GagaOOLala’s “Our Days, The Tuxedo & La Cuisine” First Impressions

So, I will be trying something new today. Instead of having individual reviews for each of these GagaOOLala’s originals, I’m going to club these three shows together and share their first impressions. This doesn’t mean that the shows aren’t worth it; rather, their mini series format makes it easy to string them into one piece. Without further ado, let’s review these new releases and get a sense of their strengths & weaknesses!

Our Days

This breezy college romance is a little slow paced and it takes time to grow on you; but Our Days is an unassuming watch, simply because the talented cast makes it worth your time. The story follows Mon’s (Gap Narongkorn) journey. Coming from rural Thailand, he is rather dimwitted and slow at processing things. The one thing he is good at- playing basketball. The first half of the show focuses on his inner struggles as he tries to reconcile with his past and overcome his insecurities. Joining him on this journey is So (Mhing Thatsaphon), a local musician, whom he meets accidentally. Their clandestine affair begins when So gets drunk and kisses Mon. They go through an entire cycle of pull and push when Mon discovers that So is also a freshman like him and they start living in the same apartment. Despite being rookie actors,

Gap and Mhing have an amazing chemistry; it is quite engrossing and instantly grabs your attention. Mon is an aloof and reserved type of character; someone who doesn’t get along easily with others. Despite his grumpy nature, So’s ardent efforts win his trust and they slowly grow to like each other.

Obviously, we need some drama when the main leads settle into their new domestic life. The drama comes in the form of Mon’s ex-friend Saint (Offroad Kantapon), a very handsome and sexy distraction. While his entry drives So into anxiety and he has a panic attack, we finally get a glimpse into Mon’s forbidden past, his vivid connection with Saint and their doomed relationship. The only disconcerting fact remains that Saint is presumably in love with Mon, who is oblivious to his friend’s affections. The love triangle though tragic, is interesting; Saint has a mysterious aura that piques your curiosity. He understands well that Mon and So have feelings for each other and yet he can’t give up on hoping for more. I’m not sure about his intentions, because he doesn’t seem to be the scheming kind; instead, he solemnly accepts their affections and instead tries hard to help Mon pursue his ambitions. I really enjoyed watching their dynamics; there is no unwanted negativity. Saint doesn’t force his affections or opinions on Mon; while So understands that Mon and Saint had a special kind of friendship. Each of them trying in their own ways to help Mon step out of his comfort zone; so he can achieve his goals.

This might seem like a low budget production, but it doesn’t affect the quality. The cinematography is striking, with definite usage of contrasting color tones. Close camera shots render a distinctive aura to the characters and the variant lighting mirrors their emotions. Especially Mon, who isn’t an overtly expressive guy; Gap’s portrayal of Mon’s somber nature will leave you wounded. While brighter tones are used to highlight Mon and So’s budding relationship; darker hues are used to represent his past with Saint. The first six episodes have been an exciting sojourn. I’m looking forward to this week’s episode; simply because we might get the long awaited “Mon-So” love confession (and get a bird’s-eye view of the remaining side couples as well; because the storyline hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about them).

The Tuxedo

Two handsome men with a magnetic aura in the same drama- that’s pretty much the premise of The Tuxedo. You will have a hard time deciding whether you should swoon over Chap Suppacheep’s striking features or be enamored by Green Phongsathorn’s suave and tailored looks. Both aren’t new to the BL genre and as such, they take their roles rather seriously. Having played supporting roles in TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love and Lovely Writer, Chap landed his first main role in Y Destiny, following it up with his recent tryst as the lead actor in “The Tuxedo”. Green on the other hand, has played supporting roles in 2moons, 2moons2, Our Skyy, Lovely Writer and was recently seen in Something in My Room. Both of them play contrasting characters here- Chap’s Nawee is bossy, arrogant and self-centered. Heir to his father’s business empire, Nawee lives a entitled yet entrapped life.

