“Physical Therapy” Series Review (Ep.3 to 12)

This is a slow-burn drama as there are many situations that factor into this show- we have the “alleged girlfriend trope” of Dr. Pun; Milk’s ex returns confirming their break-up and other interesting things that make this drama a rollercoaster ride. Also, the background of Dr. Pun and the connection to Dr. Yang make an interesting contrast.

We see Dr. Pun (Son Ravisut) and Milk (Petch Jakkaphet) get closer but still refrain from acknowledging their relationship, as there are things that need to be resolved. I really found Milk’s family and friends to be refreshing, as they are 100% supportive of Dr. Pun and Milk’s relationship. While Milk and Dr. Pun do give in to their desires occasionally, the show seemed to drag on because Milk seemed unsure or rather hesitant to accept his feelings for Pun.

As things slowly untangle between the two, Milk advises Dr. Pun to live his life the way he wants. He also makes suggestions so that Dr. Pun can deal with his finances and be independent. While the drama focuses on their blossoming romance, it also projects their individual pain and fear, which both Milk and Dr. Pun experience while clearing things with their respective ex-partners.

The chemistry between Son Ravisut and Petch Jakkaphet is quite natural and subtle. From the way Dr. Pun looks at Milk, you can see he is truly enamored with Milk. Milk, on the other hand, is painfully cautious of entering into another relationship after his recent breakup with his ex-boyfriend that left him deeply wounded. I truly adore Milk’s friends and family members. It is heartwarming to see family and friends accept a same-sex couple so readily. Truly familial bonding gives the strength that makes it possible for the couple to focus on the other obstacles in their life.

Do Dr. Pun and Milk get their happy ending? What is their connection with Dr. Yang? Does Pun make things clear with his fiance? Do Milk and his ex-boyfriend break ties and make things clear?

I enjoyed this series and would re-watch it whenever I need to smile. This drama is definitely a slow-burn trope, but it makes it more enjoyable. Please watch and I guarantee you will fall in love with Milk and Dr. Pun!!

Rating- 3 out of 5


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