Upcoming Korean BL Dramas- Part III

Happiness comes from info concerning more KBLs!

I don’t think saying this ever gets old—it’s raining Korean BLs everywhere, and I’m sure BL fans all over the world are here for it! BL in the Korean mediascape is slowly gaining more attention, especially with the exponential growth in the popularity of series such as Semantic Error (after it gained traction on mainstream television and news outlets) and Cherry Blossoms After Winter. We have more KBLs coming up in the next few weeks!

Spring of Crush

It’s an idol romance (well, kind of) again! Directed by Lee Changhan, Spring of Crush (also known as Chunjeongjiran in Korean) is a BL series slated for release in April under Watcha Studios. The series wrapped up filming at the beginning of March. It is said to be 16 episodes long, with the duration of each episode being 30 minutes—the length is really amazing. Yoo Youngjae, former member of K-pop idol group BAP, plays Jin Geum Seong, and Kim Song, an artist managed by TheWay Company who debuted with a role in School 2017, plays Salbyul.


A poor nobleman who lives with his mother and finds it hard to manage everyday life, Jin Geumseong has it hard. One day, while gathering wood from the mountains, he saves a woman, who’s believed to be Choi Hyeseong, the third daughter of Choi Jinsa. However, it turns out that it’s not Hyeseong, but a man named Salbyul, who’s disguised himself as a woman to flee the country. To pay off his debts, Geumseong will have to marry this young man. It also looks like there’s another man in love with Salbyul. Despite all the obstacles they have to face, love blooms between Geumseong and Salbyul.

Ocean Like Me

This series has been attracting attention because of Holland, considered to be K-Pop’s first openly gay idol, and his decision to star in it. The dates for release haven’t been confirmed yet, but it is expected to be released in 2022, with 8 episodes that are 15 minutes long each. Ocean Like Me is directed by Lee Suji and written by Team WolPi Dong, and it also stars Han Gichan, former Produce X 101 contestant, who played Taejoo in Where Your Eyes Linger (2020).


Han Bada (played by Han Gichan) dreams of starting a seaside restaurant. However, he faces a big problem—he doesn’t get along with customers, which often lands him in trouble. He meets Tommy (Holland), a musician who helps Bada out in turning his dreams into reality.

Bon Appetit

Produced by Gogo Studio and NEW, Bon Appetit is a rom-com BL with 8 episodes, each of which is 30 minutes long. The series is directed by Hwang Kyuil and is slated for release this year. Lee Kitaek from YG Stage and KPlus, who’s our beloved ‘K’ from The Devil Judge (2021), and Yoo Jeonghoon, who debuted in the web drama The Police (2020), play the main leads in this series.


The story revolves around Dohoon, a company worker whose daily diet consists only of instant food. He meets Yoonsoo, his next-door neighbour who cooks amazing food. The two hit it off well together and fall in love with each other in the process.

(Sources: BoysLove TV on Instagram and Twitter, BLUpdate2022 on Twitter, KpopMap)

Special Mentions

I really wanted to get this article out earlier, but COVID got in the way and didn’t let me write about Blueming, a series slated to be fully updated on March 31 (I’m sure by the time this is out, it’d have been completed). It’s a story that revolves around Cha Siwon, a college student who wants to keep his unpopular life back in school under wraps (and hence works hard to keep his popular image intact), and Hyeong Daun, an all-rounder popular and good-looking classmate of his. Be sure to check it out on iQIYI (available for international fans at 12 pm SGT) and stay tuned for more updates!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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