Green’s Aiaoon on the other hand, owns his tailor shop and is a sought after designer. The only glitch being that he is rather selective about his clientele. While Nawee is a lonely soul, Aiaoon has a loving relationship with his brothers, Oab (Pond Khunnapat) and Art (Garto Pannawit). Their paths collide because Nawee is on the lookout for a master tailor to stitch a suit for his Father’s upcoming birthday celebration. In a hilarious and unexpected turn of events, Nawee ends up hiring the socially inept Sichol (Tape Worrachai) and tasks him with the impossible- “Get Aiaoon to stitch a suit for Nawee”. Easier said than done, because Aiaoon is hugely prejudiced against Nawee’s Father and least interested in working with his rude heir. While the first three episodes set a precedent to their contrasting personalities, the fourth episode played on Nawee’s vulnerabilities. Chap and Green have an interesting dynamic; not just on screen but offscreen as well. If you follow their social media accounts, you will be left stunned by their apparent closeness in real life. They do make a compatible couple and their chemistry comes off naturally. Truly a blessing, because there are very few BL couples who share this level of comfort and camaraderie.

The locations are limited to Nawee’s mansion or Aiaoon’s tailor shop, which highlight the difference in their social stature and also their individual lifestyles. The styling for both actors is resplendent of their roles and the designers have done a great job in enhancing their handsome features. Both Chap and Green are doing a splendid job in portraying the finer nuances of their respective characters. Green embodies Aiaaon’s intuitive nature and calm disposition quite well; Chap’s rendition of Nawee’s social phobia was heartbreaking. Looking forward to the next episodes, where these two seemingly opposite characters will start falling in love with each other!

La Cuisine

After the debacle that was “Bite Me The Series”, I wasn’t expecting much from this new gourmet romance. And yet this show left me surprised. The storytelling is crisp and without unwanted conjectures. The main lead couple are adorable and the pairing is alluring. La Cuisine is essentially Ram and Lupchuk’s flavorsome romance. Ram (Pop Pattarapol) is a third-year architecture student, good-looking, filthy rich and quite popular. But he’s a picky eater, the food that you can easily buy doesn’t satisfy his taste buds. Lukchup (Mick Monthon) is a cute junior from the Food and Nutrition; one of the best cooks in his department. He has a long-standing crush on Ram but doesn’t have the courage to confess. Luckily one day, Lupchuk gets a chance to share his homemade desserts with Ram. Thus begins their journey as Ram falls in love with the desserts and as well as the dessert maker.

There is nothing complicated about this story except for the usual deterrents- like Ram’s childhood friend Namning (Brownie Supassara), who is literally obsessed with him and refuses to accept the fact that he might be gay. Lupchuk’s over protective bestie Paitong (Boom Panathon) is another obstacle. Although I’m guessing that he will have a potential romance with Ram’s close friend Sky (Aarch Tachit) in the near future. Lupchuk’s endearing friendship with his close buddies is really heartwarming. They endlessly support him in his endeavors to win Ram’s affections. I’m a huge fan of Pangchie (Momo Pawarisa) and Kitty (Honda Akkrawut); its really rare to have friends who support you and also safeguard your interests. That being said, the main highlight is obviously the romance between the main leads; Pop and Mick look charming together. Especially Mick- his chubby cheeks and sweet demeanor remind me of Bas Suradej and Earth Teerapat from the “2moons” franchise. The character similarities between these three are uncanny and you can’t help but adore him. Another favorite character is Alice (Tangton Thicharat), Ram’s younger sister. This little girl is too mature for her age and literally serves as Ram’s love coach. They have a sweet relationship and I really enjoy watching their conversations.

Unlike most gourmet romances, the show doesn’t focus too much on the delicacies. Yes, they are mentioned and seem appetizing, but the focus also remains on our sweet couple. The production might seem low-budget, but there are no technical glitches; so it’s a smooth sailing experience. La Cuisine is essentially a fluffy, no-nonsense love story, which will leave you warm and fuzzy!

First Impressions

All three shows have their own advantages and disadvantages. The storytelling does get choppy in some places and seems to drag on, the narrative isn’t boring or lackluster. Our Days hinges more on the sport zone while focusing on Mon & So’s blossoming relationship. The Tuxedo has an engrossing storyline with an unbelievable chemistry between the main couple; you will be left spellbound. La Cuisine is a simple romance with an engaging casting; the storytelling is refreshing. The contrast between each of the main characters in these dramas is intriguing and entertaining. In short, all these shows are worth your time; so binge watch them. They are certainly making my weekends quite interesting!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5 (for all three shows)


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