a little pain thrown in!


I’m kind of glad that the teasers, my article on upcoming KBLs, and the internet, in general, prepped me for the angst that was coming my way in the form of the second season of To My Star. I’m generally not a fan of series where the first season ends on a genuinely happy note and the second season starts with someone randomly disappearing. However, considering that I’d been waiting for this for more than a year now and have always been in love with Son Woohyun and Kim Kangmin’s chemistry, I decided to give it a shot.

Surprisingly, the second season’s angsty bits did not put me off as much as I’d expected them to do so. The plot remains true to the title ‘Our Untold Stories’ (Uri-e Mottahan Iyagi in Korean) as it slowly unravels what had happened between them in the span of the one year after Han Jiwoo (played by Kim Kangmin) disappears, leaving a note behind saying that he and Kang Seojoon (Son Woohyun) should break up while showing us what is in store for these two in the future.

I really loved how the two episodes that have been released as of now weren’t terribly sad, even when they showed the bits of how much Han Jiwoo’s disappearance affected Kang Seojoon. It’s still pretty light-hearted, with Kang Seojoon doing what he does best—creating trouble for himself, his manager Baek Homin, and Kim Pilhyun, the CEO of his entertainment company. He’s a hilarious character, and while other characters do have their comedic moments, he still plays a massive role in making the viewers laugh.

I remember falling in love with these two characters the moment they locked horns at Jiwoo’s previous restaurant, and I’m grateful that it hasn’t waned. The scenes that reminisce the relationship Seojoon had with Jiwoo when they were together highlight the chemistry between them even more so than usual, and there are, of course, traces of their love for each other, although the latter looks like he’s moved on. There are more women in this season as well—always a welcome change, as long as they don’t pull unnecessary plot shifts.

The production is probably more than enough to reel in more viewers. The sets are stunning, the characters look sharper, and the colour palette is pleasing to the eye (as it has always been). The shift from 15-minute episodes to 25-minute ones helps flesh out the plot better. Hwang Daseul’s growth as KBL director is evident from what we have seen this season, culminating in a beautiful sequel that looks just as alluring as the first one. Let’s hope that the reason for Jiwoo’s disappearance makes sense because it seems like a pretty solid plot up to this moment.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

3 thoughts on ““To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)”

  1. Aigoo! well I trust the director so much- the first two episodes are a bumpy ride- seeing clingy Seo Joon and cruel Jiwoo is a tough ride- it really is hard to root for either or their relationship—-
    but I am interested to see where things go:)


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