Favorite BL Ships

Shipping is a standard part of the BL industry. It should never become a toxic intrusion into an artist’s personal life, but it is nice to see one’s favorite on-screen couples take center stage together. Join us at the BL Xpress as we share some of our favorite ships.

Kdarling’s Favorites

As a writer who has worked within the industry, I think it’s important to separate an on-screen love portrayal from real life. I’ve grown fond of seeing certain actors on screen together because it’s a joy when a pair shares obvious chemistry and can read each other well. But I respect the fact that being an on-screen couple doesn’t mean they have to be one in real life.

Apo Nattawin and Mile Phakphum

The currently airing Thai BL KinnPorsche has taken the industry by storm, and the couples are owning hearts. Lead pair Apo and Mile have brought Kinn and Porsche to life in magnificent ways, their chemistry and acting skills creating a heart-fluttering experience that stays with you long after each episode has aired.

Bible Wichapas and Build Jakapan

Although Bible and Build haven’t had any screen time as an on-screen couple yet in the airing KinnPorsche, their skill as actors is already creating anticipation. They make this list because I was drawn to the complicated Vegas and Pete storyline in the book and have been impressed with Bible and Build’s portrayal of these characters thus far in the drama. I have a lot of faith in their ability to bring Vegas and Pete’s complicated relationship to life.

Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit

There is no denying that Billkin and PP have a remarkable way of connecting on-screen. The tension and chemistry that sparks between them is palpable. Both have a natural way of acting that allows them to slip into character, taking me out of reality and placing me in the fictional, heart-rending world they’ve built in front of the camera.

Yin Anan and War Wanarat

Although Yin and War haven’t had any long projects together, the few short dramas they’ve led as a team have shown audiences their skill and connection. They play well off each other, conveying a natural and memorable energy that touches hearts. It has me excited for the full-length Love Mechanics series releasing this year.

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo


One of my favorite lead couples, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, has only starred in one series together. And yet, their portrayals as Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan in The Untamed was so epic that they swept the world up into an Untamed mania that never died down. Although I know the chances are slim, I would love to see them share a screen together again.

Off Atthaphan and Gun Jumpol

The off-screen friendship between Off and Gun is undoubtedly a big reason for how these two connect on screen. Both are skilled actors I’ve enjoyed watching in solo projects, but it is magic when they are paired. Their recent lead roles in the Thai drama Not Me is their best performance together to date. The dedication they put into the characters they portrayed leaped off the screen, leaving behind a thoughtful audience. Not Me wasn’t just a drama; it was a think piece, opening hearts and minds up to injustice and the need for equality.

Mix Sahaphap and Earth Pirapat

From the moment Mix and Earth graced the screen together in Tale of a 1000 Stars, it was apparent they made each other stronger. Although I’d seen Earth in other BL projects, he stepped up his game in 1000 stars. It shows when two paired actors can play off each other in a realistic way. Mix is very natural on screen, and his acting bolstered Earth’s skills. It’s made me look forward to anything they decide to work on together since.

Boun Noppanut and Prem Warut

I have been in love with Boun and Prem since they graced the screen as Win and Team in the Thai BL Until We Meet Again. The drama itself is incredibly well done, but something about Win and Team’s story particularly drew me in. The safety Team finds in Win’s embrace left an impression on me. And the roles could not have been cast better. Boun and Prem not only brought these two characters to life, they’ve fostered an off-screen friendship that warms the heart. I look forward to seeing them as Win and Team again in the upcoming Between Us series.

Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan

As soon as Sang Woo and Jae Young faced off with each other in the Korean BL Semantic Error, it was evident actors Seo Ham and Jae Chan were there to create magic. And they did. T.he building tension between their characters had audiences holding their breaths until the end, and it carved a place inside fans’ hearts. Hopefully, we will get the chance to see these two actors reunite in season 2.

MychelleLove’s Favorites

Ships come and go so quickly in the BL World, that their existence is mostly questionable. One day they are a Ship/Couple, the next day they aren’t. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with them all. I personally don’t follow ships much; I am just happy to watch them in their shows which brings me happiness, sorrow, pain, and excitement. I do not have the delusion that they are a real couple and it breaks my heart when some think they are real. Despite that, these are some of my favorite ones whom I support wholeheartedly.

