“You’re My Sky” Series Review (Ep. 6 to12)

I’m so glad most of my doubts disappeared as I got to the end of this one.

I’ll keep this short because my ‘first impressions’ article covers a lot (apologies for taking so long to finish this up). However, there were a few things that did leave an impact on me after watching the entire series. Unexpectedly, I found the characters growing on me as well, so much so that I was sad to see the series end. But more on to that later.

I loved how the cinematography of the series kept getting better with more episodes being released. The slow-motion shots were sparse, and product placement didn’t pop up every 3 minutes anymore. And most of all, the summery colour palette was so aesthetically pleasing.

First things first, let’s get to the couples in the series. While my feelings about the main leads—Thorn (played by Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon) and Fah (Tae Chayapat Kongsub)—pretty much remain the same, my opinions on the other two have definitely changed over time. With Thorn and Fah, there seemed to be conflict that could have been avoided, and this might have impacted my liking for them. The entire arc after Thorn injures himself during a game made me feel uneasy ( mostly the odd time skips and Coach Tuan’s return), mainly because I am not a big fan of miscommunication derailing the relationship (but that’s how it is sometimes). I do, however, like how they reconcile their differences by the end of episode 11.

The same thing goes for Aii (Jump Kananat Yansukon) and Saen (Boom Thanut Jiraratchakit). Aii’s dilemma regarding his scholarship and his relationship with Saen make the two of them go back and forth, with the latter pushing Aii to put himself first instead of giving up his dreams for their relationship. I was frustrated with them while also accepting that it’s a difficult decision nonetheless.

The trajectory that I was most impressed with (and surprised me the most) was that of the relationship between Vee (Porsche Tanathorn Charoenratanaporn) and Dome (Kris Sakris Strickland). At first, I was not sure how I felt about them. However, looking at how much they both valued Pan’s feelings (Vee’s sister, played by Apple Lapisara Intarasut) and how the relationship progressed, I realised how much they’d changed as characters. With Vee’s physical, mental and emotional rejection of what was going on between him and Dome, and the latter giving him space to sort out his feelings, I came to accept the fact that they may have been the ones who saw the most extensive growth in the entire series despite the ongoing moral/ethical debate around them.

The ones that kept me eagerly waiting for each episode were the people and the events surrounding these three couples. The wholesome basketball team who believed in giving Thorn and Fah their space, Coach Big and his awkward face every time he walked in on the main couple, Pete and his drunk talk, and even the festive hazing ceremony brought things full circle. I loved Fluke even more by the end of the series. She becomes the head of the cheerleading club, and the kind of acceptance regarding her gender makes me envious and long for something of the sort.

Overall, the plot (and the multiple subplots) may not be as well–rounded as we want it to be, and the episodes right before the ending may have put people off, but I’m sure the viewers thoroughly enjoyed the show for what it was. The highlight for me was the sort-of-open ending they gave us with Vee and Dome—much like the debate surrounding them, there was not much closure to their relationship, but it gave us something to think about and enjoy at the same time. Do give it a try so that you don’t miss out on the cute moments and the summery vibes that the series offers.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (if I could, I would’ve given it something between that and four, but that’d be weird, so I’m just leaving this here).

Krishna’s Sidenote-

You’re My Sky stars Tae Chayapat, Suar Kritsanaphong featured in L’Officiel Thailand.

You’re My Sky stars Tae Chayapat, Suar Kritsanaphong, Jump Kananat, Boom Thanut, Kris Strickland, Porsche Tanathorn featured in Lips Garcon Official


One thought on ““You’re My Sky” Series Review (Ep. 6 to12)”

  1. Dear PotatoBLChild, I appreciate your in-depth review of “You’re my sky”. :”)

    I just binged watched this series since 2 days ago and love to read how viewers think about it. At first, I wanted a cute, light heart Thai BL with school setting since I miss hearing Thai after UWMA, 2gether, 1000stars, etc, but I got more than I bargain for, in a good way.

    First, I applaud Vee and Dome for taking the rough path and be tormented with their feelings. Vee said no one will ever forget that his sister and he share the same boyfriend. Both Vee and Dome obviously have moral standards to the point to struggle with it. Otherwise, I would totally disappoint in them. Though it seems that Vee might haves ignited a something with Dome first, it could be a joke or teasing, but physical attraction is a start between them? I respect both of them at the end, Vee cares enough for Pan that he threw up, and suggested they stopped whatever between them. Pan is very convincing and a good girl, with real reaction to her ex-boyfriend kissed her brother. When she asked did they start anything before Pan and Dome broke up, my heart aches for her. It looks like Dome went with the flow when he got together with Pan, you’re right. They were still shy around each other. Bless her heart.

