Upcoming Asian BL Dramas- Part III

We obviously have a lot on our plates with the consistent deluge of BL dramas on a daily basis.

The market is flooded with different flavors and Boys’ Love content is slowly gaining popularity. With KinnPorsche becoming a global phenomenon, the world is perceiving the BL genre in a more positive light. The mafia romance is drawing attention with its striking cinematography and daredevil sexuality. In short, it is making a mark- a precedent that is sending ripples throughout the world and clearing a path for future rustic productions. In today’s feature, we will be talking about some of the most anticipated BL releases in the upcoming months. Buckle up your seatbelts as we take you on this wild ride!

Thai BL

Love Mechanics

Probably the most anticipated Thai BL ever, We TV Thailand recently released the trailer for this long awaited drama. An extended version of the 2020 miniseries “En of Love: Love Mechanics” (4 episodes), this edition is a lengthened improvisation of the angsty romance between main leads Mark (War Wanarat) and Vee (Yin Anan). En of Love was a small scale production by Studio Wabi Sabi wherein they attempted to adapt author Faddist’s popular novels. While TOSSARA and This Is Love Story were well-received, “Love Mechanics” won hearts because of the undeniably hot chemistry between the main couple. This, in turn, sparked demands for production of a full-fledged storyline; after an indiscriminate delay of two years during which the script changed hands and production house, Love Mechanics will finally grace the silver screen. We don’t have an exact release date, but the show would presumably premiere in the last week of June. For now, the most important question is whether the show would be made available to the international audiences? We TV Thailand isn’t exactly an “Interfan” friendly medium, which is quite obvious from the fact that its recent releases (My Ride and Restarted) didn’t have English subtitles. Love Mechanics would definitely be marred with controversies if the same glitch happens again. Unless streaming portal GagaOOLala steps in and saves the day again. Fingers crossed!



☆ War Wanarat will be reprising the titular role of Mark


☆ Yin Anan Wong will be playing Mark’s love interest Vee


☆ Prom Ratchapat will be reprising his character role of Nuea


When the disappointment struck him, they met. Mistakes are caused by intimacy and their relationship was unclear. How will it end up?

A parallel story to “En of Love: Love Mechanics” (2020). Tells the full length story between Mark and Vee. The timeline of “Love Mechanics” is before Nuea meet Praram. Before it happens, Nuea has feelings for Mark.

A love story that starts one night in a club — between an engineering major, Mark, who is absolutely drunk and carrying the painful burden of his one-sided love, and the boy whom he bumps into and mistakes as the object of his affection, Bar Sarawut. This is an imperfect love story between two imperfect human beings.


Love in the Air

Adapted from the novels “Love Storm” (พายุรักโถมใจ) and “Love Sky” (พระพายหมายฟ้า) by MAME, Love in the Air is Me Mindy’s first production this year. Starring rookie actors Fort Thitipong, Peat Wasuthorn, Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai and Boss Chaikamon in main lead roles, the show is based on the “Enemies to Lovers” trope. The recently released pilot promises lots of angst and sensual scenes, which is a viable characteristic of most productions self financed by Mame. The question that piques our interest- will this show be on par with “Tharntype The Series” and “Don’t Say No”? Will the actors recreate history with their refreshing chemistry, or would it be a downer?



☆Boss Chaikamon will be playing the role of Payu


☆ Noeul Nuttarat will be playing Payu’s love interest Rain


☆ Fort Thitipong will be playing the role of Prapai


☆ Peat Wasuthorn will be playing Prapai’s love interest, Sky


Rain, a cute guy with fair skin had some problems with his car on a rainy day. Fortunately, Phayu, a hunky biker came to the rescue. Rain got totally captivated by his look as soon as he took the helmet off and wanted to be as cool as him. Turned out that Phayu is actually the famous senior who’s also every girl’s dream guy, including the girl Rain had his eyes on, which is why Rain started to dislike Phayu a little. He found out about Phayu’s identity the second time they met, where his car broke down again. Phayu teased Rain by saying that he’s trying to seduce him. Rain had to spend the night at his garage that day. Phayu began to tease him again and acted as if he was gonna touch Rain. And that’s why Phayu became Rain’s no.1 enemy and wanted to reveal Phayu’s true colours to show everybody that he is not as good as they thought. But he never won and Phayu found it cute. Since Rain could never win against him, he then announced that he will make Phayu fall in love with him within a month.

