Favorite BL Ships- Part III

BL Ships are the veritable anchor that makes or breaks the popularity of their respective shows. If the anchor is strong, it saves the ship (read TV ratings); or else the drama is doomed to sink.

In today’s world, social media serve as a reckoning platform to lessen the gap between idols and their persistent fan base. Twitter and Instagram are irrevocably filled with ludicrous messages and comments from avid fans, who love to post and speculate about the intimacy between their favorite pairings. While it isn’t exactly an ideal situation, BL dramas thrive on this attention. As long as the lead pairings are comfortable with each other and have a strong offscreen chemistry, even bad quality scripts can be turned into profitable goldmines. In today’s feature, we will be sharing our love for our beloved BL Ships. Stay tuned!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin (MileApo)

I know we sound like a broken record, but the entire world is obsessed with them and so are we!

Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin make an ultra wild pairing and it’s got nothing to do with their highly sensuous chemistry. Because unlike most BL couples, Mile & Apo are quite comfortable portraying intimacy in the deepest sense possible. They are thoroughly professional and never shy away from committing themselves to the NC scenes that depict the hardcore romance between their characters. Their offscreen interactions are equally endearing and the BTS videos on BeOnCloud’s YouTube channel are just a testament to their genuine affections for each other. Mile’s calm personality is a total contrast to Apo’s eccentric nature and yet they click. A match made in BL heaven!

Ohm Thitiwat & Fluke Natouch (OhmFluke/My Blues)

The Devil works hard, but My Blues work harder

A visual couple, stunningly captivating; Ohm Thitiwat and Fluke Natouch are one of the most popular Thai BL couple. Fiercely loyal and attentive to each other, they have a compatible partnership. Starting their journey from the reincarnation saga, “Until We Meet Again”, OhmFluke have projects lined up at their doorstep. Currently starring in the sequel “Close Friends S2”, they have a beautiful chemistry that makes them the most bankable couple in the BL industry. They will be also working together in two more upcoming dramas- “Oh!My Sunshine Night” and “609 Bedtime Story”. While Ohm is quite reserved in nature, Fluke is quite outgoing. Despite that, they complement each other well. Their couple’s hashtag is a strong testament to their growing popularity and I’m totally looking forward to their future projects!

Billy Patchanon & Seng Wichai (BillySeng)

Two beautiful human beings who made an audacious script come alive!

Many might have questioned their sanity while watching the recently concluded romcom “Secret Crush on You”. I did so too, and yet I couldn’t stop myself from being addicted to this rambunctious affair. Reason for this dexterity- BillySeng. The lead pair of this crazy adaptation is slowly taking over the BL world. Another couple who are truly comfortable with skinship and are naturally compatible. Their couple’s hashtag is like a livewire with fans consistently commenting on their strong chemistry and lovable offscreen interactions. Seng is a lively, fun-filled person and Billy often has to rein in control. Frankly, they are adorable together and one of my favorite BL ships!

Chap Suppacheep & Green Phongsathorn (ChapGreen)

How can two guys look so effortlessly flawless together??

Despite having acted in different BL shows individually, Chap & Green barely made an impact until they debuted as a BL couple in “The Tuxedo”. Although the storyline didn’t have much to offer, Chap and Green were applauded for their phenomenal chemistry. They are also gaining a foothold in the Thai BL industry and it can be attributed to their offscreen camaraderie. Chap is a complete introvert, while Green is more outgoing and jovial. Despite the differences in their personalities, they gel together and make a handsome yet intriguing pairing. I’m a huge fan of their social media interactions, where they openly flaunt their love for each other.

Zee Pruk & NuNew Chawarin (ZeeNuNew/ZonZon)

Dreams came true when these two were paired together

Zee Pruk is one of those few BL actors who effortlessly slips into his character and delivers an act that is indigenous and realistic. After being applauded for his explosive chemistry with Saint Suppapong (Why R U The Series), the stakes were raked high in terms of his recent release, Cutie Pie The Series. Comparisons were inevitable because ZaintSee have a strong fandom. Zee successfully squashed the rumors by delivering a catalytic performance alongside new partner, NuNew Chawarin. ZeeNuNew have an electrifying chemistry that explodes onscreen and leaves you breathless. Their offscreen interactions reflect their closeness, and Zee is totally smitten with his adorable co-star.

Joong Archen and Dunk Natachai (JoongDunk)

Another handsome pairing that will tug at your heartstrings

Despite being a part of the Six Moons fandom, I wasn’t exactly a J9 fan nor their active shipper. Then the “OXQ Debacle” happened, following which the group was disbanded. Joong, now working under the GMMTV flagship, was subsequently paired with rookie actor Dunk Natachai. Star in My Mind might have received average ratings, but it did launch and skyrocket JoongDunk’s popularity. Although the pair failed to display a consistent chemistry onscreen, their offscreen interactions are delightful and heartwarming. Joong is currently living alone in Thailand (his family is settled in Turkey) and as such, Dunk has become his comfort zone. I adore their friendship and here’s hoping we get to see this new pairing in future GMMTV projects!

Benjamin Brasier & Earth Teerapat (BenEarth/BELights)

My personal biases. Wish they would get back together!

Benjamin and Earth were a dream couple. Fans exalted the potential of their pairing and were invested in their offscreen interactions. They are my personal favorites, since I’m a part of their fandom. Ben & Earth have a comfortable camaraderie which translates to excellent chemistry onscreen. But all good things come to an end and they are now working under different managements. While Earth’s new show “My Secret Love The Series” premiered to rave reviews last week, Ben seems to be currently focusing on his studies. My only solace- both of them study in the same university and they do possibly interact with each other. Here’s hoping that BenEarth get to star in another project someday. Fingers crossed!

Yarnball’s Favorites

Fun fact: I never cared for Real Person Ships until live-action BL adaptations hit me like a truck a couple of years ago, and now there’s no looking back.

Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap

If anyone reading this is familiar with my writing on this site, this should not be even a little surprising, because talking about EarthMix is 50% of my personality. I fell in love with EarthMix sometime before A Tale of Thousand Stars aired, when I watched an edit of the two of them goofing around behind the scenes, and I was instantly charmed by their natural chemistry and how comfortable they seemed with each other. Over a year later, I still love how well they work on screen, as actors and as presenters, and I’ve been watching with growing horror as they acquire nearly a dozen cats.

Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan


The events of last August and its fallout aside, this is a ship that I really enjoyed following. I remember when Word of Honor was announced, no one was sure how these two men, who a lot of people saw as way too ‘straight’ to be in a BL drama, would work as a CP, but they definitely delivered. Again, they completely won me over with their behind-the-scenes interactions and variety show appearances with their perfect adorkable + gremlin energy.

Off Jumpol and Gun Attaphan

I think of OffGun as something of a power couple – as actors, they’ve just been going from strength to strength, as influencers and hosts, they’re entertaining and have a great rapport. It’s always a delight watching them interact because you can tell that the years that they’ve spent as a CP have helped them grow their relationship into something special.

Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn

I think MaxTul are the only ship here that I love more offscreen than on screen. While they’re both very good actors and I really enjoyed their performances in Manner of Death, I love Max and Tul for the people they are and their very real relationship offscreen – the way they stuck out the (ridiculous) fan backlash from Max revealing that he was dating someone made my respect for them grow, and I love how they never fail to make social media posts supporting Pride every year.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!


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