Perth Tanapon & Saint Suppapong (PerthSaint)

My first favorite BL ship will always be Pete and Ae. They are my very first ship and I adore these two. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable. Saint Suppapong who plays Pete and Perth Tanapon, who portrayed Ae, did a lot of fan service after Love by Chance and to me, they looked naturally comfortable with each other. This is why it was truly heartbreaking when things began to go south for both of them. I know that Saint and Perth remained friends even in the eye of adversity. It’s a sheer joy to see them together and I will always support Saint and Perth in everything they do; whether together or apart.

Zee Pruk & Saint Suppapong (ZeeSaint)

My next favorite is Fighter played by Zee Pruk and Tutor portrayed by Saint Suppapong. Another amazing couple, in my opinion. Both onscreen and offscreen, their chemistry were explosive, sizzling, and steamy. Their actions were intense, to say the least. The smoldering looks they gave each other was undeniable. Why R U is still my go-to drama when I need to smile. Alas, Zee and Saint were a repeat of the “Perth and Saint tragedy” with the innuendos and rumors. I pray they are still good friends and I, for one, support Zee in his new venture. They were amazingly charismatic together as well as on their own.

Gun Attaphan & Off Jumpol (OffGun)

Next, we have Gun Atthaphan and Off Jumpol. I first saw these two in Theory of Love and was blown away. Gun and Off look so natural on and offscreen. Off and Gun have done so many series together since then and their most recent one, Not Me was absolutely phenomenal. Gun is really very most adorable and Off has grown so much while being with him. They are so comfortable with each other, and Gun calling Off Papi is the most endearing thing ever. Their chemistry is undeniable and they are literally soulmates – whether this is friendship or more, it is still unknown. But they are good for each other. Watching them on screen is a pure delight, as they are no different off screen.

Mew Suppasit & Gulf Kanawut (MewGulf)

The next on this list are Mew Suppasit who played Tharn and Gulf Kanawut, who portrays Type. Talking about chemistry, Mew and Gulf are the very epitome of it. On screen, they were electrifying, and offscreen, they were just as explosive. I have seen Mew act in a series before and I fell in love with his personality. But when he was paired opposite Gulf, something was different and to me, Mew became extremely noticeable and better in TharnType The Series. Not because of anything particular, but when he was partnered with Gulf, history was remade. Mew was coming out of a dark period in his life and Gulf brought the light back into Mew’s life. Gulf made Mew smile again. They compliment each other well and I will definitely support them in their future endeavors.

Nine Kornchid & Joong Archen (J9)

I need to include Nine Kornchid and Joong Archen, lovingly known as J9. They are and always will be my Kit and Ming. I absolutely love Joong and Nine. Their live IGs were what dreams were made of. Both of them were extremely comfortable around each other and watching their antics made me smile. Their chemistry slowly snuck on me, as it was very subtle; but once they were offscreen it was explosive. The way Joong looked at Nine was pure love. Nine was the comedic side of this duo and was always there for Joong. I am so proud of the man Joong has become; his talent has surpassed all of my expectations. Nine is versatile and talented as well. I wish nothing but the best for the both of them.

Bas Suradej & Copter (BasCop)

I have also my Bas Copter (Bas Suradej & Copter Panuwat). They are my all-time ghost ship because they are so cute and natural with each other. Just two buddies messing around and not caring what anyone thinks. I love the ease they have with each other and how comfortable they are. Their chemistry would be explosive if they ever got had a lead role as the main or even side couple. I cannot get enough of these two. SBFive is one of my favorite Thai Pop groups because of Bas Copter. Although I love all the members in SBFive, I am just biased when it comes to Bas Copter.

Mild Jinna & Napat Srinakluan

The last fictional couple on this list are Techno (Mild Jinna) and Champ (Napat Srinakluan). Technically, Techno & Champ weren’t a couple in the show (Tharntype The Series). But

Techno took care of Champ, made sure that he ate properly. Champ was so cute and adorable with Techno, it was truly heartwarming to watch. I was hoping they would end up as a couple, but since Techno was destined to be with Kengkla as per the original storyline; nothing could be changed. I can dream though!

These were some of my favorite traditional and non-traditional ships. I am happy for each one of them and I pray that they always stay together. Always remember whether they are real or not, they are humans and can be hurt by negative words. So please be kind.

We will be back next week with the second edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!

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