(Source: Lazy Subber)

Official Pilot-

Ghost Host, Ghost House

We have another horror romance in making (after the recently concluded Something in my Room). Starring Tod Techit in the lead role of Kevin with Boy Natthaphon as Pluem; Ghost Host, Ghost House also stars Guide Chavanvit Vongpong, Brook Ruenarom, Incz Lalda Nananukul, and Natty Nathamon Chantraviphat in supporting roles. This is Tod Techit’s second BL drama after Love Area Series and the premise certainly looks enterprising. Vibie Official’s second production (after the currently on-air drama “That’s My Candy The Series”), the cast and crew of Ghost Host, Ghost House recently had a blessing ceremony. The show will premiere on Vibie application, international availability still questionable!


Kawin, a live streamer who hopes to see ghosts once, and Pluem, a young man who fills in his missing feelings. As good feelings develop, you have to face the proof that “love” can release all the pain!

(Source: Thai = BlackWhiskey Twitter, Translation = MyDramaList)

Official Trailer-

War of Y

Copy A Bangkok’s upcoming psychological thriller “War of Y” is an amalgamation of BL actors from its popular shows “Y Destiny” and “YYY Series” alongside the lead actors of the recently concluded romcom “Secret Crush On You”. The show will be a rather caustic yet tumultuous representation about the toxic nature of the entertainment industry. Directed by Cheewin Thanamin, scripted by Fluke Teerapat & Tanachot Prapasri; War of Y stars Lay Talay Sanguandikul and Muse Nattawit Pewngam in the lead roles of Phee and Dew (a brand new pairing for Talay who mostly partners with Yoon Phusanu or Perth Nakhun). The supporting cast includes popular actors like Billy Patchanon, Seng Wichai, Heng Asavarid, Gung Kunpong, Korn Kornnarat, Au Nititorn, Milk Natchanon, Winner Tanatat, Win Jirapat, Takizawa Toru, First Piyangkul, Paper Peerada and Markpoom Phatsanan. No release date announced yet!


Real war is not weapons, but people. This is a representation of the feeling of a war raging with cunning, resentment and betrayal.

War of Y is divided into four stories about struggles within the entertainment industry.

Story 1- New Ship Before the ship, it wasn’t easy. But this new era is even harder.

Story 2 – War of Managers The story of a shipped couple who are privately a real couple. Managers and drama clash until the couple is forced to separate.

Story 3 – Y-Idol A reality search for new actors—who can sing, dance, and act—and the chaos of the Idol Camp.

Story 4 – Wife When one half of a shipped couple has a wife, will their future in this industry be ruined?

(Source: War of Y Presscon

Translation = MyDramaList)

Official Teaser-

Exclusive Pictures from the “War of Y” Presscon-

Star and Sky: Sky in Your Heart

The second half of the “Star and Sky” duology- Sky in Your Heart is all set to premiere on 3rd June; the first part Star in My Mind (starring Joong Archen and Dunk Natachai) finishes its run this week. Adapted from the novel “Star and Sky” (ขั้วฟ้าของผม) by Peachhplease, the story will follow Nuea’s (Dunk) elder brother, Khuafah’s (Mek Jirakit) journey as he travels to a remote village for volunteer work. GMMTV recently released the trailer and the show has similar vibes as the sleeper hit drama “A Tale of Thousand Stars”. Main leads Mek and Mark Jiruntanin (Prince) make an interesting pairing. If you have watched Mek in his recently concluded drama “The Player”; you will understand the anticipation. Mek is a fantastic actor, adept at evoking all kinds of emotions and surely, this show will be no different. Fah is already a fan favorite because of his endearing relationship with younger brother, Daonuea, and I’m pretty sure fans of this show eagerly await the premiere of the upcoming new series.