    About our main couple Fah and Thorn, I do like them the most comparing to the others. The puppy love is my troupe, it’s adorable when an uke loves a seme because of childhood connection. But mainly I realized that Suar just played Thorn very well that I root for him wholeheartedly. He is a strong uke with gut, which totally surprised when half the series went by. Before having gotten Fah’s love, Thorn is timid and supportive and endearing. When they are going out, he is daring, playful to Fah, even to act like Fah is too cliche. I like that confidence in an uke. Towards the end, Thorn turned dark, which was a pushover after the doubt and near rejection when Fah questioned if Thorn was the right person for him. It hurts my heart to hear that, Fah you big fool! The fact that Thorn returned to even catch what he said is proof that Thorn wants Fah to care for him more than the National Team spot Fah is yearning for. It might be odd but the theme of Sailormoon, good and evil, crossed my mind. Like Mamoru was brainwashed by Beryl or Sailor Mercury went dark in the live action. That is how Thorn turned out, rejected by his love and with his injury hindered, he turned out to be as nasty as the one did that to him. I like how Suar expresses his care and mean actions, made his Thorn character even more real and relatable. I have no problem when Fah and Thorn reconciled right after, because you don’t put viewers through those up and down and dragged on. I am so glad to see Thorn grew as a character at the end, and between the two, Thorn is the one holding their relationship stable.

    I admit their kisses are so cute, but the love scenes are awkward at some point. The angle is obviously sideways due to the actors’s inexperience or unwillingness to do a close up, but their interactions are heartfelt enough that I can pass that. I too love the teammates tried to create a space for Thorn to persuade Fah to audit for the spot. That is what made this series very close to Japanese BL.

    I have no idea who Tae is, but his Fah is likable half the time. Love the flashback, teen Fah looks so cool. Adult Fah is cool, talented and caring when he knows how to appreciate Thorn. But some of his actions are questionable, it could be due to plot holes: why did he invite the love interest girl along to Thorn’s home basketball court? Didn’t you two promise to practice together? Fah obviously wants to stay close to Thorn, hence his suggestion. With the flashback of teen Fah frustrated because of his seniors brought their girlfriends to show off instead of real playing basketball, the adult Fah decided to do that one thing he hates? When Thorn was mean and malicious towards his teammates, where was Fah to stay by his side and support him, just like when Thorn did when Fah gave up basketball? So bizarre.

    When Chain was introduced back right after Thorn moved in to Fah’s condo, I was like oh not, not the third wheel jealous troupe like in 2gether again. Thankfully the director didn’t go that route, though it looks like Thorn does hold a mini grudge towards Chain because Chain is Fah’s teammate in National Team. The graduation picture is the proof~!
    Aii and Saen is the relief couple, the sweet sugar much needed to balance out the goal achieving FahThorn and internal turmoil VeeDome. I admit Aii’s personality is not to my liking, but seeing him actually going soft and apologized to Saen, that takes guts. Agree that the scholarship plot is back and forth multiple times that I had whiplash, didn’t they go over this already. The firework scene is adorable beyond imagination. Sean’s grandma is just the sweetest nana ever. So obvious that Saen is spouting praises over his Aii to her and the two are playing fools talking double meanings in Aii’s face.

    With the COVId situation, no wonder they had to film the basketball scene without any audience or bare minimum. And the staircase is the same in 2gether, but I like that You’re my sky made the school setting more memorable with group studying, hang outs and hazing ceremonies. They might not able to film anywhere freely, so a kudos for the whole crew. The opening scene scared me right away, but after a few minutes bracing for a supposed mean ritual like SOTUS, I’m relieved that it was just odd fun.

    All in all, I agree that this series deserves a multiple watch, these 3 couples are well written enough that there is something for everyone, and together they made a meaningful series. Rebound is when you can’t make a shot, your friends will step up and help you. Trust and mutual respect are both valued in love and life. I like it when a series with sport does care about the sport itself rather than just a tool for the plots.
    Thank you for writing this review for more fans can know about it. 🤗🙏

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