Upcoming Korean BL Dramas- Part IV

Give me KBLs all day, every day, and I’ll be alright.

All joking aside, I do have a soft spot for KBLs because of STRONGBERRY and idol romances. Plus, I’m more familiar with Korean manhwa, which helps me gauge KBLs before and after their release. Korean is also a language that I am more acquainted with (other than Japanese), so they’re easier to understand as well. So, here we are, with another list—albeit a shirt one—of KBLs that will be released very soon! We have more updates on previously mentioned ones, too!

Love Class

The moment I read BLUPDATE2022’s tweet concerning this series, I was pretty excited. Although the series may not be available on Viki like most other KBLs, I’m sure fans will be able to access it on platforms such as Bilibili and GagaOOLala. Directed by Lee Sung Taek, Love Class (also known as Su-eobjungimnida in Korean) is a series that revolves around the first love of Jiwoo (played by Han Hyeonjun from STRONGBERRY’s Please Tell Me So) and Roah (played by Kim Taehwan from The Bride of Habaek and My Amazing Boyfriend). The series is said to have six episodes and is all set for release on May 13th, 2022.


Ro-ah and Jiwoo attend the ‘love/fling class’ at the university they’re enrolled in. What will happen between them? A story of first love between two young men, their journey together helps them find the meaning of family, community, and love.

(Sources: BoysLove TV on Instagram and Twitter, BLUpdate2022 on Twitter, Carinne on KpopMap)

The Circumstances of Pungdeok Villa Room 304

Kissable Lips fans would definitely be interested in this one—we’re having a Kim Jiwoong and Yoon Seonbin comeback! An adaptation of Blue Code’s novel, The Circumstances of Pungdeok Villa Room 304 (Pungdeok Billa 304 Hu-e Sajeong in Korean), the series is to be eight episodes in length, with each episode being 25 minutes long. The dates are yet to be set in stone, but we shall update you once they’re out!


A carefree chaebol who’s the heir of the Geumman Group, Ji Hojun is thrown out of his house by his father to survive on his own after placing an ultimatum on his head. He can’t come back until he can live on his own and successfully navigate the role of team leader of Geumman Group’s new business team. He moves to Pungdeok Villa, whose owner, Seo Jaeyoon, dismisses him as a penniless spoilt brat and ignores him until fate decides to bring them together as team leader and subordinate at the same office.

(Sources: BoysLove TV on Instagram and Twitter, BLUpdate2022 on Twitter)

Special Mentions

All because there’s never going to be an escape from this section.

We have a few updates on KBLs mentioned in our previous article:

1) Ocean Like Me, starring Holland and Han Gichan, has begun airing on Viki as of April 26th, 2022.

2) Spring of Crush has moved its release dates from April to May 2022. K-pop idol group ASTRO’s member MJ released an OST for the series on May 5th, 2022. The Korean Media Rating Board has approved the first eight episodes with a rating of R-12.

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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