A sweet love story of young doctor Kaufah who is stationed at a remote province hospital and the volunteer teacher with a bright personality, Prince.

(Source: Soju at MyDramaList)


Japanese BL

Senpai, I’m in Love!

Following into the footsteps of the current on-air romcom “Mr.Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss!”, MBS’s next BL production “Senpai, I’m in Love!” will join the Frigay bandwagon from 17th June, 2022. Adapted from the manga “Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!” (先輩、断じて恋では!) by Harekawa Shinta (晴川シンタ), the show stars Naito Shuichiro and Seto Toshiki in the lead roles of Yanase Jun & Kaneda Yuki. The eight episodes of miniseries promise an angsty romance like its predecessor and since it’s a Japanese BL, the extra comedic flair is expected. The show will mostpremiere on GagaOOLala on 17th June, 2022


Yanase has worked as a 3D CG designer all across the world. Now back in Japan, Yanase is training a newbie by the name of Kaneda Yuki. There’s only one issue: Kaneda is super unfriendly towards Yanase, leaving Yanase frustrated and disappointed. With a new project where they will have to work side by side, how can these two overcome their different personalities?

(Source: Manga Updates)

Old Fashion Cupcake

Adapted from the manga “Old Fashion Cupcake” (オールドファッションカップケーキ) by Sagan Sagan, Old Fashion Cupcake is a breezy romance between two office subordinates who gradually fall in love. Starring Takeda Kouhei and Kimura Tatsunari in the lead roles of Nozue and Togawa, the show is a sweet yet heartbreaking series that will showcase all aspects of their delicate relationship. Produced by Fuji TV, Rakuten TV recently released a trailer for the drama and the premise seems intriguing. International platform not yet announced!


Sleep, wake, and work — sums up the day-to-day life of 39-year old, Nozue. A routine that eases him, and conversely weighs heavily on him — which worries the hard-eyed but reliable Togawa, a 29-year old subordinate of his. In an unexpected turn of events, the two of them end up visiting a pancake shop bustling with girls.

(Source: Mangaupdates)


Wash My Heart!

It’s raining Japanese BL and we are not even complaining. Next on the list is “Wash My Heart!” or “Minato Shouji Coin Laundry”. Adapted from the manga “Minato Shouji Coin Laundry” (みなと商事コインランドリー) by Tsubaki Yuzu (椿ゆず), the show stars Kusakawa Takuya (Rokkaku of Cherry Magic) and Nishikagi Sho (Hiroto of My Love Mix Up!) in the main lead roles. Produced by TV Tokyo, the miniseries is an age gap romance focusing on the interesting dynamics between the main couple. The show is set to premiere on 6th July, 2022. International platform not yet announced!


“I want to grow up quicker, so I can date Minato-san.”

Minato Akira inherited his grandfather’s coin laundry. And so, the middle-aged former corporate drone, Akira, peacefully ran the well-loved coin laundry. One day, a high-school student, Katsuki Shintaro, enters the coin laundry. Despite the difference in age, they quickly became friends. However, Shintaro suddenly finds out that Akira is gay.

(Source: Mangaupdates)

Taiwanese BL

Papa & Daddy Season 2

The second season of GagaOOLala’s popular family drama “Papa & Daddy” is all set to premiere on 8th August, 2022. The first season ended on a cliffhanger where Damian’s elder son Jimmy, returns home. Jerry is utterly shocked with the revelation and Season Two will focus on the future repercussions that this shocking news will have on their relationship. Avid fans really enjoyed the main lead’s Melvin Sia and Mike Lin’s refreshing chemistry. Unfortunately, due to prior work commitments, Mike Lin will be unable to reprise his role in Season Two. As such, he has been replaced with Chiu Mu Han, who will now be playing the character role of Jerry.


Continuing the story of a 4 year-old boy Kai and his two dads, Damian and Jerry, season 2 starts with an unexpected guest Jimmy, the kid of Damian and his ex. The appearance of Jimmy brings turbulence to Damian and Jerry’s life. Damian still has connections with his ex and takes a lot of care of Jimmy. It starts to make Jerry jealous and worry that Damian might fall for a woman again. In the meantime, he’s facing pressure from his mom wanting him to have his own biological child. On the other hand, Damian is struggling in between taking care of Jimmy and Jerry. How can they solve all the difficulties and maintain their relationship and family?

