“Close Friends S2” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 3)

I know there is a prequel that precedes this show and I am in the middle of watching that one, but since I have already watched the first three episodes of Season Two, let’s start with summarizing it first. Will this season go smoothly? Will their love survive? Will we get the answers we need?

Close Friends 2 picks up one year later with our main couples together, living their lives amicably. We all know that nothing is ever that simple in the BL world, isn’t it?

Pierce (Ohm Thitiwat) and Typhoon (Fluke Natouch) have sorted out their differences and have reconciled. Jedi (Kimmon Warodom) and Ray (Copter Panuwat) are in a secret relationship, since they are unsure about Jedi Army’s (Jedi’s fanclub) possible reaction to this revelation.

Let’s begin with Pierce and Typhoon first, since OhmFluke are one of my favorite couples. Their sensual chemistry is just explosive on screen. Their facial expressions convey more than words can. Typhoon has a job interview and unbeknownst to Pierce, it is at the same company where he works as a music producer. Pierce gets the surprising news as Linda introduces Typhoon to everyone and is left shocked. Although happy for Typhoon, Pierce advises him to be professional at work.

Coming home from work, they notice a new car in their driveway. It turns out to be Pierce’s parents, who know nothing of his relationship with Typhoon. His parents announce they are staying the night. Since Pierce lies to his parents about them being housemates; Typhoon feels hurt and heads to his friend Ray’s home.

Ray is Typhoon’s best friend and is dating Jedi, a very popular musical star. No one knows of the relationship and their affair is kept under wraps (As Ray rightly points out, it feels more like he is Jedi’s “Mistress”). Unexpectedly, Typhoon finds out about Ray and Jedi’s relationship by accident and is sworn to secrecy.

In every BL, there are obstacles and situations that often lead to misunderstandings on both sides. There are situations where one cannot freely accept their relationship in front of everyone and this inevitably hurts one of the partners.

Can Pierce ever tell his parents the truth, or will he lose Typhoon for good this time? Will Jedi tell the world he loves Ray and lets everyone know who he loves, or will he let go of Ray to protect his public image?

What will become of Typhoon and Ray? Will they fight for the one they love or walk away heartbroken?

There are three more episodes left. I guess we will find out in due course. I am thoroughly

enjoying this drama. Watching Ohm & Fluke on screen again is pure delight. Kim and Copter have an amazing chemistry as well. I love the cute, funny side of Jedi as well as the pouty, endearing side of Ray. Typhoon and Pierce are fascinating together; they manage to vocalize their thoughts with just one look. I am hoping for a positive outcome for both couples, since they deserve the best. So, let’s follow along and see where this romance is headed!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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