“Meow Ears Up” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

Adapted from the manhua “Hey, Your Ears Popped Out!” (喂,看見耳朵啦) by Tracy Hu (特雷西胡), Meow Ears Up is a very riveting and intriguing series.

Imagine finding an abandoned cat on the road; you bring him home and he turns into a human. Well this is exactly what happens to Derdem played by rookie actor Gap Kittichat and Meow (James Prapatthorn, who is well known for acting in BL’s like Love by Chance and The Effect). I find this series refreshing, as it allows you to see the imagination of the creator.

The story begins with Derdem finding a stray cat abandoned in the rain and he brings it home. Sometime during the night, the cat turns into a human and Derdem is left shocked at finding a naked man standing in his home. Derdem is confused until he notices the ears and tail on Meow and realizes the cat he found is now human. After inquiring, Dermdem learns that the cat belongs to the “ear tribe” and they can turn human. Dermdem decides to call him “Meow”. Meow is searching for his elder brother Faiyen and Dermdem promises to help him. Thus begins their happy cohabitation. Derdem is a graphic designer and has a busy schedule with deadlines to meet. One day, Derdem’s boss Jin (Kris Zenthoelyn) unexpectedly shows up and Meow hides in the bathroom. Fortunately, Jin doesn’t discover Meow’s existence and Dermdem heaves a sigh of relief. Despite being in the human form, Meow is extremely naughty and often gets into troubles. As such, Dermdem decides to search for his owners.

There are some very endearing and sweet moments between Derdem and Meow. Meow is very innocent compared to Derdem, who is lonely and jaded. Also, his abilities seem limited, because when Meow tries to hide both his tail and ears; he is unable to hide them both. As they stay together, Derdem begins to genuinely care for Meow. Meow is adorably naive and this is makes him a pure joy to be around. I love Meow’s childlike and sweet persona. At times, his behavioral patterns resemble those of cats and it’s amusing to watch his antics. This makes for a very interesting dynamic between our lead couple as they both have contrasting personalities. By the end of the second episode, it’s obvious that Dermdem is developing feelings for his pet cat. Just as they are getting closer, Meow’s brother, Faiyen (Bright Thanapon) arrives. For some reason, Derdem seems very concerned-will he lose his Meow? Will Meow return home with his brother? What does the future hold in store for them? Will they will be together in the end?

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

Krishna’s Sidenote-

☆ Main leads Gap Kittichat and James Prapatthorn featured in Nylon Thailand Magazine!

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