(Source: GOL Studios)

My Tooth Your Love

Result Entertainment (We Best Love Series) recently announced their latest project. Scripted by Lin Pei (of HIStory1: Obsessed, HIStory2: Right or Wrong, HIStory2: Crossing the Line, HIStory3: Trapped, We Best Love Series and See You After Quarantine? fame), My Tooth Your Love will star Andy Wu, Yu Jin, Michael Chang and Alex Chou (singer of several songs from “We Best Love”) in lead roles. The production house has been consistently promoting the show on their social media accounts, although the official version of the storyline is still under wraps.

Exclusive Updates-

☆ The much awaited comeback show of 2moons2 star Earth Teerapat “My Secret Love The Series” premieres tonight. Starring alongside Fluk Chatchawan, the drama is the story of a junior who secretly loves his senior but does not have the courage to reveal his true feelings. Fresh episodes, every Saturday at 10.55 pm on Channel 3 HD, reruns on Boyyent YouTube Channel at 12.15 pm.

The cast and crew praying for the success of the drama!

☆ The second season of Idea First Company’s phenomenal show “Gameboys The Series” is currently streaming on premium online sites like KTX Ph and Vivamax Plus (only in Philippines). Consequently, GagaOOLala has made an official announcement that the movie version and the sequel will soon be available on their platform.

☆ Hulu is certainly turning into a LGBTQ friendly platform. As such, Searchlight Picture’s modern day interpretation of “Pride and Prejudice”- Fire Island is all set to premiere on Hulu on 3rd June, 2022. The story follows two best friends who decide to have a legendary week-long vacation with the help of cheap rosé and a group of friends. Written by Joel Kim Booster, he stars alongside Bowen Yang and Margaret Cho.

☆ The third season of Hulu’s popular queer “Coming of Age” drama Love, Victor will premiere on 15th June, 2020. All eight episodes will be available on Disney+ and Hulu on the same day. The storyline will focus on the main lead Victor’s (Michael Cimino) journey as he comes to terms with his on-off relationship with Benji (George Sear). The second season ended on a cliffhanger, whereby Victor came to a happy realization and ended up on someone’s doorstep. We don’t know if it is Benji or new flame- Rahim (Anthony Keyvan). The recently released trailer also promises possible romances for Felix & Pilar (Anthony Turpel & Isabella Ferreira), Lake & Lucy (Bebe Wood & Ava Capri), and Mia & Andrew (Rachel Hilson & Mason Gooding).

☆ Another mafia romance in the making Unforgotten Night will premiere on GagaOOLala on 22th June 2022. Starring Yoon Phusanu and Ton Saran in lead roles, the drama promises to be a daring BDSM styled love story.

☆ AIS PLAY’s Original “Oh! My Sun Shine Night” or “Love At 9” is slated to be released this July. Starring Ohm Thitiwat and Fluke Natouch in the lead roles, this show is OhmFluke’s fourth collaboration after Until We Meet Again, Close Friends S1 & S2. International platform is still unannounced!


☆ Netflix’s highest grossing adaptation Heartstopper has been renewed for two more seasons. Rejoice!

The entire cast including Joe Locke (who plays Charlie), Kit Connor (Nick), William Gao (Tao), Tobie Donovan (Isaac), Corinna Brown (Tara), Kizzy Edgell (Darcy), and Olivia Colman (Sarah) and most probably, Yasmin Finney, who plays Elle, will be reprising their roles in Season Two. The sequel will be based on the third and fourth volumes of the Heartstopper graphic novels, which focus on the struggles faced by both Charlie and Nick as they settle down in their first real relationship.

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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  1. That is a lot of BL to handle most of which I won’t be able to watch. I still believe it was a big mistake to leave YouTube for many of these studios. There are many on YouTube looking for funding from the audience they abandoned. I am happy to help the Vietnamese actors get their series up and running on YouTube.


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