“Secret Crush on You” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 4)

The alternate title of this show is Stalker: The Series.

Just saying.

Meet Toh. Toh is a college student with a crush on popular senior Nuea. How much of a crush, you wonder?

So much of a crush that he sleeps next to a bedsheet with Nuea printed on it and imagines that he comes to life at night.

So much of a crush that he and his friends spend most of their time at school literally stalking him. Toh and his friends scream a lot, they encourage his unhealthy obsession, and if this whole review was based on the first episode, I’d have advised everyone to drop it and save their braincells.

However, as the series goes on, it does grow on you, a little bit like a creeping vine – you don’t realise how it’s creeping up on you but it does. The characters and antics are insane, sometimes to the point that you don’t think they are actual human beings but aliens who have learned behaviour from watching other borderline cringey Y-series. But the thing is, you will enjoy yourself. It’s a riot, you will laugh at the antics of Toh and his kooky cohorts.

By the second and third episodes, it’s likely the series will win you over. It’s interesting because Nuea, the rich, handsome prince of the university, is clearly as much of an obsessed, lovestruck loser as Toh is, only he’s good at hiding it behind his good looks and the ability to take off his shirt and distract people. I initially thought the whole series would be Toh stalking Nuea and Nuea not being interested, but no, Nuea starts putting the moves on Toh too and you realise that maybe the title isn’t just about Toh’s secret crush.

Secret Crush on You is campy, loud and annoying, and I’m sure none of those are going to change as the series progresses, but what it definitely also is, is entertaining. It’s also a visual treat – very colourful and bright, and the music is good, although it does suffer from the usual horrors of Thai BL sound effects.

You might find yourself getting invested in Toh (Seng Wichai does an amazing job playing him as an obsessed, nerdy loser) and his seemingly impossible relationship with Nuea, you might be interested in one of the side couples (Sky and Jao, the “best friends of the main couple side pair” are cute), or you could just watch it for the FreenBecky interactions to tide you over until GAPyuri finally arrives.

Also, Saint Suppapong is the Executive Producer and cameos as a character who may or may not be actual Cupid.

I have never been so confused about whether I like a series or not before, but I am going to recommend that you see it for yourself, and also that you stick around past the first episode which is – admittedly – harder than it sounds, but definitely worth it.

Rating- 4 out of 5

Krishna’s Sidenote-

Secret Crush On You main leads Billy Patchanon and Seng Wichai featured in popular magazine L’Officiel Thailand, alongside Saint Suppapong

Secret Crush On You main leads Billy Patchanon and Seng Wichai featured in Posh Magazine Thailand!


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